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Can You Record with 2 USB Microphones into 1 Computer?

Here’s how to record your podcast with 2 (or more) USB mics. And also, why you probably shouldn’t!

Aston Stealth Review | A Premium & Versatile Microphone for Podcasting

If you’re looking to upgrade your podcasting setup, find out why the Aston Stealth might be the mic for you.

Rode Podcaster Review | a Top of the Range USB Mic

The Rode Podcaster is the USB alternative to the popular Rode Procaster mic

Electro-Voice RE20 Review | A Premium Mic for Podcasting & Voice-Over

If you’ve been podcasting for a while now and are looking to upgrade your kit, the RE20 could be for you!

Samson Q2U Review | The Best Microphone for Podcasters?

Ask any podcasting group or community for microphone recommendations and you’ll often hear the Samson Q2U being touted. It’s no surprise really, because there are a number of good reasons why you might want one. In fact, that’s why the Q2U appears in our Best Podcast Microphones article. In this review, we’ll take a look…

Laser Focused Podcast Recording, with the Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Capsule

Have you ever tried to record a podcast episode in a particularly noisy environment? Whether it’s on the floor of an industry event, or in the corner of a busy bar, it can be nigh-on impossible at times to pick out the actual conversation from the background walla. As a podcaster running an interview show,…

The Best Podcast Microphones on the Market

Entry Level High Quality Pro Level Dynamic Vs Condensor How to Choose Podcast Microphones are always a hotly debated topic in our world. Every podcaster has their own personal favourite, and there’s a lot of debate of what level of quality you actually need to run a decent Podcast. Lots of Podcasts record with people…

Blue Yeti Review: The Most Popular Starter Microphone for Podcasters?

In this Blue Yeti review, I want to find out why it’s one of the most popular starter microphones on the market for podcasters. At a cost getting close to £100/$125 it certainly isn’t the cheapest beginner microphone on the market, after all. You definitely don’t need to spend that much to start podcasting (check out…

The Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone: A Podcasting Review

The Shure SM57 is a popular microphone in the world of audio production, particularly for musicians – but is it any good for podcasting? Let’s find out… Who Is It Suited To? The SM57 is the brother of the Shure SM58, a microphone famed for its affordability, and the fact that it’s practically indestructible. There are…

Rode Procaster Review | A Quality Dynamic Vocal Mic for Podcasting

We recently bought two Rode Procaster mics as part of a studio overhaul here at The Podcast Host. Rode are an audio industry heavyweight, and each of their products seems to come with a universally good reputation. Our overall kit is made up by a good number of their products. Until now though, we’ve never actually…


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