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Podcraft Season 12 – The Best of the Blog

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If you’re a regular listener to Podcraft, you’ll know that we’re big fans of podcasting in seasons.

We’ve had seasons on everything from equipment to monetisation and beyond. And now we’re doing something a little different – we’re picking out some of our favourite (and most popular) articles from the site and creating companion episodes.

We kicked things off by looking at the various ways you can advertise your podcast to grow your audience. That was episode 1201, which you’ll find in the player above.

And here are the other episodes we’ve done so far…

What’s a good number of downloads for a podcast? – Episode 1202

Is it 100? 1000? 100,000? And is that total all-time, or per-episode, per-month? Here, we clear it all up for you.

Original article – What’s a Good Number of Downloads for a Podcast?

Each year we run a grand gear survey to find out exactly what everyone’s using to make their shows. Here’s the data from the 330 podcasters who shared their setups with us.

Original article – Podcasting Gear Stats in 2019

How to make your Podcast unique | Find your USP and stand out from the crowd – Episode 1204

Simply choosing a topic to podcast about isn’t enough to make your show stand out. This episode is all about USPs – what is a USP? Why do they matter? And how do you find yours?

Original article – How to Make Your Podcast Unique

Work With Us

Whilst we aim to cover every conceivable podcasting topic on the blog, we take an even deeper dive in Podcraft Academy.

There, we create full courses around podcasting topics, along with downloadable checklists and guides. We have an active community forum and run regular live Q&A sessions too.

So if you’re looking for a place to launch and develop your show in a planned and structured manner, check it out!

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Be the best show host


Grow & monetise

Promote and earn


We’ve got every step covered.