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Finding your Voice & Honesty in Content, with Doug Kessler | Podcraft S8E06

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Podcraft! This is the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to interview skills and everything in between.

We’re taking another break from listener questions this week. This time, to have a chat with Doug Kessler, the Creative Director at Velocity Partners.

Doug chats about his role at the B2B marketing company, before moving onto a subject he discussed recently at the Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh last month – How to use swear words in your marketing.

While Doug admits it isn’t about glamourising swearing, it can certainly have an impact in your marketing. He also talks through the different techniques that swearing can teach us when creating a marketing strategy (without even swearing) – it’s about honesty, authenticity, pushing boundaries and having a strong voice.

Doug also discussed in depth the objections behind using swearing in marketing – the fact that some view it as “lazy writing” or the issue of people finding it offensive. On the flip side, it can attract like-minded people and make your blog/podcasts/videos seem more authentic.

“For me, I think it has helped keep my voice authentic and real and therefore attracted people who value authenticity and don’t mind swearing.

At the same time I think we probably have alienated some people who we would have liked working with but don’t like ‘sweary people’ and that’s a regrettable downside.”

Swearing in marketing isn’t done very often. There’s a surprise element when it’s used – and when used well it can signal confidence. One example of this is a post by Gillies and Mackay which brought in massive business.

But, in certain circumstances, you may look like you’re trying too hard to get attention.

If it doesn’t fit with your brand, it might not work. Equally people may be less inclined to share your posts if it includes swearing or you might have to spend time to defend yourself.

That’s us for another episode of Podcraft. We hope you enjoyed the show, and we hope you tune in again next week! If you have any questions about the show, or any questions we could answer in another episode, please feel free to get in touch.

You can find us on Twitter, drop us an email via the contact form, or leave us a comment on any relevant blog post!

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