Job Opening: Senior Digital Marketer & SAAS Growth

Flexible hours, part time OR full time, competitive salary, work with an experienced online team.

Closing date: 31st January 2020

Do you love digital media and online content? Are you interested in audience growth and digital marketing, particularly related to Software as a Service (SAAS)? If so, we need you to help grow our audience, and increase conversions, through a wide range of digital marketing activities.

Your job is to figure out how to be ridiculously helpful and engaging to the people that love our work, so that we can create better written, video and audio content for them. Then, you'll figure out how to best promote that content to people that have never found it before – that means social media, SEO, email marketing, paid social, bots and much more.

Your goal is to attract more website visitors, more podcast listeners and more eventual users for our SAAS application,, as well as our catalog of online courses.

This role requires extensive digital marketing experience, a passion for marketing stats and experiments, and, hopefully, some experience in growing the userbase of an online product, SAAS or otherwise.

You'll work alongside an experienced content team, and bring your experience to grow and add to what we're already doing.

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What do We Do?

Our core area of work is podcasting: teaching others how to launch, grow and monetise their own show. We publish a range of free resources on a regular basis on this website,; blogging a few times per week, podcasting regularly and producing videos and written tutorials as needed.

We also engage on social media, interacting with fans of the website and answering questions.

We earn our living in three main ways:

  1. Supporting a close community of all-in media creators within our paid course library: The Podcast Host Academy. The community contains courses, resources and live-taught events to help anyone learn how to run a better show.
  2. Running a Software as a Service (SAAS) web application, Alitu, which is a tool to help people create a podcast. SAAS growth & marketing is a really interesting and growing area, and you'll help us create our strategy around that.
  3. Affiliate and Sponsorship related to our free content. This means researching customer problems and needs, and creating content that really helps them. This is then monetised through product recommendations, sponsorship and other methods.

Who are we Looking For?

We're looking for someone with at least 3 years of marketing experience, at a minimum. That means working for a company in this role, or being paid by clients to do the work. Or, it could mean growing your own audience to significant levels, and earning a living from that. In short, you need to have multi-year, proven experience in helping to grow an audience and monetising it to significant levels.

You'll be able to manage your own work, keep up with current trends and use them to create new marketing strategies & campaigns. You'll be able to learn from our Content Manager, and our CEO, who has an extensive marketing, growth and success background, but we're expecting this role to take hold of our marketing and growth, and lead it.

In a perfect world, you'll have worked in a company that sells a SAAS product, or at least in a company that sells digital products. But, we're willing to consider other backgrounds, if you can show a passion for marketing online products.

Also, ideally, you'll be a big podcast listener, and know the industry well. But, as long as you read a lot of blogs, or are a connoisseur of YouTube, then that's a start. You need to live and breathe digital media, in at least one form.

Core Skills:

  • General Marketing: we're looking for someone with at least 3 years of professional marketing experience.
  • Writing: you'll be creating articles, emails, social posts, adverts, scripts and much more. You need good writing skills.
  • Project management, logistics and detail: You'll be managing the content output of the company, as well as quite a few other things.
  • Technical Marketing – using analytics to evaluate campaigns and formulate new ones, technical SEO audits, a/b testing and analysis, funnel setup and tracking, google tag manager, marketing bots, etc.
  • Email marketing – setting up email campaigns, from one-off promotions to automated and complex funnels

Bonus Points:

  • Presenting skills: putting yourself across well through the audio and video mediums.
  • Podcasting experience: having run a podcast
  • Personal audience growth: having grown your own audience online
  • Paid advertising: Google or social PPC

The Details


  • Social media marketing, running Twitter, Instagram and Facebook campaigns.
  • Email marketing – run and grow our newsletter
  • Contribute to planning and recording podcasts on a weekly basis
  • Help us to blog on a regular basis and to promote that content
  • Regular SEO research and action based on it
  • Building networks, collaborations and joint promotions in the digital media and podcasting industry
  • Be creative! Come up with new ideas to help and delight our audience.


  • 3 years experience in a professional marketing role (employed or self employed)
  • Be a good writer, and be able to edit the writing of others.
  • Native English speaker, or at an entirely fluent speaking level
  • Experience with analytics tools and using them for marketing purposes – eg. Google Analytics, Google tag manager
  • Experience with one email marketing package – eg. Convertkit, Active Campaign.

Bonus Points

  • Hold a degree with a marketing component
  • Be comfortable presenting on audio or video.
  • Already producing regular content for the web in at least one channel – blog, podcast or video.
  • Previous experience in building an audience (not just your pals) on social media.
  • Experience with WordPress

How it Works

  • Salary – £25,000 to £35,000 depending on experience.
  • Hours – Flexible – from 20 to 35 hours per week.
  • Benefits – The usual basics, and growing as we do: holiday pay, pensions, staff parties, etc.
  • Schedule – Flexible hours.
  • Location – Meadowmill, West Henderson's Wynd, Dundee, or REMOTE.

How to Apply

Please send us the following:

1. Video or Audio Cover Letter – 2 MINUTES MAXIMUM

Record a video or an audio clip – quality doesn't matter, just handhold your phone if needed – telling me the top 3 to 5 reasons why you want the job and why you think you're suited to it. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo (make it private!), or simply send me a Dropbox link.

2. Social Media

Send me a link to your most used, most prolific social media profile (plus I'll ask for your Twitter handle too, if different!).

3. Work Experience

Give me a quick summary of who you've worked for in the past, and what you did for them. Just the name of the company, the time period and 2 or 3 sentences on what you did for them.

4.  Other Experience

This is where you show us what you've done that's similar to this work. Give us a summary of each. It might be content you created, a site you wrote for or an audience you grew. Keep it short and sweet – just a 2 or 3 sentence summary, for each activity, on what you did, and what you learned.

Any questions, just tweet me on @thepodcasthost.

PS – for some extra tips and advice, we have a guide on how to get a job in podcasting. Just sayin'…

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Marketer & Growth Job Role

  • Where can we find your audio or video recording? Upload it wherever you like, and post the URL here. 2 minutes MAX.
  • Where can we see what you do online - post the URL. Twitter, Facebook page, LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube? Please don't use a personal facebook link for this - pages only.
  • Only if you haven't used it above.
  • Give the name of each company, the time period, and 2 or 3 sentences on what you did for them.
  • Tell us what you did, the time period, and 2 or 3 sentences on what happened and what you learned.
  • Eg. password for your media recording, or any other important details.

More About us and our Culture

We're a startup based in Dundee, Scotland, and we're looking for great people. The main thing is, we're focused on being the #1 Podcasting resource on the internet, and you have to be all-in on that goal.

We've grown out of the founder's passion for podcasting and education, and are growing a team that share that passion.

We've had validation of our model, our ethos and our approach through support, funding, audience growth and sales, and plan to use this to grow what we do rapidly in the coming year. We're looking for digital media nuts to join us for the ride.

Here's what this means to us:

  1. Success and creativity is recognised and rewarded
  2. Continued success > means growth > means career progression
  3. Every opinion counts. Get involved now and shape what this company becomes
  4. Work on a team where everyone LOVES what they do!