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how do I prevent my podcast from being boring?

How Do I Prevent My Podcast From Being Boring?

“Don’t be boring!” is advice that’s frequently dispensed to content creators of all kinds. Whether you make podcasts, pretzels or poetry, it can seem as though you’re being dismissed, when a more experienced creator says, “whatever you do, don’t be boring.” It’s a meaningless statement. Of course you don’t want your work to be boring.

How To Deal With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism

If you’re behind a microphone, in whatever capacity in whatever particular field of broadcasting, then there are two things you will not be able to escape. The first of these is that your voice will not sound the same when you listen back to your work. This can make you cringe and a little self-conscious.

Telling stories through a podcast

Digital Storytelling: Telling Stories Through a Podcast

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about ways to make your podcast more interesting by engaging your audience with a narrative or a digital storytelling aspect. I’ve also provided some tips on how to organize your podcast to help achieve that. When you want to tell a compelling story, it’s essential you understand the

Talking to Yourself: Creating Engaging Monologue

Talking to Yourself: Creating Engaging Monologue

You’ve seen them. You know, those people. The ones who loudly talk to the voices only they can hear. Whereas such behavior was once a sign of a serious mental illness, now it usually points merely to gross inconsideration. These people jabber through their Bluetooth headsets, acting as if their conversation is more important than the peace of