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Leveraging Podchaser to build your network, and grow your Podcast | PodCraft

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Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”.

The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating the “ultimate, platform-agnostic podcast database.” On this episode of Podcraft, Colin is joined by founder Cole Raven to talk about the various ways podcasters can utilise Podchaser.

The platform enables you to create your own profile. Then, you can link that profile it to all the shows and episodes you’ve ever been involved in.

Podchaser lets other users “follow” your show, so they’ll never miss an update from you in their feed. They have a great ‘lists’ feature too, so you can create themed lists of your favourite podcasts or podcast episodes. There’s also a rating and review system. Cole points out that many podcasters ask for iTunes/Apple reviews on their shows, which excludes the huge number of folks listening on non iOS devices. With Podchaser, anyone with an account can leave your show a rating and review.

Users can even review individual episodes. You could start to leverage this by asking your listeners to review each episode on Podchaser to let you know exactly what they think. This could be a good way to determine what content really hits the mark, and what stuff you might want to consider dropping in future.

Podchaser is a fast growing platform that’s becoming a great place to discover new shows. Users can keep up with what their like-minded friends are listening to, following, adding to lists, and reviewing.

For the interview show podcaster, it’s also a really good place to seek out interesting and relevant new guests for your show.

As the platform is still relatively young, it’s a good time to get on there, create your profile, and ‘claim’ your podcast/podcasts. Cole and the Podchaser team are very supportive, receptive to feedback, and constantly adding new features and tweaks to the service.

And as you can review other shows on there, how about a wee five starrer for Podcraft? 😉

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