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The Best Microphone Boom Arms for Podcasting

Do you need a boom arm for your mic? If so, which one?

What’s the Best Computer for Podcasting & Audio Production?

Having worked in both podcasting and IT, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is what’s the best computer for podcasting or audio production. The answer, as always, depends on the podcaster. But, here I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. There are a range of factors that play…

Blue Yeti Accessories Guide: How to Upgrade Your Yeti

As you’d expect with one of the most popular microphones on the market, the demand for Blue Yeti accessories is huge. It’s a versatile little beast right out of the box with it’s multiple polar patterns, built in stand and various other features. But, add a few choice accessories, and it can be even better.…

Acoustic Blankets for Podcasting | Kill the Reverb in Any Environment

Acoustic blankets and sound treatment arguably aren’t as popular in podcasting as they should be. We tend to get hung up on buying and upgrading things like mics, mixers, and audio plugins. Yet the environment we record in is of prime importance for how our content sounds. Acoustic blankets are something I’ve overlooked in the…

Studio Cable Management for Podcasters: Keeping Things Tidy

Podcast studio cable management. A truly riveting subject! It is actually one of these weird subcultures in the tech world though. I hadn’t realised this until I was recently handed the task of tidying up our own studio. There are folks out there who are obsessed with keeping cables tidy. And there’s lots of products…

How to Monitor Your Sound When Recording & Editing a Podcast

Speakers and Headphones and Monitors (Oh my!) Monitors are probably the most important audio device in our pursuit of professional sound and audio clarity. To be effective when mixing, studio recording technicians, engineers, sound designers and producers need to be able to hear the sound represented as accurately as possible. Only then can they create…

Is Cable Crossing a Bad Thing in Audio Recording?

Prev Next February 14th 2018 Accessories, Podcast Equipment No Comments Is Cable Crossing a Bad Thing? On the Care and Feeding of Cables: Don’t Cross the Streams. When beginning in audio, you’re often told that cable crossing is a bad thing, and to avoid crossing power cables with audio cables. So let’s dispel some myths…

How to Use Compression in Audio: What is a Compressor?

Prev Next February 5th 2018 Accessories, Podcast Equipment No Comments In this article we’re going to look at how to use compression in podcasting. It’s a tool that’s often talked about, and even more often misunderstood. But, used right, it can really improve your audio. So, let’s get to know the humble compressor, starting with…

Finding The Best Audio Cables: The (Not So…) Fascinating Truth

Prev Next April 18th 2017 Accessories, Podcast Equipment 1 Comment Cables! They plug your stuff together. What’s more to know? Right? As unsexy and unfulfilling as cables are, they are probably the most common piece of equipment type in your studio. There are all kind of different cables. You’ve got power cables, mic cables, speaker…

Recording Two Mics Independently With One 3.5mm Plug | HosaTech YMM-261 Stereo Splitter

Thanks to Peter B who, in the comments section of our article Recording Face to Face, In-Person Interviews for a Podcast, recommended we check out the Hosa Technology YMM-261 Stereo Breakout cable. Update: April 2018 – We’re getting some reports from users who’re having trouble getting this splitter to work with the Zoom H1. To…


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