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Why Characters & Story Aren’t Just for Fiction Podcasts

So, let’s say that you’re working on a non-fiction podcast. You have a topic. You’ve researched data, interviewed experts, and now you have a lot of pieces of information. You want to find a way to focus the information into a cohesive story. If you can humanize the topic, your listeners are more likely to…

Making Your Story Sing | Storytelling for Podcasters #6

In the last episode, I introduced you to The Story Stack, the framework I’ve developed to create stories more quickly. But storytelling is a creative act. Stories should be unique. If we create them using a set formula, they will inevitably start to sound all-too familiar. And nobody wants that. In stage one of The…

Creating the First Draft of Your Story | Storytelling for Podcasters #5

This is the second time I’ve written this episode. Take one was okay, but, it left me cold. Take two is much better AND much more valuable. I want to help you create the stories for your podcast shows as quickly, and, as efficiently as possible. I’ve created a framework for creating stories that, so…

Becoming a Relentless Story Hunter | Storytelling for Podcasters #4

Do you remember the ‘Story drought of ‘87`? Or how about the ‘Story Famine’ of ‘98? Of course you don’t – because they never happened. There are no story shortages. Billions of stories are created every day. Stories that are added to the stories created yesterday, last week, last year and hundreds of years before…

Mix Up Your Story Types to Create Engaging Episodes | Storytelling for Podcasters #3

My Dad and Father-in-law are predictable animals. Every time we go out for a meal, we all know what they’ll have for dessert; Ice cream. They are blind to everything else on the menu. But it doesn’t stop them looking.It’s a routine. A habit. But we all know what they’ll opt for. It’s funny and…

The Story Structure | Storytelling for Podcasters #2

Structure in any creative endeavor feels counterintuitive. But in the world of storytelling, the simple three act structure is still the foundation for most tales. The great thing is that it comes naturally. It’s the structure that flows through the books we read, the films we watch and the TV shows we devour. In the…

Why is Storytelling Important for Podcasters? | Storytelling for Podcasters #1

The Power of Storytelling Stories have the power to move people. Stories make a connection and are remembered. We live our life through stories. Whether that’s the stories we experience or the stories we consume – we are story animals. My business and my life are all about stories. I’ve made some of the biggest…


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