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How to do premium podcast content

How to do Premium Podcast Content: Creating, Managing & Selling

This post is sponsored by Podbean, a long-time Podcast hosting company. But, as with all our sponsored content, we don’t do adverts. This is an honest account of the main ways to run premium content, and the methods that we’ve found to be the best. All recommendations would be the same, whether this was sponsored

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast is an ebook we’ve made available for you as a free download. If you’re looking at alternative ways to market yourself and your services, then podcasting might just be the perfect medium for you. Download Why Your Business Needs a Podcast In the book, we answer questions like How can

Making a Podcast Demo

How to Make a Podcast Demo | Reaching out to Potential Sponsors

There’s an age old story that media executives teach new and aspiring talent. Like an Old Western folklore, certain details may change but the key theme remains. We know it as The Elevator Scenario. It goes a little something like this. You’ve the opportunity to share an elevator ride with the dream sponsor of your

23 Fiction Podcasts To Tune Into Right Now By RadioPublic

23 Fiction Podcasts To Tune Into Right Now | By RadioPublic

By Ma’ayan Plaut This post is sponsored by RadioPublic, an easy-to-use free podcast app that makes listening to podcasts simple – on the web, iPhone, and Android. RadioPublic’s mission is to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward podcasters, and their new Paid Listens program emphasises the reward piece of this: podcasters can make money every

podcast revenue model

The Classic Podcast Revenue Model Is Broken

When considering podcast revenue, picture this. Imagine if every new business owners started a business with the same goal as podcasters. For every 1,000 people that came into contact with their business they would earn $20.00. How many of these businesses would you expect to thrive, or even survive? Not many, right? It’s estimated that

podcasting to promote your book or music

Podcasting to Promote Your Book or Music

Last time I covered how to use a podcast to promote a product. Today, I’m going to focus strictly on promoting books and music with your podcast. Those are also products, of course, but there are unique challenges with artistic content. There are also unique opportunities. Time Consuming Promotion Over a seven year period, I wrote

Promote your product through podcasting

How to Promote Your Product through Podcasting

There are over one billion podcast subscriptions in iTunes. Since podcasts have become so popular, they are perfect for promoting services and products. Throw in some social networking, and you’ll be gaining new customers in no time. Most podcasts are free, and yours should be, too. Charge Nothing to Make Money Entrepreneurs find the concept