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podcasting to promote your book or music

Podcasting to Promote Your Book or Music

Last time I covered how to use a podcast to promote a product. Today, I’m going to focus strictly on promoting books and music with your podcast. Those are also products, of course, but there are unique challenges with artistic content. There are also unique opportunities. Time Consuming Promotion Over a seven year period, I wrote

Promote your product through podcasting

How to Promote Your Product through Podcasting

There are over one billion podcast subscriptions in iTunes. Since podcasts have become so popular, they are perfect for promoting services and products. Throw in some social networking, and you’ll be gaining new customers in no time. Most podcasts are free, and yours should be, too. Charge Nothing to Make Money Entrepreneurs find the concept

The Ringr Founder Shares His View Of The #Podcast Market: Tim Sinclair

The Ringr Founder Shares His View Of The Podcast Market: Tim Sinclair

RINGR is one of a number of companies looking to bring innovative solutions to the podcasting industry, and with the recent launch of the desktop version of their product, it’s one that hopes to revolutionize the broadcasting industry as well. As most successful products are created from a need, RINGR was born in a similar way: the

Sponsor a Podcast

Should I Sponsor a Podcast?

Run a business? Invited to sponsor a podcast? Or, interested in alternative marketing methods? Here’s everything to know about podcast sponsorship.

podcast revenue model

The Classic Podcast Revenue Model Is Broken

When considering podcast revenue, picture this. Imagine if every new business owners started a business with the same goal as podcasters. For every 1,000 people that came into contact with their business they would earn $20.00. How many of these businesses would you expect to thrive, or even survive? Not many, right? It’s estimated that