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How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast

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How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast: At-a-Glance

  • Appearing as a guest on another podcast is a great way to grow your own audience.
  • It’s also a highly effective way to promote your products or services.
  • But, just emailing a lot of podcasts and saying “interview me” isn’t going to work.
  • There are much more personalised and effective approaches.
  • There are also services out there that can help you.
  • Read on for the full guide…

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One of the most effective ways to grow your audience and expand your reach, is to be interviewed on other podcasts.

When you’re chatting about your topic on someone else’s show, 100% of the people you’re reaching are already podcast listeners.

Doing an interview on another podcast in your niche lets you offer value, and win these listeners over to checking out your show. They get to hear your voice, your tone, and your delivery, before they’ve even heard your own podcast. 

If they think what you’re saying is useful or engaging, they’re only a couple of clicks away from hitting subscribe on your own show.

However, it isn’t just as easy as emailing other podcasts and saying “Hey, interview me please!” So, let’s look at how to actually make this strategy work.  

how to get booked as a guest on a podcast - don't chew any cables

How to Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast

First up, have a think about the podcasts you’d like to be interviewed on. What great interview shows in your niche are out there, right now? Be sure to listen to a few episodes of any podcast you plan to reach out to. 

When you decide on a specific podcast, reach out to them with a thorough proposal on what you can offer their listeners. What unique insights can you bring to the table? What value can you bring? Make this ALL about their audience!

Ultimately, what the podcast owner will want to hear, is;

  • What you would like to chat about
  • Why it would be useful and interesting to their audience
  • Credibility – a little about you, and why you’re well positioned to help
  • The benefits their audience will get from it
  • What keywords or search terms you are targeting, in relation to the episode title
  • The ways you will share the episode to drive traffic to their show

Reaching Out to Other Podcasts

Next up, instead of reaching out by email, create your proposal in audio, or – even better – video form. This personalised approach will be much more likely to resonate with the podcaster. It shows that you’re not simply copying and pasting the same email to hundreds of other shows. If you send someone a personalised video, the chances are, they’ll watch it. 

They’ll also be able to hear your voice right away, and that you’ve got a good level of audio quality. This, combined with the value you promise to offer their audience, makes it difficult for them to ignore, and easy for them to say “yes”. 

There are alternative and more scalable options, though. Let’s take a look at them. 

Services That Help You Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast

You can put yourself out there as an available podcast interviewee on these useful platforms. A quick heads up that our Podcast Guests link below is an affiliate, which means we’d earn a small commission if you decided to sign up through it. Our affiliates help support all the free content we put out on the site!


Podcast Guests links up those who want to find podcast interview guests with those who want to be podcast interview guests.

You can list yourself as an expert guest for $10 a month, on their basic package.

They also have a $29 a month premium package.

This allows you to

  • Link to 3 websites instead of 1
  • Be listed in 2 categories instead of 1
  • Have your profile featured above “basic” members
  • Be featured on social media on a rotating basis
  • And have your profile featured in a rotating newsletter to over 20,000 subscribers


MatchMaker markets themselves as “like Tinder, but for podcasters”.

You can use it either to find podcast guests, or to put yourself forward to be a guest on other shows.

It’s totally free, and you can connect via your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts.

Podchaser Connect

Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”. They have a range of excellent features for podcast listeners and podcasters alike. 

Here’s our interview with Podchaser founder Cole Raven, who talks in-depth about how you can leverage the platform to grow your show.

The platform enables you to create your own profile, then link that profile to all the shows and episodes you’ve ever been involved in.

Their Podchaser Connect feature is marketed as “a new platform for strategically connecting experts and podcasts to create amazing content and grow audiences.”

Alongside its custom profiles, you’ll find data-driven matching between podcasters and potential guests, as well as detailed analytics and reporting.

next steps to getting booked as a guest on a podcast

Next Steps to Help You Get Booked as a Guest on a Podcast

Now that you’ve got a few irons in the fire, you should start preparing for when you do get booked as a guest on another podcast.

After all, if you do a poor job with your first interview, it could hamper your chances of being invited onto any other podcasts as a guest.

You might be thinking “I’m already a podcaster, this part will be easy.” – but being in the guest chair can be quite different in a lot of ways.

With this in mind, we’ve also put together a handy guide on how to be a great podcast interviewee. That’ll lead you past all the potential pitfalls, and help you do a great job as a podcast guest. Not only can this lead to more subscribers to your own podcast, it can also lead to a lot more guest bookings, too.

And, if you’d like more help and support with this – or any other aspect of podcasting – be sure to check out Podcraft Academy. That’s where you’ll find all our courses, downloadable resources, and get access to our weekly live Q&A sessions!

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