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Getting behind the mic is exciting for some and terrifying for others, though most of us lie somewhere in between. Here’s how we’re going to help you go from novice broadcaster to ultra-confident podcaster.

Step 1

Mindset & motivation

Many of the barriers we face as podcasters exist entirely within our own heads. That doesn’t make them any easier to overcome, though; for some podcasters, they can be crippling. We’re here to make sure they don’t stand in the way of you and podcasting success.

Do you hate the sound of your own voice?

i hate my voice

I Hate My Voice!

“I hate my voice” is one of the most frequently heard complaints in podcasting. Here, we’ll give you tips and advice on how to get past it!

How do you cope with impostor syndrome?

podcasting and impostor syndrome

Podcasting With Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome happens to all creative folks. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies to help you find a way around it.

How do you become a confident podcaster?

confident podcaster

How to Become a Confident Podcaster

Let’s tackle the common fears of new and aspiring podcasters, then arm you with tips to navigate them!

Step 2

Interview skills

Even if you don’t run an out-and-out interview podcast, you may still want to record with others from time to time. Far from being the “easy” option, interviewing is a skill. Here, we help you master it.

How do you prepare for a podcast interview?

preparing for a podcast interview

How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview

You must do something to stand out in a world of interview show after interview show. Here’s how!

What are the best podcast interview questions?

Podcast Interview Questions Your Listeners Will Love (& Share!)

Asking great podcast interview questions leads to compelling content. Not only will your existing listeners love it – they’ll want to share your show with everyone they know, too!

How do you find podcast guests?

find podcast guests

How to Find Podcast Guests Who’ll Bring Value & Opportunity

Running an interview series has many benefits as well as downsides. One of those downsides is the challenge of constantly finding podcast guests.

Step 3

Crafting your narrative

You might have all the knowledge, equipment, and software needed to create a podcast episode. But structure and narrative aren’t just for the world of fiction. Here’s how to make your message easily digestible for your audience.

Scripting your podcast

how to write a podcast script

How Do I Write a Podcast Script?

Some podcasters write out every word, others outline. Learn what podcast scripting method is best for you with these techniques.

How should you open your episodes?

podcast intro script

Podcast Intro Script Template & Tips

Planning your podcast intro script? The opening 5 minutes is crucial for hooking new listeners. Here’s how to guarantee they don’t switch off.

How should you end your episodes?

podcast calls to action

Podcast Calls to Action That *Actually* Work

A good podcast ‘Call to Action’, or CTA, helps your audience hop over to more of your content instead of bouncing elsewhere.

Step 4

Sounding your best

You’ve come a long way, but there’s still some polish you can apply to take your content from good to great.

Hone your presentation skills

podcast presentation skills

Honing Your Speechcraft

A good mic and a thorough knowledge of your subject will only get you so far. Here’s how to make it all count.

Improve your mic technique

mic technique

Mic Technique for Podcasters

Poor mic technique can make even the best microphone (or presenter) sound terrible. Here’s how to optimise your delivery.

Warm up your voice before hitting record

vocal warm ups

Ten Tips to Tame That Tripping Tongue

Wrestling with your words? Here are ten tried-and-true tips for training that tongue tendon.

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