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Do You Write About Podcasting?


you write about podcasting?

Here at The Podcast Host, we’ve often joked about the fact that we do as much writing about podcasting, as we do actual podcasting.

Over the past decade, we’ve published over 600 articles. We have many top-performing posts such as How to Start a Podcast, Best Podcasting Mics, and Best Hosting Services.

Those big hitters are only the tip of the iceberg though. We sometimes go really deep on a how-to question (can you record with 2 USB mics into 1 computer?), whilst other times, we opt for a bit of observational humour (8 things only a podcaster will understand).

That’s a very brief overview of our podcast writing. What about you?

Do You Write ‘How-To-Podcast’ Content?

We know there are loads of podcasters out there who’re not only creating great audio content – they’re writing about it too.

When you run a podcast, it’s natural that a few of your listeners will reach out to ask you about how it all works. This leads many podcasters down the path of writing a bit of ‘how to podcast’ content. Some even end up dabbling in podcast coaching – even if that was nothing to do with their original topic or aim.

If you’re regularly blogging about podcasting (be it anything from the how-to, to wider industry analysis and observation) then we’d love to hear more about your content.

We’re looking to build out a directory of blogs about podcasting. And we’re always looking to make new friends doing great work in the industry too.

So, if this strikes a chord with you, please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey. It’d be great to learn more about your work!