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Why Every Business Should Have a Podcast & How to Start

Why Every Business Should Have a Podcast & How to Start

Originally written by Colin for The Guardian. Republished with kind permission. One of the big problems facing businesses is the struggle to be heard in a crowded marketplace. There’s a medium out there that excels at this, and it’s called podcasting. Let’s see if it would work for you: What is it? Podcasting is just

How much time does it take to podcast

How Much Time Does it Take to Run a Podcast?

During this ‘Preparing to Podcast’ series, I’ve been covering the big questions I’m always asked by prospective clients. Those questions that have come up time and time again, asked by the 100s of people I’ve helped to start a podcast through The Podcast Host. In this installment, it’s all about Time – the most precious commodity

Podcast Every Week for a Year

How to Podcast Every Week for a Year: Keeping it Regular

Okay, so first things first with a short disclaimer. There’s every chance you’ve arrived at this article to head straight to the comments section and tell me that: 1. Podcasting every week for a year is no big feat, and that lots of people manage it. They do, and hats off to them, because it

Getting Series-ous: Revitalise & Sell Your Podcast | #NMEU 2015 Presentation

Talk Transcript The following are my notes from the talk. I’ll replace these with a recording of the whole thing when I can, but my rough notes (the ones I actually used to practice the presentation) will hopefully give you the highlights. Apologies for lack of clarity, bad grammar, punctuation – this is how I


A Podcast Movement 2015 Review: Sponsorship, Growth, Passion & Going Pro

I’m on the train, riding the Pacific Coastliner towards Los Angeles. To many of you, there’s nothing special about that. But, for me, a humble tech startup guy from Scotland, it’s yet another amazing leg of an American podcasting odyssey. The motivation for this trip was Podcast Movement 2015 – one of the only Podcasting

7 storytelling elements

7 Storytelling Elements to Improve Your Podcast

If you plan to incorporate a more narrative style to your podcast, either as a whole or to use vignettes as a portion of the show, it would be really useful to understand the elements of storytelling. When I taught “Analyzing Short Fiction” in college, I’d cover the seven elements of fiction as part of

Telling stories through a podcast

Digital Storytelling: Telling Stories Through a Podcast

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about ways to make your podcast more interesting by engaging your audience with a narrative or a digital storytelling aspect. I’ve also provided some tips on how to organize your podcast to help achieve that. When you want to tell a compelling story, it’s essential you understand the

5 writing steps

5 Writing Steps that Produce Amazing Podcast Episodes

For many years of my life, I tried to find a way around the writing process. I figured if I just worked hard enough to do it right the first time, I wouldn’t have to revise it. Of course, if I was truly talented, I wouldn’t have to waste any time prewriting either. After all,


Hosting a Roundtable on Your Podcast

This is a post by Pilar Orti of the Spain Uncovered Podcast on her experience of hosting podcast roundtables.  I love bringing people together and a podcast seems a good place as any to do so. In trying to think of a way of having multiple guests on my podcast, I came across Podcaster’s Roundtable. The