how do I prevent my podcast from being boring?

How Do I Prevent My Podcast From Being Boring?

“Don’t be boring!” is advice that’s frequently dispensed to content creators of all kinds. Whether you make podcasts, pretzels or poetry, it can seem as though you’re being dismissed, when a more experienced creator says, “whatever you do, don’t be boring.” It’s a meaningless statement. Of course you don’t want your work to be boring.

How To Deal With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism

If you’re behind a microphone, in whatever capacity in whatever particular field of broadcasting, then there are two things you will not be able to escape. The first of these is that your voice will not sound the same when you listen back to your work. This can make you cringe and a little self-conscious.

Know Your Audience | Podcast Presentation Skills #5

You’re planning out your podcast, you’ve got guests lined up, you know what you want to talk about.  You’re all set. But are you?  Have you considered your audience’s point of view?  What do they already know?  What will they want to hear? It’s the age-old question broadcasters have to consider before beginning any project; What Can

Learn to Breathe! | Podcast Presentation Skills #3

A lot can go into making a podcast. Once you’ve done the prep, sourced the interviews, and found the perfect music – including a saucy little stinger or two during the episode – it’s easy to forget about arguably the most important thing when it comes to presentation. Your voice. Warming up your voice is essential, not just