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Level up your podcast!

Let’s start growing your audience, and plan towards earning from your show.

Your Own Unique Approach

Why should they listen to YOU?

The most important step in growth is giving them a reason to listen. All of your promotion, your marketing, your outreach, is based around your unique approach.

That might be your personality, your approach, your topic, or a range of other things, but it has to be unique in your area. Why listen to YOU, amongst all the other shows out there. Only with that solidly in mind can you make sure your growth efforts are worthwhile.

What Scale am I Aiming For?

The next step: figuring out your goals.

Remember, this depends entirely on both your topic AND your aims. In some niches, an audience of 1000 listeners is big, and can lead to a decent living. In some people, your aims are simply to cover the cost of your hobby.

But yet more podcasters want to go full-time and create a large business around their show. The approach is similar, but the time and effort is different. Let’s take a lot at how to grow.

How Long Does it Take to Build an Audience?
Apple Podcast Rankings: How do they Work?

Start Your Email List Now!

Nurture your listeners from subscribers to fans.

Ask just about any successful podcaster, blogger or YouTuber what they wish they’d know when they started, and you’ll often hear:

“I wish I’d started my email list sooner!”

Email is still the best way to reach people directly and to encourage them to take action on something, from listening to buying. Get it started today!

Learn to How to Find Common Keywords

The secret recipe to creating more popular content

Stop guessing what your audience want to hear about, and start finding out for sure through the data. Keyword research is the difference between throwing blind and having a laser-targetted catapult!

Find out what your audience are searching for most, so that you can cover the most popular topics first, and grow your audience fast.

Choose your Method
(& Adapt!)

Start small and grow your income streams.

Not many podcasters started out earning a full living from their show. More often than not it evolved over time.

Perhaps a little affiliate income, then a sponsorship or two, then developing your own product.  The path is yours to choose!


This course goes deep on monetisation, taking you step-by-step through the process of setting up and running sponsorship, running a merch store, generating affiliate income, selling your podcasting skills, and much more to come. 

How to Make Money With Your Podcast

Podcraft Season 5: on Monetisation

A full season of episodes on best ways to monetise.

Podcraft, if you haven’t come across it before, is our Podcast all about how to run a great podcast!

Season 5 goes deep on earning a crust from your show, covering a method per episode and giving a bunch of examples to learn from.

Money: First Steps

A couple of places to start in earning

There are two places that are a common starting point for earning from your show: sponsorship and premium content.

That’s probably because both methods are really just selling what you’re already making: the show itself! How do you go about it?

How to do Podcast Sponsorship
How to Do Premium Podcast Content