Popup experiment results

Popup Optin Results & Content Calendar Tools | #009

Welcome back to another episode of The Numbers Game from ThePodcastHost.com! Last week, our discussions focused around the income here at The Podcast Host, with our story, data and lessons sections. Now, for the second part, it’s the turn of our experiment section and, of course, your homework! In our experiment, we’re continuing to look

The Numbers Game Episode 6: Designing new hit podcasts

New Podcast Ideas, Email Optin Stats & Popup Engagement | #006

Hey, and welcome back to episode 6 of The Numbers Game! We’re finally up-to-date on the back-story, now doing regular weekly updates in our story segment. This week we’re chatting about our new podcast idea. For our data this week we’ll be looking at another of our KPIs: email optin stats. Then, our lesson segment

What is the numbers game about?

What is The Numbers Game? | #000

The Numbers Game is a new show all about that game we find ourselves in – growing the numbers – from audience, to traffic, to income. But it’s even more about the story behind the numbers, the people behind the numbers – the engagement, the action, the change you create. This is where it starts