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ModMic USB Review – A USB Mic That Attaches To Your Headphones

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The AntLion ModMic USB is a handy piece of kit that turns your favourite pair of headphones into a USB microphone.

USB mics are a popular type of podcasting mic because of their simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need any additional equipment like mixers, digital recorders, or XLR cables.

There are lots of good USB mics on the market. But, the new ModMic USB is a unique model that offers more flexibility than most.

ModMic USB

What is the ModMic USB?

Essentially, it’s an attachment that turns your headphones into a headset mic.

Headset mics are handy because they don’t need desk space, boom arms, or mic stands. You can be ready to record with a headset mic at a moment’s notice.

Headsets aren’t traditionally known for their studio quality sound. The ModMic USB, however, was designed to go toe-to-toe (or ear-to-ear?) with any other USB mic on the market.

If you own a quality pair of podcasting headphones already, then you can now easily double them up as a USB headset mic.

The great thing about the ModMic USB is that the mic itself connects via a magnet, too. You’re not stuck with the boom on there, unless you actually need it to record.

Who is the ModMic USB For?

Podcasters who don’t have any sort of permanent recording space could really benefit from the ModMic USB.

If you do online interviews or co-hosted episodes you could be set up and ready to record in less than a minute.

If you find yourself recording in loads of different locations, then this portable piece of kit packs away in its own little travel case. It’s easy to keep in your bag at all times.

ModMic USB Removed
The ModMic USB is easily attached and removed from your headphones.

Setup & Features

The mic has two different recording patterns you can toggle via a button on the neck. You can use Cardioid when recording in noisier environments, and Omnidirectional in more optimal surroundings.

There’s also a mute button on the mic. This can come in handy when you’re doing interviews online, and want to minimise any background noise from your end being picked up when your guest is talking.

The ModMic USB comes with two stick-on base clasps, so you can set it up on two different pairs of headphones.

The base clasps are powerful little adhesive magnets. They’ll hold the mic boom securely in place, but are completely unobtrusive when it’s detached.

And, as a USB mic, you simply need to plug the ModMic in to your computer or laptop. Select it as your input in your podcasting software or call recorder, and you’re ready to go.

One thing you can’t do, however, is actively monitor your own recordings. This makes it much more geared towards online interview podcasters, than it is for folks who record solo/monologue episodes. If you’re the latter, look for a USB mic with a headphone port.

Sound Quality

Here’s a completely unprocessed sound sample, recorded into Audacity.


You can pick up a new AntLion Modmic USB for $70 on Amazon, and £80 on Amazon UK.

The ModMic USB stores easily in a small carrying case

Summary: The AntLion ModMic USB

This is a great addition to the selection of USB mics available on the market right now.

It differs from the others because you don’t need to find space on your desk for it. You don’t need to mount it on a stand or boom arm. It’s completely out of the way.

The ModMic USB sounds as good as most of the other popular USB mics on the market, especially when used on its Omnidirectional setting.

On its limitations, lack of an active monitoring option means it’s a lot better suited to folks who do online interview shows, as opposed to solo podcasters.

Overall, it’s great to see a USB mic of this quality added to the sub-$100 category. When you weigh up cost, sound quality, and portability, the ModMic USB really is terrific value.

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