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Best Health Podcasts for Motivation, Inspiration, Education, & Growth

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So you’re thinking “how can you folks possibly do a ‘Best Health Podcasts’ roundup when Colin basically lives on Doritos and Irn-Bru?”.

And, though you’re absolutely right, he is learning. Since we launched our own health podcast Organic Life, there’s some hope that he’ll give up the deep fried pies one day.

Anyhow, this is a roundup we’ve wanted to add to the site for a few years now. Podcasts are a good companion to health and fitness because you can listen to them whilst keeping active.

As with any ‘best of’ roundup, it’s always subjective, and based on the shows we’ve come across ourselves. We always welcome your own suggestions and recommendations in the comments section below.

Best Health Podcasts

“Health” is a broad term, so there’s a bit of a mixture of nutrition, movement, and mind stuff in here. Our picks are in no particular order.

Doctor's Farmacy - Best Health Podcasts

The Doctor’s Farmacy

That’s “Farmacy” with an F. Host Dr. Mark Hyman’s big message throughout this series is that food is medicine.

Mark has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, but he approaches his interviews on The Doctor’s Farmacy with a genuine curiosity and open mindedness. Conversation topics on the show range from prevention of chronic disease, to the food production system and its impact on the environment. More recently, his wife, a standup comedian, co-hosted a discussion with him. Together, they made for a worthwhile and engaging examination of how food is emotionally compelling and biochemically powerful. This podcast could help you resist the occasional Doritos binge by taking the shame out of its siren call.

Model Health Show - Best Health Podcasts

The Model Health Show

Shawn Stevenson is one of the most likeable and down to earth people in podcasting. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on the subjects of nutrition, exercise, and his specialist subject – sleep. He’s also got a gift for explaining it all in a completely accessible and non-judgy manner.

The Model Health Show mixes Shawn’s solo episodes with expert interviews. His website categorizes its podcast topic by health focus. For example, if you just want to listen to episodes about sleep, or nutrition, you’d select the topic, and the results would be filtered for you.

As a survivor of degenerative disc disease, his stake in health and wellness education is driven by an innate desire to help others make good choices.

Bulletproof Radio - Best Health Podcasts

Bulletproof Radio

Two interesting facts about host Dave Asprey. Firstly, he puts butter in his coffee. Secondly, he plans to live til he’s at least 180 years old. At first, both might seem ridiculous, until you’ve listened to a few episodes of Bulletproof Radio.

The show is an ultra-deep dive into the world of biohacking. The conversations are focused around some of the most cutting edge tech and knowledge of the workings of the human body. If your interest in health and wellness includes red light gadgets and weaponizing chemical compounds at a molecular level, this is your show.

Ten Percent Happier - Best Health Podcasts

Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris, a journalist, experienced a panic attack on live television. Subsequently, his journey brought him to examine meditation from a sceptic’s perspective. The conversations on Ten Percent Happier are fuelled by the power of ABC Radio, allowing him to interview some of the world’s leading experts on mind training. Even if you aren’t moved to meditate, the thoughtful conversations will help you think about how you think and why.

Kwik Brain - Best Health Podcasts

Kwik Brain

Jim Kwik’s presentation is positively infectious. Now only does he interview experts about health topics, but also he guides listeners through exercises they can use to train their brains. Kwik Brain is informative, participatory, and has the cleverest calls to action that I’ve heard yet.

MYDNA - Best Health Podcasts

Move Your DNA

Katy Bowman’s all about the science of movement and what it does for health. In Move Your DNA, she interviews experts about activity (or being sedentary) and what effect it has on aging, mental health, and physical fitness. Movement, in this case, isn’t only about traditional exercise. Bowman chats with experts as diverse as gardeners, foragers, even a death care specialist, to help you learn more about how moving in your world affects your mindset and your health.

Pursuing Health - Best Health Podcasts

Pursuing Health

If CrossFit piques your interest, Julie Foucher is your podcaster. Pursing Health  weaves her work as a resident in family medicine with her CrossFit athleticism. This show breaks down the stereotypes surrounding CrossFit, explores ways to make gyms and practice better, and illuminates the CrossFit community.

Found my fitness - Best Health Podcasts

Found My Fitness

If words like mitochondria, apoptosis, and serotonin make you reach for a dictionary, let Rhonda Patrick, PhD., explain it all for you.  Dr. Patrick’s extensive research and presentation skill explain clearly how cellular processes help or harm health at any age. She gives you actions you can take to feel better, sleep soundly, and live longer, in  Found My Fitness.

On a green field, a growing plant with a red heart at its apex, and the text Organic Life

Organic Life

And, we come full circle, back to Colin with his struggle to resist Irn-Bru and Doritos. The Podcast Host meet with local organic food experts such as herbalists and medical practitioners. Together, they learn more about growing, foraging, harvesting, and eating food that’s good for you and the environment. Organic Life isn’t only about preserving your health, it’s about the health of your community.

Best Health Podcasts

Summary: Best Health Podcasts

There is a lot of confusing, sometimes contradictory, information about health on the Internet. No podcast or blog should be a substitute for your doctor’s advice. Health podcasts can help you think about your body’s needs and make smarter choices. For example, before listening to these podcasts, I was craving Froot Loops. While listening to them, I roasted sweet potato slabs and spread avocado on them instead.

If you’re an expert in the health field (or any field, for that matter) and you want to make the world a better place, have you thought about making a podcast? Why not have a look at Podcraft Academy? There, you’ll find all kinds of resources that will help you present your data in a clear and engaging fashion.

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