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Thanks for popping over, and I hope you enjoyed the show I did with Mark on Excellence Expected. Always a pleasure to speak with Mr Asquith.

I wanted to offer a few links to highlight the things I was talking about on the show. I hope these prove useful!

If you have any other questions, though, feel free to tweet me on @Thepodcasthost, or email at [email protected]

1. Setting up a WordPress Site

You can find my LearnDEn course on setting up a WordPress site here: Great Business Websites

2. WordPress Education Plugins

WordPress has a tonne of great tools for creating online learning resources, here a few to try out:

S2Member – This free tool essentially creates a membership site, so that you can create resources only accessible to your employees. It's not the most attractive tool, and has a bit of a learning curve, but it's really powerful once you get into it.

CoursePress – This is a paid tool, but only $19 and is super easy to use so could be worth the money for some. It allows all sorts of course-style content, such as quizzes, polls and allows the use of video material really easily.

3. Podcasting Help

If you fancy setting up your own Podcast, I've got a full guide which you can download here. Or you can find out what equipment and software you need by checking out my Resource Guide.

I also do managed Podcasting, which means I can host your audio files for you, provide training and setup guides and even edit your podcast if you wish. Have a look here: Managed Podcasting

Thanks for visiting!

PS. Here's a link just incase you were interested in that beer site I mentioned 🙂

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