Best Fiction Podcasts | My Top 10 Audio Dramas for 2021

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Need podcasts that are immersive, emotionally stimulating and intellectually satisfying?

As 2021 unspools before you, you'll need great stories to inspire and keep you company. Using the term “best” to describe anything, particularly “best fiction podcasts,” is a dangerous proposition.

For a fiction podcast to be the “best,” not only does it have to have excellent sound production, acting, and writing, but also it has to meet the taste of a lot of people. That's what might get you into the top podcasts list… As has been said before, though, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Let's not think of these as the “best fiction” podcasts. Let's think of this as “outstanding, independent fiction podcasts for 2021.”

Why are indies the best audio drama podcasts?

2020's stay-at-home orders brought more demand for audio entertainment. The result is more corporate investment in celebrity podcasts. It's great that celebrities bring more attention to the medium. However, it's much harder for independent podcasters. These audio drama creators often work alone, and probably have a day job and take care of their family too. It requires more innovation in terms of time, effort, and resources. When I made Jarnsaxa Rising, I learned a lot of these things the hard way. It gives me a healthy respect for what independent audio drama creators go through.

Deeper Dive: How to Make Your Own Fiction Podcast

Additionally, some of the best audio drama podcasts have been optioned for television. On the one hand, it's terrific to see good stories gain a wider audience. However, when we see audio drama podcasts as a testing pool for television or movies, we forget what's most enduring. Audio stirs emotions in a different way from visual media. Indie audio drama producers understand that audio drama is a goal in itself. It's not a set of training wheels to practice for TV.

The audio drama podcasts I mention here are high enough in quality to make me:

  • forget my surroundings and immerse myself in theirs
  • invest emotionally in the characters and stakes
  • want more when they were over.

Distinguished gentlefolk, I bring you the “best” fiction podcasts of 2020, to sustain and lift you into 2021.

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Listen, Rinse, Repeat

Listen Rinse Repeat podcast art

Remember back when we thought the global pandemic meant we’d all be locked down for two weeks, maybe a month? Ah, memories. Shannon Perry (Oz 9) grabbed this opportunity and created Listen, Rinse, Repeat. It's an audio fiction podcast to make your constant cycles of hand washing more exciting. Each segment runs twenty to fifty seconds, long enough for you to comply with World Health Organization standards. Not only can you find this on your favorite podcatcher app, but also it's available via smart assistants. You can tell Alexa, Siri or Google to play it for you, whilst your filthy hands wipe down the groceries. Most importantly, this series is an excellent exercises in story crafting: each installation asserts itself and gets to the point.  

The Golden House

The Golden House podcast

The Golden House is part mystery story, part puzzle. It's a multimedia experience that piques your curiosity while it unspools its mystery. On its surface, it’s the brand podcast of a mysterious scientific think tank, where everything seems perfect. Hidden in the narrative are clues to puzzles. Solve them, and you’ll find recordings hidden on the Internet. These tell the true story of what’s really happening in The Golden House. It’s not often that a podcast delivers the rush of “aha!” moments. It’s particularly exciting when a podcast makes you want to learn more about visual art or poetry. Ross Sutherand’s Imaginary Advice received critical acclaim for its experimental audio. They bring that expertise to make The Golden House experience at times vulnerable and heartwarming, or bring you to the edge of your seat with excitement. This series will definitely leave you wanting more. 

Mockery Manor

Mockery Manor Podcast Art

Gen-Xers especially will enjoy this story, or anyone who came of age in the 80s. Anyone who has ever been a teenager will have a lot of feelings pop up. Mockery Manor, an audio drama about teens who work at a very unusual amusement park, is chock-full of secret treasures. Nostalgia for way back when we could be social face-to-face makes this story particularly poignant. The music is utterly contagious, especially the Smiths-esque “Leave This Place Behind Me” by Foucault’s Pendulum. Fans of Dark Shadows, Defunctland, and John Hughes movies will have their thirst quenched. You'll want to sneak out at night and explore in the dark.


Unseen podcast art

This much-anticipated urban fantasy series exceeded its Kickstarter fundraising goal by over 400%, and with good reason. Gabriel Urbina, Sarah Shachat, and Zach Valenti assembled a supergroup of audio drama talent. They drew from Wolf 359, Wooden Overcoats, The Bright Sessions, Ars Paradoxica, The Amelia Project, and many more. This juggernaut is dripped out a bit at a time. It's monologues about “identity, connection and personhood.” A standout episode is “We Ourselves.” Karim Kronfli's Nicholas Carrick feels two parts as heartwarming as Father Christmas, one part as dangerous as Leland Gaunt, and one part as dark as Dracula. If you've ever needed connection in a world where magic feels necessary, Unseen provides slices of life that should satisfy.

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Primordial Deep

Primordial Deep Podcast Art

Jordan Cobb (Janus Descending) makes the most of your ocean nightmares. Then, Julia Schifini’s (Spirits) sound design makes them even more visceral. The “team of experts isolated in close quarters” motif is a staple of audio drama. Cobb and Schifini freshen it with the fear and fascination of undersea prehistoric creatures. In the first episode, the submerging sound Schifini created was so resonant, I had to listen more than once. Let's just say that I am resolved to check for scorpions every single time I go to the bathroom now. Primordial Deep is an excellent podcast for dark times. Don't listen to this right before going to sleep.

The Dungeon Economic Model

The Dungeon Economic Model podcast art

In the 1970s, New Jersey relaxed its gambling laws. They hoped that Atlantic City's casinos would become as popular of a tourist destination as Las Vegas, bringing economic stability to the region. They forgot about the difference between the winters in Nevada and New Jersey. Similarly, The Dungeon Economic Model is a satiric take on what governments will do to promise progress to their citizens. Did you know that a dungeon full of monsters guarantees that adventurers will come to your village, spending plenty of shiny coins at area taverns and markets? No? Well, get a dose of this “series of informational mind incursions,” and you'll find out why it has the Royal Seal of Approval.

Anyone F'Coffee?

Anyone F'Coffee podcast art

What do we talk about when we talk about what we're most afraid to talk about, and how? Sarah Golding's audio drama explores anxieties about medical conditions. Specifically, they explore what's swept under the rug as “women's troubles.” As women gather for a cup and a chat, they talk about conditions as insidious as any fantasy creature, and in some cases as deadly as any horror villain. Anyone F'Coffee shows us how women can be the greatest secret-keepers, and the most enduring fighters. This series is part of Quirky Voices Presents, and supported by The British Podcast Awards and The Wellcome Trust. 

The Orphans: Exposé

The Orphans Exposé podcast art

The Orphans' first mini-series, Exposé, brings together audio drama's two most powerful Beths, Eyre (Wooden Overcoats) and Crane (We Fix Space Junk) into one exciting Bethrrito. Not available at Taco Bell, this satisfying story snack includes adventures in political intrigue, journalistic integrity, and espionage. In particular, a scene between Beth Eyre and Sarah Golding shines in ways I won't spoil for you. Packed into five episodes, this is an adventure that should not be missed.

Crowley Time

Crowley Time podcast art

I want to assure all of you that I am not stalking Tom Crowley (Wooden Overcoats). I will cease praising his work on Twitter, as soon as he stops making vastly entertaining and multifaceted audio snacks. For 2020, Mr. C raised the stakes of Crowley Time with meta-fiction explorations of how all this comedy-podcasting-in-a-global-pandemic caper is really going. June's “Sold Out” and March's “Pandemonium” hit home. The pièce de résistance is his November episode, Quid Pro Crowley. Aided and abetted by Felix Trench (Wooden Overcoats), this interpodcastal collaboration satirizes current events. Put this through the filter of ancient audio tape and the American fetish for IKEA. You've got a recipe for a hard belly laugh that'll restore your dopamine and serotonin levels.

Best Audio Drama Podcast Standalone Episodes

Some parts of these series pushed the boundaries of acting, sound design, and story crafting. They also highlighted current anxieties in the culture, while simultaneously helping audiences escape and cope.

Wooden Overcoats- The Trouble With Rudyard

When it's not safe to put actors into a studio together, you make lemonade. By “make lemonade,” I mean, “fundraise for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.” Wooden Overcoats (wisely) put off its Season 4 release. Fortunately, they released an episode which makes the absurdist most of remote recording, The Trouble With Rudyard. Not only does it include all the Piffling hallmarks, the socially distant fraternal affection warms the Funn bitterness.

11th Hour Audio

11th Hour Audio annually celebrates World Audio Drama Day with a challenge. They ask podcasters to create a horror podcast episode in less than a month. This year,

  • Faith McQuinn's Highway Chile took the classic hitchhiker horror motif. Then she renewed it through a feminist lens, to show how women wield power over each other.
  • In A Haunting Beyond The Lake, Richard Brooks wove a Möbius strip of small choices and huge consequences.
  • The Audiophile explores the craving for fame, and the torture of working retail. It shows what lengths an audiophile will go to for perfection.
Audio Drama for Pessimists

Audio Drama For Pessimists

Finally, if there's one piece of audio fiction you need from 2020, it's The Kindly Nettle. This intimate, immersive experience gently invites you to experience love, loss, and perseverance. If you liked The Giving Tree, this story improves on it a hundredfold.

What can the best audio dramas for 2021 do for us?

There's a common thread running through these “best fiction podcasts.” It shows us a lot about not only 2020, but also the human condition. We're all struggling to find our place in this world. Many are feeling the hurt of divided cultures. We're keeping secrets, while uncovering others. The reality is that while mainstream culture is dominated by superhero stories, many folks are taking time to listen to what others are actually feeling.

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What Did We Miss?

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  1. Trevor says:

    Try out Story Arc at it’s super cool and you get to see a graphic novel deloped from it and help in the process!

    • wilwilliams says:

      Ooh, I love projects that are multimedia like this. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Sarah says:

    The penumbra – took me a few eps to get in, but once in loved it. Girl in space, is great. The strange case of starship Iris – is great. The Magnus archive – quirky, dark, hypnotising.

    • wilwilliams says:

      Great recommendations, Sarah! I’m a big fan of all of these podcasts. The Magnus Archives is one that got me listening to fiction in the first place. Thanks for sharing!

  3. A. Pena says:


    I wish you could give “The VEIL” audio drama a listen and tell me what you think about it. We have worked really hard to make it the BEST!

    • wilwilliams says:

      Glad to hear you’ve put so much work into it! We’ll give it a listen.

  4. Jamie Ryen says:

    The Leviathan Chronicles are a MUST, and Broken Sea Audio has tons of great fan fiction and originals.

    • wilwilliams says:

      Ooh, I’ll have to listen. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Khristina says:

    You guys missed Gay Future. It’s an amazing drama based off of Mike Pence’s book and high quality too. Got some good representation as well.

    • wilwilliams says:

      Gay Future is so much fun. I wrote this article just before starting it, but I’ll be sure to add it on in a future revision. I already miss it!

  6. vic says:

    I would like to also recommend a new podcast called Dreamboy. It has a gay male lead and it’s a mystery/thriller podcast hell bent on scaring and arousing it’s listeners simultaneously. It’s available on Shudder (app), Podbean, listennotes and Spotify.

    • wilwilliams says:

      Absolutely LOVE Dreamboy. It’s been one of my favorite new releases this year.

  7. EMma Williams says:

    Another great audio series is Quest of Heroes! It’s just the pilot for now and you have to request it through facebook, because they’re still trying to get funding for the rest of the first season. But I think they’re planning to release it this summer some time. It’s a great show, good acting and writing.

  8. Julie says:

    GAH…as a HUGE audio drama podcast fan-this list is super frustrating to read! Honestly I am unsure if the author enjoys or even listens to audio drama podcasts after this list LOL?? Maybe I have just listened to so many more truly great ones than this writer…cant think of another explanation for this particular list. I would absolutely expect to AT LEAST see “Were Alive” listed! So many others out there that are just AWESOME all around…in sound, writing, story line, acting/cast, length of pod in its entirety, episode length…there are many things that make up a great audio drama pod in my opinion. Check out any of these and you will NOT be sorry. I listen 8-9 hours a day of podcasts and have for at least past 3 years so I think I have a pretty decent idea audio drama recommendation 🙂 Try them out and see:
    Were Alive, Were Alive-Lockdown, Ars Paradoxia, Breakers, Bright Sessions, Brownsville, Ghosts in the burbs, Wooden Overcoats, Wolf 359, Rose Drive, Congeria, Duggan Hill, Limetown, Sandra, 19 Nocturne Boulevard….so many more too, this is just a small sample of all the great audio dramas. Kinda sad to see this list didnt include one of them.

  9. Greetings, and thanks to all for these great recs and resources! I’m very excited to now have four episodes of our first, new podcast out there, released every two weeks. It’s called The Fertile Void, and Season One, The Coveted Silk is an audio drama, a web of interconnected stories mixing personal memoir with fairy tale, magical realism, and music, all traversing the liminal spaces of the fertile void, the liminal space between the worlds. Tarantulas, mad dancing, a golden cape of the silk of one million spiders….thank you for taking the time to listen, if you do!

  10. Steph says:

    Honestly one of the best horror audio dramas I’ve found is hands down the Magnus Archives. It’s an amazing series, each episode is tense and gripping in it’s own way. The series takes place in the Magnus Institute, a place where strange phenomena are reported and archived by the main character : the Archivist Jonathan Simms. The first few episodes feel disconnected but ohhh boy it’s All Connected. I will give a little shout of forewarning, most of the episodes deal with horror that can stem from rather common phobias so if you’re sensitive to any one particular phobia ( the dark, spiders, ECT.) Proceed with caution.

  11. Andre Michael Pietroschek says:

    I know some free ones: by Julie Hoverson & team is a humorous version of ‘The Dunwich Horror’ by H.P. Lovecraft.

    This one is villain’s with style thriller or cautionary tale kinda horror:

    And last but not least:

    This one works with supernatural explanation, or typical #crimefiction madness & insanity:

  12. Bonnie says:

    I realize this list is relatively old {it’s now 11/29/2019}; however, I just wanted to post my, “THANKS!!” to both this article’s Author & Also, to ALL the Commentors!! As my iPhone recently died (last night completely {That terrible cell phone state where it is simply dark, cold, and unresponsive.}, and as it is currently, the Extended Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, I am currently in “Limbo”, until next w9eek,(after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Rushes), SO…I have borrowed a friend’s phone yo look up some Audio Dramas….and I Thankfully, found this treasure trove of Audio options, THANKS!!!…as my Google Home, apparently needs the name of the PodCast in order to pull it up and play it. I now have an extensive list that is sure to keep me Amused for Hours & until I can get to the phone store and back out of the Dark Ages (pre-smartphone)…May You All have a Healthy, Safe, and Happy…and FABULOUS 2019 Holiday Season!!.. (and NEVER experience the Loss+Life stopping feeling of a Cold, Dead, and Life Less Smartphone!!…*Laughs*