Build a website for your podcast

How to Create a Website for Your Podcast

Hey, I’m Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast Host & 10-year podcast host and teacher.

In this course, I’ll show you how to create a WordPress website for your Podcast. A site that promotes your show, helps it get found, converts visitors to listeners, and listeners to huge fans.

What’s the Aim of the Course?

This course is primed to help you with one thing: creating the best possible home for your podcast on the web.

In the course we cover the full gamut, from basics to advanced. That means setting up the site itself and then turning it into a podcast delivery machine, encouraging subscriptions, conversions and engagement.

By the end of this course you’ll have an excellent website that turns casual visitors into fanatic fans.

Who is This For?

This course is for anyone that falls into these categories

  1. You’re a Podcasting beginner looking to publish your podcast
  2. You’re an Existing Podcaster who’s looking at moving to a self-hosted Podcasting website for more control
  3. You’re already self-hosting with WordPress, but want to really enhance their site
  4. You just want to set up a website for any purpose!

The latter is because this course actually just helps you set up a website, so even if you’re not podcasting yet, the first Part of this course will help you do that.

What We’ll Cover

This course is free to take part in, and it’s constantly being expanded to include as much detail as possible.

Here’s the the current outline:

  • Hosting and domains setup
  • WordPress installation
  • Basic setup for Podcasting (Using Powerpress)
  • Enhancement of the basic Podcasting functions
  • Plugins and tools to improve the user experience and satisfy listeners
  • Monetization tools and methods
  • Plugins to enable the growth of your audience
  • The secret sauce: plugins, tools and secrets to really make you stand out.

About Our Links

I’ll be talking about a lot of different resources in this course, from hosting providers to WordPress plugins. In many cases, I’ll be using Affiliate links, which means that, if you buy, we get a small commission on the purchase. As you know we’re always open and transparent about this, and on this course, you can generally assume that any link to a paid product is an affiliate link.

I want to say, though, that I only recommend things that I really know and trust. In nearly all cases, I’m a loyal user of that tool, having bought it myself. And if I don’t use it, then I either have in the past, or have had a really strong recommendation from someone I trust. Either way, you can rest assured that I’m recommending things that I would recommend anyway, whether we get a comission or not.

If you choose to buy through our affiliate links, I really appreciate it. You’re supporting the free content we put out there, like this course. That means we can create more of it, and help you much further in the future.

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