Matthew McLean: Podcaster & Audio Drama Creator

Matthew McLean is a podcaster, audio drama creator, and sound designer. He started making podcasts back in 2011 whilst studying radio production at college. It was around this time that he discovered legendary audio drama shows such as We’re Alive and Edict Zero FIS.

He won the Ian Rankin Scholarship in 2012 for his fiction writing, and began to create his own audio drama stories, having teamed up with classmate Robert Cudmore. 

In 2014, they launched the Audio Drama Production Podcast, which enabled them to talk about their experiences, as well as interview leading figures in the field. This was an invaluable experience. The show published new episodes each week and grew a loyal fanbase over its 150+ episodes. 

Matthew continued his Academic education at Abertay University, where he earned his degree in Creative Sound Production. In 2014, he travelled to the UK Podcasters convention in Birmingham. In the bar that evening, after “two or three” pints, he met The Podcast Host founder Colin Gray, who was speaking at the event. 

It turned out that Colin was doing his PhD at Abertay University. Back then, Colin was creating most of the content on The Podcast Host site, and had also taken on some production clients.

A few months later, he offered Matthew the opportunity to do a bit of ongoing editing work on a part-time basis. 

In 2015, the Audio Drama Production Podcast won a UK Podcasters Award at New Media Europe in Manchester. Around the same time, The Podcast Host were able to take Matthew on full time, as the company continued to grow. 

Initially, his job revolved heavily around podcast editing and production, but the focus has shifted more towards content and article writing in recent years. He often works directly with clients to help them plan and launch their own podcasts too.  

Matthew enjoys helping others to podcast, whether that’s through working directly with them, or via the many hundreds of free articles available on the website. 

He’s continued to create audio drama in recent years with the black horror/comedy series A Scottish Podcast, and The Podcast Host’s own space-based “dramamentary” show Hostile Worlds.    

Outside the realm of podcasting, he enjoys reading, walking, playing football, and trying to convince his wife to indulge him in a game of Warhammer. He has two pet house rabbits, one of which is a rescue bun with three legs called Willy.