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The Best Podcast Hosting Services: Where to Host your Podcast

The first service you need: a place to host your podcast on the web! But, which service to choose? Here we break down the best options, including pros, cons and what might suit you.


Where should I host my podcast?  What's the best podcast hosting site? These are some one of the most frequently asked questions in the biz, alongside "what shiny mic should I get?" and "why does the sound of my own voice make me want to die?"

Each Podcaster has their own wants and needs, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer here. There are a lot of fantastic services out there. But, in this article, we're going to help you find the best podcast hosting for you.

TLDR – I don’t care, just tell me who to choose!

1st choice: "just go for it" option - Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout make it amazingly simple to launch a podcast. Their site is clean, quick, and easy to navigate. You can be set up and ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Close 2nd: to host as many shows as you like - Transistor.fm

Transistor let you host unlimited shows for one set monthly fee. It costs a few $$ more, it's not quite as slick as Buzzsprout, but the support, hosting & tools are great.

Before we get into the hosts themselves, there are a few questions you might have about finding the best podcast hosting. Let's answer them first.

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What is Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosting does two things. First, it's the place on the web where you upload your podcast episodes. This is where the actual audio files live. Second, it generates the RSS feed which you submit to directories - eg. Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, etc - and which allows people to subscribe to your show.

Podcast hosting is generally a subscription service. You sign up for a monthly fee, and you can upload your new episode files every week. There are a bunch of extra features that come with hosting, such as stats, marketing tools, podcast websites and more, but the basic principle is that it's a place to put your audio files.

For more info, check out our full article on the topic: What is a media host, and why do I need one?

Can't I Host my Podcast on my Website?

The short answer is: no. With caveats. It's all about bandwidth. Audio files can be pretty big: let's say 30mb for an average kind of episode. Then, if you do well, you might get a few thousand downloads of your new episodes, every week. 3000 x 30mb is nearly 100,000MB per week, not counting downloads of your back catalog too.

While most web hosts claim they run unlimited bandwidth, they generally have fair use policies which disallow this kind of volume. So, it's common for self-hosting podcasters to be kicked off their hosting, or forced to upgrade. For full details, check out our article: Can't I just host my podcast on my website?

Worth knowing, your own website will most likely still be the place you Post your podcast, but you'll upload it to the podcast host, and then embed it on your own site.

How do I Choose the Right Podcast Host for Me?

Good question! There isn't a one-size-fits-all, so it's worth going through the strengths and weaknesses of the best in the business.

For this roundup, we reached out to the media hosting services we know and trust, and put a set of questions to them. Below you'll find out their answers, along with a quick summary of the pros and cons, from our point of view.

Just to let you know, most hosting companies run partnership programmes, so most of the links below are affiliate links. But, we don't list services we haven't tried and don't think are great - your trust is important to us! If you sign up with our link, we get a small commission, but it wont cost you more. In fact, it costs you less with quite a few of them if you use the coupon code listed!

Anyway, enough waiting - here's the list. Time to choose your host!

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Written by:

Colin Gray

Colin has been teaching people how to podcast since 2007. He's worked with Universities, businesses and hobbyists alike. He started The Podcast Host to share his experience and to help as many people as possible get into Podcasting. He runs Podcraft, to spread the art of podcasting, and does the Mountain Bikes Apart podcast whenever he can. Who doesn't like to talk bikes, after all!

April 23rd 2019


Buzzsprout is a host that prides itself on simplicity and speed. It’s makes it super easy and super quick to upload and publish your show, and offers a range of tools to share and promote it once it’s out.

Special Offers

If you use our link to sign up then you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card if you stick around for at least 2 months.

Sign up for Buzzsprout

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

Buzzsprout’s plans are organized by the amount of hours of new content you upload each month. So we don’t charge for storage, downloads, premium features, or bandwidth.*

There are four tiers:

  • Free – Upload 2hrs of new content each month. Episodes are deleted after 90 days.
  • $12/month – Upload 3hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.
  • $18/month – Upload 6hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.
  • $24/month – Upload 12hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.

*Buzzsprout does have pro plans for podcasts that have over 250GB of outbound bandwidth per month. This typically covers 20k-40k epiosde plays per month.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?

No. We have thousands of podcasters who are just starting out and only have a handful of people listening to their podcasts. Everybody has to start somewhere.

What audience and download stats do you offer?

  1. Plays / unique downloads for each episode
  2. Average number of plays per episode for my podcast
  3. Play trends (listens over the past 7, 30, and 90 days)
  4. Where are people listening from? We’ll show where your podcasters are located in the world. You can see a map of the world as well as your top cities, countries, etc.
  5. How are people listening to my podcast? This shows what device or browser your audience is using to listen to your podcast. You can view this for a specific episode or for subsets of your episodes.
  6. How many people are listening to my podcast? Typically RSS feeds will report subscribers, but we don’t think this is a good number for podcasts since they bring in a lot of false assumptions and miss out on many of the ways people listen to podcasts.

Instead we developed our own statistic called listeners. This stat will predict how many actual people will listen to your podcast within the first 90 days after it being released.

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

Yes. Buzzsprout has an integration with Voxnest Dynamo that allows you to add advertisements to your podcast. We also have an integration with Podtrac Analytics so you can add additional play tracking for advertisements you sell yourself.

Buzzsprout does not take a percentage of any advertisements.

How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

You can host as many shows on Buzzsprout as you’d like, and you can quickly switch between them inside of Buzzsprout. Each podcast has it’s own plan so one could be on the $12 plan while another was on the free plan.

Do you alter episode files in any way? Eg. bitrate, meta data, etc

Conversion: Buzzsprout will automatically optimize the file for delivery. This means you can upload an uncompressed WAV file and Buzzsprout will automatically convert it into a MP3 file for you. By default these files are encoded at 64k mono, but we recommend podcasts with heavy use of music upgrade to 128k stereo.

Automatic ID3 Tagging: Buzzsprout will retain all meta-data and ID3 that has been included in the originial file. If the file is missing some ID3 tags, Buzzsprout will automatically insert your artwork, title, author, and other ID3 tags. This removes the step where podcasters typically tag their episode before uploading it to their host.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

We provide webpages that look great on mobile, but we don’t create apps for our podcasts.

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

Yes, we automatically provide customizable public pages for each show. These are great for podcasters who are just starting out and don’t have their own website.

For podcasters on WordPress we provide a WordPress plugin as well as fully customizable embed players.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?

All of our plans allow you to upload as many episodes as you’d like each month. If you go over your allotted time then you can be charged overage for that month (between $2-$4/hr).

Our normal plans include up to 250GB of outbound bandwidth per month. This typically covers 20k-40k epiosde plays per month. If a podcaster consistently hits this limit then we’ll reach out to them and move their podcast to a pro plan. If it’s a one-time spike we wouldn’t move the podcast.

Can you work with video podcasts, or video in any way?

Since the vast majority of podcasts are audio podcasts, we decided to focus exclusively on audio podcasting.

We believe that audio does have some benefits over video podcasts; they are much smaller files and listeners can listen to podcast while they are doing something else like driving in the car or working out. Some of our customers do re-purpose their content in video form – they typically will start a YouTube channel or upload their videos to Vimeo.

buzzsprout podcast hosting



Transistor is another host that aims to make things easy. But, where they stand out is that they offer you as many shows as you like, all under the one flat monthly fee. Owners, Justin and Jon, have the philosophy that you should be able to try out as many different ideas as you like, without having to pay extra for every single show.

This can suit a bunch of different contexts, from experimenting with new show ideas, to running a range of internal team communication podcasts. If you think more than one feed might work for you, then give Transistor a try.

Special Offers

Transistor run a 14-day free trial, so you can set up a show, and experiment with it for a couple of weeks before spending a penny.

Sign up for Transistor

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

Every hosting tier allows you unlimited shows, unlimited storage and full stats/analytics. Your payment, then, starts small, with your show, and only grows when you start to do well:

  • Starter: $19 per month - two users, 5,000 downloads per month
  • Professional: $49 per month - five users, 15,000 downloads per month
  • Business: $99 per month - ten users, 45,000 downloads per month

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?

No, anyone is welcome.

What audience and download stats do you offer?

  1. Average downloads per episode
  2. Estimated number of subscribers
  3. Listener trends over time
  4. Listening broken down by podcast app
  5. Episode by episode stats
  6. Geographic stats - where are your listeners?

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

No, not right now.

How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

You can just start another one, right inside your existing account, with just a couple of clicks. There's no extra charge for this. You can have as many shows as you like within your account.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

No, not right now.

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

Yes, we offer a website for every show you have, which you can do a fair bit of customisation to, including uploading your own logo. You can also put your own custom domain on that website.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?


transistor.fm logo



Blubrry have been part of the podcasting world since the early days, providing quality hosting to tens of thousands of users. They're also well known for their excellent Powerpress plugin which allows anyone to run a podcast from their own website. You can learn how to set up powerpress or a new podcast website here.

Blubrry are the first independent podcast hosting service to be given IAB certification, meaning they official comply with Podcast Measurement Guidelines.

Special Offers

Get a month’s free hosting with Blubrry when you sign up using the coupon code: podcraft

Visit BluBrry here

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

Simply the amount of uploads in a calendar month is allowed. Total storage is unlimited, the different levels are how much you can upload in a calendar month.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?


What audience and download stats do you offer?

Blubrry has an industry leading stats service. The Professional level stats are included with all levels of hosting. Also available is the stand-alone stats option (which you can use with ANY podcast hosting service) for $5 per month. We also offer free level stats to anyone.

Do you alter episode files in any way? Eg. bitrate, meta data, etc

We have the ability to write ID3 tags for Audio but only if the podcaster wants us to, but we do not alter the file in any other way.

How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

Each hosting subscription is for 1 show unless it’s a pro-level account.

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

Not at this time.

Let Alitu Take Care of Producing Your Podcast

Alitu is a tool that takes your recording, polishes it up, adds your music, and publishes the episode, all automatically.

Learn More about Alitu

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

Yes, we provide a basic WordPress site for each hosting subscription at Blubrry.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

Not directly. If a podcaster is using WordPress we have a partnership with App Presser where they will make an app for an additional fee.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?

No, just how much you can upload per calendar month. We also give an extra 25% “No Fault” in the monthly hosting quota.. So if you are on the 100mb plan, we really give you 125mb!

Can you work with video podcasts, or video in any way?

Yes, our system works the same for video as it does for audio. (Note: video files are much larger so a larger plan may be needed)

Blubrry Podcast hosting Logo



Podbean have made huge strides in recent years to provide a range of brilliant tools to help Podcasters grow and monetise their shows. Their hosting is great quality, and can be easily tied in with their sponsorship marketplace, their dynamic ad insertion and their premium content service.

Special Offers

Get a month's free hosting with Podbean when you sign up using the coupon code podcraft

Visit Podbean's website

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

We try to keep pricing super simple. Our flagship plan is the $9/month Unlimited Audio Plan. This comes with unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth. No monthly limit, no number of episodes limit. This plan comes with tons of features: comprehensive statistics, free site which can incorporate your own domain and SSL support, access to monetization mechanisms such as PodAds ad marketplace and Premium (all monetization is optional). Furthermore, it includes full distribution and auto social sharing.

For podcasters who want to do video or manage multiple channels from one account, they’d want our Unlimited Plus Plan. Like all our plans (other than free), podcasters never have to worry about storage limits (quite a strong value for video for $29). And, this plan lets podcasters run their own audio ads by using Podbean’s dynamic insertion technology. Additionally, podcasts at this level can use our built-in patron program to bring in listener donations and provide special content.

We do offer a basic free plan, which we’ve recently upgraded. It is great for those testing the waters (and you can easily upgrade later if needed).

Lastly, we provide sophisticated enterprise class services to media brands, companies and organizations. Whether a media company or radio station looking to expand promotion and gain revenue or a company providing private podcasts for internal communications, we create a custom plan within a turnkey platform to meet their needs and make it easy. We provide a custom quote and can offer demos and free trials for businesses who want to explore these options.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?


What audience and download stats do you offer?

We offer robust stats to help you understand your podcast growth, such as:

  1. Unique downloads for each episode
  2. Trending data for various time periods (including a custom view)
  3. Your top 10 episodes in the past week, 30 days or a custom time period
  4. Sources of podcast downloads (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
  5. Geography of downloads (country, state/province)
  6. The first 60 days download stats for each episode. This gives you a fair comparison to see popular, attention-getting episodes.
  7. Listener retention over a seven-week period, to understand and grow listener loyalty
  8. Downloads by time of day/day of week, to understand peak download times for your podcast

We have an optional add-on called “user engagement intel” that provides in-depth listener behavior, such as how long people listen, what they skip and repeat. This really helps a podcaster get a handle on ways they might improve the show or be able to share with advertisers and supporters how their podcast stands apart.

Do you alter episode files in any way? Eg. bitrate, meta data, etc


How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

With the Podbean Unlimited Plus plan, you can purchase any number of channels and manage them via one account.

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

Yes.  Podbean’s advertising marketplace, Podads, uses ad insertion to help podcasts expand monetization opportunities by dynamically runing higher bid ads first and allowing multiple ads to be run on one podcast spot for different geographic targeting. Podcasters choose whether to opt in to PodAds.

Additionally, we offer the use of our dynamic ads system to insert your own ads/audio content to Unlimited Plus and Business users. The technology allows you to save time running your own ad campaigns and maximize your ad revenue with geo targeting, time-limited campaigns and more.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

Yes, all Podbean podcasts are included in the Podbean app and we offer special opportunities to be featured. For our Business users, we also create white-label apps.

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

Yes, each show gets a free website professionally designed for podcasting. You can choose themes and customize the website.  We support using your own domain also. HTTPS with SSL certification is provided for free.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?

No,  except the Podbean free plan, all other Podbean plans come with unlimited episodes and bandwidth.  No monthly limit, no overall limit.

Can you work with video podcasts, or video in any way?

Yes, we offer unlimited video podcast hosting in our Unlimited Plus plan at $29/month (annual plan).


From Hosting to Launch, all Inside the Podcast Host Academy

If you're looking for personalised and in-depth help, take a look at our Podcast Host Academy. With live coaching to help you through, and deep courses to grow your skills, we'll help you jump the pitfalls and put out a quality show in no time. 

A Resource that Might Help

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Spreaker is an all-in-one podcasting platform that gives creators everything they need to grow their business, from recording and production tools to distribution and dynamic ad insertion

The powerful Content Management System gives podcasters more control, with options for publication timing, distribution points, social sharing and even which shows you want to monetize.

Recently the platform  has launched a new Enterprise package, a turnkey platform for enterprises, thought for high-volume content creators who have their own relationships for in-audio advertising.

Visit Spreaker's Website

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

All the plans that we have offer the opportunity to create podcast live or recorded and be discovered and listened with ease. The main differences are in terms of the audio storage capacity, time of broadcasting and data analytics.

Higher plans offer much more space to store your audio content as well as much more detailed stats that can help you understand who your listeners are and what they like to tune in to. The Pro packages also offer the chance to join our new monetization program and get the opportunity to monetize your podcasts.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?

Absolutely not. Spreaker can be accessible from anyone in any moment, there’s no limit in terms of listeners and anyone can easily import the RSS feed and have the podcast hosted and distributed on our platform as well.

What audience and download stats do you offer?

Podcasters on Spreaker can dive into different type of data: we offer statistics on live/download/on demand plays. Spreaker has the unique feature of the live option – that’s the reason why we also provide that particular information – plus geolocation, demographics, sources (from where your audience is listening included iTunes and all the other referrals), devices split. Recently, we introduced the evolution stat which allows podcasters to measure and compare the episode’s performance over time, and take actions to increase their lifespan.

Do you alter episode files in any way? Eg. bitrate, meta data, etc

We do alter files to mp3 at 128 kbps for streaming consumption on the Spreaker’s website, apps, and embedded player. This grants good streaming performance also with slow internet connections.

We DO NOT alter mp3 files at a higher rate for downloads and distribution via RSS Feeds. This means that we serve the original file to these two means and we don’t change the files’ metadata and ID3 information.

How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

Spreaker doesn’t give any limits in terms of the number of shows that any podcaster can create on our application. You can ideally have 20 different shows on the same profile, what matters is the audio storage that you have on your account. If you have a good storage amount in terms of hours (the Broadcaster plan offers up to 500 hours for example, Anchorman 1500 hours etc) you can have as many shows as you want. Once you reach the limit of your plan you have two options: you can upgrade to the higher plan or delete some old content to make free new space.

Spreaker Enterprise customers can also add unlimited collaborators to let them manage the shows without accessing the company’s master account. This will grant the company sensitive data and its account’s settings.

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

We have an advanced Monetization program based on dynamic ad injection. Ads can be placed as pre-, mid-, and post-rolls and the podcaster can also control the injection set up at the entire show level or for specific episode one. Ads are inserted anywhere: on Spreaker’s website, apps and embedded player, on downloaded episodes and to outside platforms via RSS Feed.

Anyone with a Pro account can join the monetization program – there is no downloads threshold to enable the technology – and we cover a lot of countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain with more to come soon.

Spreaker Enterprise customers can have the total control over content and a higher yield on ad inventory.Moreover, they can traffic their own ads: this gives publishers the ability to leverage their own partnerships while using Spreaker’s integrated ad server and smart, dynamic ad insertion technology.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

Yes, on our store page for $99/year every podcaster can build and purchase a custom app (for iOS or Android). Listeners can catch LIVE or pre-recorded content via the app, can interact closely in real-time through the chatbox and like the podcast.

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

We provide a complete show page where the podcaster can store and show his content, a CMS from where they can customize, schedule and manage anything they need about the podcast itself such as: a custom player, the distribution and scheduling options, the statistics.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?

No restrictions on those sides.

Can you work with video podcasts, or video in any way?

We don’t provide video integration. Podcasters can do their video set up in sync with Spreaker but this has to come from an external service.




Libsyn are one of the old-guard of the podcast hosting world - similar to Blubrry, serving tens of thousands of happy customers, with a quality, reliable and extremely knowledgeable service.

Libsyn pride themselves on empowering you to be found anywhere that podcasts are consumed, and with their Destinations you can publish to any day/time in the future to the minute to each directory, independently of each other.

Special Offers

Get a month’s free hosting with Libsyn when you sign up using the coupon code podhost.

Visit Libsyn's website

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

We have two different services – Libsyn.com and libsynPro.

Libsyn.com is for indie podcasters, small business, non-profits, small churches.

Pricing for Libsyn.com is based on how much you plan to upload in any given calendar month. Once the month is over, all files remain active in your account – they just no longer count against your current months upload quota.

The account levels vary from $5 a month to $75 month with quota levels varying from 50 MB to 1,500 MB of NEW content you can upload in any given calendar month. There’s no overall cap on total storage and we have users with files uploaded in 2004 that are still active in their accounts.

libsynPro is for Enterprise customers, Podcast Networks, Celebrities, Government Agencies, and Professional media companies and those looking to do lots of Video Podcasting. Pricing is based on how many different shows (RSS feeds) you manage and how much download bandwidth you get. This service offers unlimited monthly uploads.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?

No – anyone any size can host with libsyn. 1 download or 1Million plus per episode.

What audience and download stats do you offer?

Unique downloads per episode, with Geographic, User Agent and Destination specific break downs.

Only our Advanced 400 MB and great accounts give the Geographic, User Agent and Destination break downs.

And we’ll be adding more stats info later this year.

Do you alter episode files in any way? Eg. bitrate, meta data, etc


But we do have an option if you want to overwrite the ID3 tag info with what you enter in our publishing system – this is an optional feature and not something we do by default.

For most users what you upload to us is exactly what gets downloaded by the end user.

How would it work if I wanted to host 2 or more shows with you?

On Libsyn.com – You would need a different show slug / account for each show. Each show account supports a single RSS feed, single show title, single show description, single show artwork, single Google Play Music destination, single iOS app, single Android app,..

You can use one email address to register both show accounts – then you would only need to log in one time to manage all your shows – but you would need two separate paid accounts for two different shows.

On LibsynPro – the system is set up as a podcast network and you can have multiple shows in an account.

Do you offer dynamic advert insertion?

Yes – we have offered that for over 10 years.

We even have tools now to allow for the cutting of ads that were originally baked in – you pick the time codes of the ad and either have it removed right then or you can schedule it to be removed some time in the future after the campaign ends.

For most customers the tools are there for you to use to insert in ads you get on your own. You pay us a fee to use the ad stitching tools.

On Libsyn.com – we manage the campaigns for you – on LibsynPro you manage your own campaigns.

We automatically assign a pre-roll and post-roll slot – and allow for up to 10 mid-roll slots user assigned per episode down to mSec resolution.

You can have white lists and black lists – and can geo target campaigns down to individual city levels.

You can schedule campaigns to deliver as soon as possible or level out with a max number of downloads per day / week / month.

Can you offer a mobile app for podcasts you host?

We were the first company to offer mobile apps for Podcasters. We have been doing that since 2009. We offer iOS, Android and Window Phone apps.

Our apps support Audio, Video, PDF’s, Image Files and Blog posts. The App can be your entire online media hub for your audience and your Brand.

All branding is 100% your branding.

iOS Examples:

The Feed – Podcasting Tips from Libsyn, Today in iOS, podCast41, WTF with Marc Maron

Android – Google Play Store – Examples:

The Feed – Libsyn Podcasting Tips, WTF with Marc Maron, Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr

Do you provide a website or webspace for each show?

Yes. You can even bring in your own custom domain.

The sites are fully mobile responsive and very easy to set up and nothing you ever have to worry about updating security on.

The sites allow for the addition of widgets, plus other standard pages you would expect for a podcast site. The sites are designed for the end user to make it easy to consume the podcasts.

Do you have any restrictions on max episodes or bandwidth?

On Libsyn.com – you are limited on how much new content you can upload in a given calendar month. That number will depend on how you encode the files, the length of the episodes and the account level you choose. There is no limit on the downloads. We have some shows doing multiple millions of downloads a month.

On libsynPro – it is unlimited on the uploads – you do pay a per GB fee on the download bandwidth consumed by the end users.

Can you work with video podcasts, or video in any way?

Yes – we support the hosting of Video, Audio and PDF files for podcast episodes – just like iTunes supports all three. Our system is one of the few that is 100% compatible with iTunes and the full capabilities of Media file delivery via RSS feeds.



Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites (PW) does exactly what it says on the tin: gives you a podcast website, but it also does a whole lot more than that! This is the highest priced product here at $97 per month (or $77 annually) but it sets you up with what amounts to your own self-hosted WordPress website, equipped with a range of really powerful plugins to help you engage your listeners and grow your show. If you want to run a powerful, customisable podcast website, but you'd like someone else to take care of it, PW could be well worth the extra cost.

Special Offers

Use our coupon code - HOSTME - to get $10 OFF the monthly cost for life.

Visit Podcast Websites

Tell me about the main differences between your pricing/hosting tiers

Podcast Websites likes to keep it simple, with just one unlimited premium tier, at a monthly cost of $99. But, you can pay annually, at $77 per month  to save $240 over the year.

Do you have minimum audience numbers before people can apply?

No – anyone at all can sign up.

What audience and download stats do you offer?

We offer full stats, from Geographic location to listening device. This is free to our annual plan users, and $10 per month extra for monthly users.

Another factor in choosing a host can be the tools you use to create your podcast. Some can publish directly to certain Podcast Hosts, making your workflow much easier.

For example, if you want to automate your entire post-production process (adding music, volume levelling, exporting & publishing) then Alitu, our Podcast Maker app, can do that for you, and publish automatically to all of Blubrry, Podbean, Libsyn and Spreaker, so far. We're also looking to tie into Buzzsprout and Podcast Websites, very soon.

Loads of information there, but hopefully that's helped you to find a service that looks like a great fit for your show.Or, at the very least, hopefully it's helped you to whittle all the options down to a shortlist! Here are my top choices:

If you're looking for the simplest, best value, and powerful option out there:

Choose Buzzsprout.

If you're likely to want to run more than one show & don't mind paying a few $$s more:

Choose Transistor.

Still Struggling to Choose?

I know, there's a lot of options!

We're happy to coach you through it though, including the full setup, if you're a member of The Podcast Host Academy.

We also have a course that cover the whole launch process, including everything from designing the show to publishing and promoting it. We'd love to see you in there!

If you're thinking about moving hosts, the service you're moving to can often help you out. But, again, we're happy to coach you through that in the academy.

If you already know which one you're going to sign up for, we'd love to hear which one you're thinking of signing up to, and why.

Or, if you have a favourite that isn't on this list - or run a media hosting service yourself - then please get in touch via the comments section below!


  1. Angelo Luciani on 30th September 2017 at 12:44 am

    I use Soundcloud – I like it, simple and easy to use.

    • Matthew McLean on 2nd October 2017 at 11:17 am

      That’s definitely a big attraction with Soundcloud Angelo. I still don’t currently recommend hosting there however as they seem to be in a constant state of financial trouble!

    • Anum Taqi on 14th February 2018 at 11:48 pm

      Yes it’s simple and easy to use but are you able to make money by it etc?

  2. Max on 26th October 2017 at 5:39 am

    How easy is it to change between hosts ?

    • Matthew McLean on 26th October 2017 at 10:24 am

      Hi Max, most media hosts make this easy for you to do. You just need to get in touch with their support teams and they’ll help you through the process.

  3. DG on 17th November 2017 at 1:21 am

    Didn’t see Pippa on this list. Any thoughts on them? Seem to be one of the more tech-savvy options.

    • Niklas on 28th November 2017 at 5:16 pm

      I would also like to know if anyone have anh expirience in pippa.io ?

      • Aubry on 26th February 2018 at 5:54 pm

        I was also wondering about this. I can’t seem to find any independent reviews of them, although I understand they’re fairly new to the game. I’m really leaning toward them, but am on the fence due to how new they are.

        • Doug Schumacher on 11th April 2018 at 6:46 pm

          I’ve been using Pippa for a month now, coming over from Libsyn. The tool feels much more modern than Libsyn, and is very easy to use. I like their analytics presentation, although they could provide better data views with the data they have.

          My primary issue with Pippa is their media player doesn’t display very well. The main image is obscured by the play arrow, and there are odd amounts of white space elsewhere in the embed. Soundcloud’s embed is one of the best I’ve seen.

  4. Dave Milligan on 16th January 2018 at 3:14 pm

    First, thanks to Colin (and all at the Podcast Host) for putting out such great content! I’ve put my feet to the fire to start 2018 and approached 4 people to be on my new podcast, and all 4 have said yes! I believe I have the equipment figured out, but am freaking out about how/where to host the podcasts. Realistically, I hope I’ll be able to sustain 1-2 60-minute podcasts per month initially. I do not currently have a website, and have a severely LIMITED budget (don’t we all). Buzzsprout’s free option jumped out at me (but 50MB/month may not be enough). My question is – for my needs (at least to get my early episodes out there), what hosting service would you recommend? I’m not sure I’m ready to go with Libsyn or Blubrry yet. Thanks!

  5. Justin on 28th February 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Great guide! I just came across Podbean recently and that’ll likely be the first one I look into.

  6. Luis Carvalho on 14th April 2018 at 7:49 pm


    I want to make a podcast with a weekly hour with music content and some talk. My question is: can i upload commercial music with artists like Arctic Monkeys, Rihanna, Madonna, etc..?

    And, if yes, can i submit this podcast to iTunes Podcast Directory (Apple Podcast Directory)?

    Thanks 🙂
    Waiting for your reply…

    • Matthew McLean on 16th April 2018 at 8:23 am

      Hi Luis, you can’t legally upload a podcast with copyrighted content like this, no. A better option might be to look for a local community radio station you can get involved in to create a show like this. Hope that helps.

    • jim on 7th June 2018 at 12:15 pm

      Hi Luis, freethink radio is an online radio station and are currently looking for people to do just what you want to do.
      you may wanna look into them. cheers

  7. Dina on 30th May 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Thank you Podcast Host for the great content! I was wondering about the Anchor app? I did not see that in your suggestions. With just starting, I’d prefer it be easier. Thoughts?
    Thank you,

    • Matthew McLean on 4th June 2018 at 11:05 am

      Hi Dina, I don’t currently recommend using Anchor as a media host for a few different reasons. If you’re looking for really simple, give Buzzsprout a look!

  8. Aaron on 19th June 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Hey Matthew! Would love to submit Simplecast.com for your consideration. Thanks!

  9. Ashley on 11th August 2018 at 8:56 am

    What an invaluable source to the podcast community, thank you!

  10. Bjorn on 6th October 2018 at 4:42 am

    Any thoughts on Podomatic?

  11. Trevor Taylor on 1st November 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Hi, we want to launch a series of mainly speech-based podcasts. Some content will be for public access (i.e. anyone who wants to listen) while other content will only be for members of our association – there will need to be some sort of restricted access. Ideally we would like a single page showing the content types leading to other pages with content lists. Some podcasts might have a downloadable factsheet. Once uploaded the podcasts should not be deleted except by the administrator. An ability to link advertisements to the podcasts would be a benefit although not, initially, essential. We would not want random ads appearing on our pages. The podcasts should be available to download/listen to on a wide variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Which hosts might meet our needs?


  12. Robert on 2nd March 2019 at 12:45 am

    Thanks for a really good article! I’m looking for a podcast host and you hit on my final two, Podbean and Libsyn. I have one question… how can I tell if a podcast host supports chapter markers? I want to create a podcast for my small town. Part of the podcast will be a schedule of events for the next two weeks. I would like listeners to go directly to the time period they’re interested in. Thanks! Robert

  13. Desiree Adams on 17th March 2019 at 5:24 am

    Great article! I started an Alexa Flash briefing and my goal is to publish new content 5x / week (under 45 seconds each). I started with Buzzsprout. But do any of the options allow me to automatically (or schedule ahead) a new podcast and delete an older one? Right now I have to manually delete an episode every night so Alxa only plays the most recent one. Thanks!

  14. Andrew wETZEL on 25th March 2019 at 6:13 pm

    So confusing! Looking to switch my podcast from SoundCloud and considering BuzzSprout and LibSyn but am open to considering others. However, I am looking to get into video and want a website where I can either upload or at least redirect someone to another site like YouTube.


  15. Danny Brown on 3rd April 2019 at 4:17 pm

    Started off with Anchor, to make sure podcasting was something I was going to enjoy and stick with. So Anchor’s free platform made sense. Once I was invested in wanting to do podcasting “properly”, switched to Simplecast, and haven’t looked back, especially with their recent 2.0 update.

  16. Su on 22nd April 2019 at 1:28 am

    Thanks loads for such a great site! I’d love to know your views on Mixcloud for hosting

  17. Cosmos on 23rd April 2019 at 1:09 am

    Great article, gave me some new info about starting a podcasts.

  18. […] The best podcast hosting services: where to host your podcast […]

  19. Catherine Weetman on 28th May 2019 at 8:43 pm

    Just been trying to get Buzzsprout to host my podcast…. their website is very user friendly, but I couldn’t get the WordPress plugin to work (not updated for last 3 major WordPress updates). The last WordPress support request was over a year ago, with similar issues.

  20. Sergio on 1st July 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Matthew, I’m starting a podcast show, hosting at podomatic. Everything is ready there, hosting the audio files, creating the feed and promoting (it is already on on spotify…). However I made a blog with wordpress, and installed powerpress plug in to publish the podcast posts. However it looks that powerpress do the same things as podomatic, except file hosting, so now I have 2 feeds… How to deal in cases like that, keep the feed and episodes being created on prodomatic, and use powerpress just to allow publish the posts in the wordpress? (in this case, I have to set up everything on power press but not promote?). Could you give an idea? Thanks!

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