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Colin created The Podcast Host back in 2011 with the aim of helping as many people start podcasting as possible. One of the biggest barriers to that is equipment, software and tools. There’s just so much choice out there…

The Equipment, Tools & Software We Use & Recommend

So, this page is designed to bring together all of the resources we love in one easy-to-find place. No matter what stage you’re at, you can find the tools you need here.

A quick heads up we sometimes use affiliate links to products and services we think you’ll find useful. We may earn a small commission should you choose to buy through them, though at no extra cost to yourself.


Podcasting Microphones

Your mic is your best friend. It’s the single most important part of your kit. Keep it simple to start with, then upgrade only if you need to.

The problem is, there are so many great mics on the market these days. It can make choosing one tough.

samson q2u

Top Pick – Samson Q2U

Our top pick – one we find suits the needs (and budget) of over 90% of podcasters is the Samson Q2U. Read our full review of the Samson Q2U, or, buy the Q2U on Amazon today.

Other Great Podcast Mics

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Audio Interfaces

If you use a USB mic then it’ll plug directly into your computer. But, if you opt for XLR, you’ll need an interface to connect it to instead. Here are some of our favourites:

focusrite scarlett 2i2

Top Pick – Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

This legendary USB audio interface won’t break the bank and will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Plug in one or two XLR mics, and you can record into any software on your computer. Read our full review of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, or, buy the 2i2 on Amazon today.

Other Great Audio Interfaces

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Digital Recorders

You don’t need to be anywhere near a computer to record a podcast, especially if you own a reliable digital recorder. These are super-portable, and you can capture audio with them almost anywhere.

zoom h6 podcasting resource

Top Pick – Zoom H6

The entire Zoom range oozes quality, but the H6 has the most options, XLR inputs, and customisation capability, whilst costing the same (sometimes even less!) as the H5. Read how the Zoom H5 and Zoom H6 stack up against one another, or, buy the H6 on Amazon today.

Other Great Digital Recorders

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Podcast Recorders

In years gone by, podcasters would use kit designed predominately for musicians. These days, the podcast industry has grown to the point where we have our own custom-built gear, tailored to our needs.

zoom podtrak p4 podcast resource

Top Pick – Zoom PodTrak P4

The most affordable of all podcast recorders, by far. With the PodTrak P4, you can plug in up to four XLR mics, mix in music and sound effects, and record phone or online calls. Read our full review of the Zoom PodTrakP4, or, buy the P4 on Amazon today.

Other Great Podcast Recorders

  • Rode Rodecaster II – in its second generation, this is the Godfather of podcast recorders
  • Mackie DLZ Creator – Audio veterans’ Mackie’s response to the Rodecaster – we can do this too, and make it cost even more!

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Accessories & Other Gear

What about the glue that holds the various bits of your podcasting setup together? Whilst less glamorous than shiny mics or recorders, these are still vitally important.

Best Microphone Stand

The Rode PSA1 Boom Arm – Industry-standard – will last forever! Read our full review of the Rode PSA1 here.

Best Headphones

You won’t find a better quality-to-value option than the Audio Technica M20Xs. Check out our full Best Podcast Headphones roundup for the lowdown.

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Video Podcasting

Video podcasting is almost as old as its audio counterpart; it’s just never been half as popular. However, as tools, gear, and software continue to improve, it’s now much easier to do video well. Just keep in mind that adding video should be something you want to do, and not something you have to do.

Video Call Recording Software

There has been a real arms race in the multi-track call recording space in recent years. The result has been many affordable and intuitive options for recording crystal clear video. Here are the platforms that excel in that space:

Video Editing Software

If you’re going to record video, you’ll need somewhere to edit and produce it, too.

If you’re experienced, and want to go PRO, then choose:

They may be the big, powerful, and flexible two, but they also come with a steep learning curve.

If you’re new to video and want to look great without things getting too complicated, then try:

  • Camtasia if you’re doing a lot of screencasts
  • Filmora for a Lite version of Premiere or Final Cut
  • Veed for easy online video editing



Webcam Recording Effects

  • Manycam: Set up scenes, screen-share, picture in picture, green screen, live broadcast & record your videos.
  • Streamyard: some great recording layouts, including screenshare, slides, bottom 1/3.

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Publish & Distribute a Podcast

You won’t find many listeners if your recorded podcast episodes remain on your hard drive. You’re going to need some software to upload, publish, and push it out to places like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere else podcasts are discovered and consumed.

Top Pick – Alitu

Alitu is one of many places where you can upload your content and make it available on all the podcast listening platforms. What sets it apart, though, is that you can also record, edit, and produce your show in your Alitu account. This keeps podcasting easy, quick, and cheap!

Other Great Podcast Hosting Providers

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Making a Podcast Website

Having your own website gives you much more control over your content. It also makes your podcast a lot more discoverable.

Top Pick – Podpage

Podpage is the original podcast website builder. Copy your RSS feed in, and it’ll generate a fully-fledged and feature-packed podcast website for you in minutes, no technical knowledge necessary. See our full Podpage review for more.

Other Great Podcast Website Builders

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Sometimes called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), these programs are designed to let you record and edit your podcast.

Top Pick: Alitu

With Alitu, you can record solo, with a co-host, or online with guests. Editing is super simple, even if you’ve never used podcasting software before. You can even edit by text, where deleting words, sentences, or entire sections will delete the corresponding audio in your recording. Processes like Noise Reduction, EQ, Compression, and Volume Levelling are all done for you automatically, too.

alitu text-based podcast editing

Alitu offers a lot more than the ability to record and edit your podcast; you can also upload and publish there, before distributing it to the likes of Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It even has a free music library, and will automatically generate episode transcripts. In short, Alitu is everything you need to podcast under one single login and subscription.

More Great Software & Apps

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Branding is important in your quest to stand out from the rest of the shows in your niche!


Most shows include at least a theme tune, and many include music beds and sound FX to add to the mood. You have to pay for the good stuff – here’s where to find it.

  • PremiumBeat by ShutterstockGet 10% off PremiumBeat sitewide using coupon code PODCASTPB 
  • Epidemic – Sign up for Epidemic Sound’s annual personal plan using coupon code PODCAST50 to get a massive 50% off!

These subscriptions give you access to huge libraries and lifetime licenses on anything you use during that subscription.

Alitu also has a free music library, so if you’re using it to record, edit, and publish your podcast then that’s yet another box ticked off for you.


Podcast listeners do judge shows by their cover – at least until they hit play, anyway. With nice visuals, you’ll ensure that they do. Here are a couple of options for getting your perfect podcast logo.

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Email Newsletters

One of the best things you can do to grow your Podcast long-term is to start an email list. Get your listeners signed up, and you can tell them about new episodes, ask them for feedback and get their help in sharing your show.


Delivering emails to your list as we as automatic email sequences. We’ve used Convertkit for our own newsletters. It’s super easy to set up and offers tonnes of options to automate newsletters, segment your users and a lot more.


ActiveCampaign focuses on email marketing for digital businesses, e-commerce, and business-to-business companies. This could be a good tool if you’re creating a network with other podcasters and want to share information.

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Planning & Organisation

If you’re a podcaster, there’s no shortage of things you could be planning or working on. But how do you stay organised and make sure the important stuff always gets done?

  • The Podcast Host Planner will help you organise and execute your episodes, keeping in mind your big picture goals, your key values, and your own personal definition of success.
  • ClickUp is a powerful project management tool that can help you organize your work. 

Social Media & Audience Management

Social media can be useful for growing and engaging with your audience. But it can also be overwhelming. Here are the tools we use to make it easier.


Create an automated, recycling queue of posts to Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Smarterqueue cycles through our queue of 500+ posts, promoting all of our old and new content on a regular schedule. Brilliant!


Welcome new users, members or list subscribers with video. We’re using this to engage with our new members through quick videos, as soon as they join up. It helps them know us, trust us and become fans of what we do!

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Transcribing your episodes is vital from an accessibility point of view. Transcriptions can also help with your show notes and other content-repurposing ventures. Here are some options for getting your show transcribed.

Alitu offers auto-generated transcriptions of your episodes. As mentioned earlier, you can even edit your podcast by text in Alitu. This ‘Podcast Maker’ tool also has recording, production, a free music library, and hosting and publishing built-in.

Audext is a machine-learning transcription service. You can drag and drop files of various formats (MP3s, WAVs, M4As, WMAs, etc.) into the Audext interface, and it’ll quickly transcribe them. There’s a speaker identification feature that’s handy for podcast interviews. You can edit your transcriptions easily within Audext before downloading them. Cost-wise, a one-off hour of transcription is priced at $12, but you can save on their subscription packages. A free trial is available if you’d like to test the water with Audext.

Rev‘s automated transcription costs 25 cents a minute, with a 5-minute turnaround time. Their human transcription service is $1.50 a minute, with a 12-hour turnaround time. They can even create foreign subtitles for video, for $3-$7 per minute. 

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Promotion, Growth, & Monetisation

Publishing quality content on a consistent basis is only half the battle. How do you make sure your target audience finds and benefits from it?

  • Podcast Growth – Over 80 actionable audience growth tactics in one book
  • Growth Essentials – The growth blueprint for podcast pioneers. Unlock your audience with this video course.

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Thanks for checking out our ultimate podcast resource page. Be sure to bookmark it and check in regularly for future updates. Finally, if there’s anything here you’d like to chat more about (or, something that isn’t here that you’d like to suggest), then please join us in the IndiePod Community. It’s a thriving platform for like-minded creators, and we’d love to see you in there.