Who We Are

The Podcast Host is a podcast marketing hub for individuals and businesses who seek to nurture an audience, build trust and grow a revenue through their show or their products.

The website was founded in 2010 by Dr. Colin Gray, and has become an authority in the new media space through writing, podcasting and broadcasting on anything that serves to create loyal and fanatical fans.

Who We Reach

Our audience is made up primarily of podcasters who are looking to improve their skills and grow their show.

Tools and resources always go down well with them, as well as training around the hard and soft skills of recording, producing and promoting audio and video content.

How Sponsored Content Works

We’re happy to work with any partner that helps our audience.

That means products and services that are high quality and relevant to our readers. And, it means creating sponsored content that offers value to those that consume it.

That could be entertainment, education or inspiration. If you fit those criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

We believe 100% that sponsored content has to be interesting and valuable to our audience. The following work have worked well:

  • sponsored posts, competitions or giveaways
  • ambassadorship or sponsored events
  • podcast advertising or sponsored webinars

Standard Rates

One sponsored blog post, written by you

£300 (approx $390)

One sponsored blog post, written by us

£450 (approx $580)

Add Ons

Add 2 weeks podcast sponsorship

£200 (approx $260)

Add 4 weeks podcast sponsorship

£350 (approx $455)

Add 1 mention in our 10,000+ email newsletter

£450 (approx $580)

All sponsored blog post packages include 4 social media posts on both Twitter and Facebook, 1 per week for 4 weeks, directing towards the blog post.

Blog posts may contain two no-follow links to the client’s websites.

Partner With Us

If you’re interested in doing some sponsored content with us, get in touch and let us know:

  • The topic you would like to write about, and its value to our audience
  • The website that would be sponsoring the post



Who is The Podcast Host?

Dr Colin Gray started The Podcast Host in 2010 after becoming immersed in the world of Podcasting. He intended to create an outlet for everything he was learning about the medium, from listening to producing. Now, The Podcast Host is a business which thrives on content, written, audio and video, and speaks to an audience of enthusiastic podcast creators and audio producers.

We publish regularly on subjects as diverse as designing a podcast, choosing equipment, presentation skills, storytelling, planning, tools, monetisation, audience growth, social media, creating fans, audio editing, publishing, content marketing and much more.

Our audience is active, engaged and hungry for valuable content from great brands which entertains, inspires and educates.

What are we Offering our Audience?

  • Three to four blog posts every week about podcasting and content marketing
  • Four regular podcasts, covering topics from podcasting to business
  • A dedicated content marketing e-mail course
  • A range of e-books and online courses
  • Video tutorials
  • Regular newsletters for members and opt-ins

Audience: March 2019

  • male
  • female

66.79% of Total sessions


  • Age


Sessions: 194,567               Unique Users: 153,266               Newsletter Subscribers: 16,326               Listeners: 2,520

User By Country

  • United States – 126,767
  • United Kingdom – 17,502
  • Canada – 10,164
  • Australia – 7,411
  • India – 2,802
  • Germany – 1,964
  • Indonesia – 1,518
  • Sweden – 1,299
  • Netherlands – 1,293
  • Brazil – 1,128

Podcast stats

Podcast downloads in March 2019: 11.4K
5 Star Ratings: 56 out of 58 total ratings.

To Recap

Podcast downloads in March 2019: 11.4K
5 Star Ratings: 56 out of 58 total ratings.

Content is key, and so is context.

We want to work with you to ensure maximum engagement with our audience using any
of the following approaches;

• Sponsored posts
• Competitions and Giveaways
• Linked posts
• Ambassadorship
• Sponsored events
• Podcast advertising
• Sponsored webinars

For more info, get in touch with us.

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