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The Listener’s Guide to Podcasting: How Podcasting Works


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Welcome to the world of Podcasting! Let’s see if we can help you start listening.

You won’t find a better way of learning, laughing and enlightening, than the humble podcast.

Here you can learn how they work and how to listen. You can even subscribe to a Podpack or two (simple lists of some great shows) to get you started. If you’re a complete beginner, work through the 3 Steps above. And, if you’re a little more advanced, check out the Podpacks. Enjoy!

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Want to Make Your Own Show?

Now that you know how to listen, I’m sure you’ll end up down the rabbit hole of amazing audio content. And one you’re down that hole, it’s only a matter of time before you want to make your own! It’s surprisingly easy to make a Podcast – requiring little more than an idea, a microphone, a podcast host and a lot of enthusiasm!

If you fancy looking into it, that’s what we do here at The Podcast Host. Click the button and start the journey!

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