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Book Like A Boss Review

The Podcast Interview Booking Tool You Need: Book Like a Boss Review

In this article I want to show you how to use a booking and calendar tool to make podcast interviews far easier and quicker to manage. This is one part of the podcast software puzzle that a lot of people miss, in their rush for recording apps and editing tools. But, if you want to

Manage guests with Hubspot

How to Easily and Effectively Manage Podcast Guest Outreach

This is a guest post by Marina Barayeva, host of Marketing for Creatives. It’s a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and business owners about how to market a small business. Marina is also a portrait photographer based in Beijing, China. Her mission is to inspire people to do what they love and help to grow it as a

make a business podcast

How Do You Make a Business Podcast That Stands Out?

Podcasting has always been a growing medium. Every day, new shows are launched, and there are now well over 600,000 podcasts available in iTunes/Apple Podcasts. The motivations and ambitions of those who get into podcasting vary wildly. But for those prepared to put the time and work in, the rewards can be huge. Business and