Whether you run an interview show, or have a remote co-host, you need to know how to record a podcast online.

Traditionally these types of recordings have always taken place over Skype. But a few new tools have appeared on the scene these past couple of years.

Things like multitrack recording and local file storage with cloud backup have become popular demands amongst podcasters nowadays. And some of the newer tools on the market are offering this and more.

As call recording apps continue to compete to become the top choice in their field, we’ll undoubtedly see more innovative features and capabilities being unveiled in the near future too.

But what are the best options for recording a podcast online right now? Things change fast in technology, so we’ll be updating this post whenever necessary.

And remember, recording software is just one part of the bigger picture. To see the big picture, check out our main Podcast software article for everything from recording, to editing, to scheduling, to planning.

If it’s recording software you’re after right now, though, here are our picks…

Recording with SkypeRecording With Skype

Skype and podcasting have a long history together. And despite the many other options that’ve become available over the years, Skype is still the most popular place podcast interviews are recorded.

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The connection can be variable, and even when it’s perfect, you’re still recording a internet-compressed ‘phone’ call. But, in many cases, perfection is the enemy of consistency, so it can be a good option!

Using Skype to Record – Free Option

In mid-2018 Skype introduced its own dedicated call recording feature. For the first time, this meant that podcasters didn’t need any third party software ato capture their interviews. On the down-side, the recording options are a bit limited – no split channel, and only one format type. But, it’s super-simple!

Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype – Mac Option

Ecamm’s Call Recorder allows you to record Skype calls on your Mac. At the time of writing, it’s one of the most popular ways of recording podcast interview online.

  • Mac/PC – Mac
  • Cost – $39.95 One-off payment
  • Files – MOV (can be turned into MP3 with in-app converter)
  • Guest Requirements – Skype account
  • Records video – Yes
  • Independent channels? The call records in stereo with the presenter on one side and the guest (or multiple guests) on the other side. The stereo track can then be split into two separate mono tracks with Ecamm’s in-app converter.

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TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype – PC Option

A Skype call recorder for your PC. TalkHelper is a very similar program to Pamela. It costs a fair bit more, but it actually works!

  • Mac/PC – PC
  • Cost – $49.95 One-off payment
  • Files – MP3 and WAV
  • Guest Requirements – Skype account
  • Records Video – Yes
  • Independent channels? You need to go into the app’s settings before recording your first call and change the default setting from ‘stereo’ to ‘mono’. That way the call will record in stereo with the presenter on one side and the guest (or multiple guests) on the other side. The stereo track can then be split into two separate mono tracks in Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc.

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What About Pamela for Skype?

Pamela is a bit of a veteran in the interview recording space, though at time of writing, it isn’t fully compatible with the latest Skype update. For a PC Skype recording option, we’d recommend you use TalkHelper instead.

Non-Skype Options

If you’re looking to move away from Skype altogether then there are plenty options on the market right now.


Ringr is an app which enables you to record calls on your mobile or desktop. One of the best options out there if you want to podcast with your smartphone.

  • Mac/PC – Both
  • Cost – Tiered monthly payment
    • Basic – $7.99 per month
    • Premium – $18.99 per month
  • Files – MP3/OGG/FLAC
  • Guest Requirements – None
  • Video – No
  • Independent channels? Yes. 2 participants can be recorded independently with the Premium package.

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Use the coupon code podcraft when you sign up for a paid plan for 10% off monthly or 25% off annually! 


Cleanfeed enables anyone to send, receive and record live audio using only a browser.

  • Mac/PC – Both (Chrome)
  • Cost – Tiered monthly payment
    • Standard – Free
    • Pro – $34 for commercial use, $22 for non commercial use
  • Files – WAV for all recording types, including mulitrack (currently beta).
  • Guest Requirements – Click a link either sent via email, or sent directly by the studio operator.
  • Video – No
  • Independent channels? Yes – there is a varied number of available recording and routing options available in both the standard and Pro tiers.

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With SquadCast there’s here’s no setup or install needed for Hosts or Guests. Audio is recorded locally while uploading progressively & backups are recorded in the cloud.

  • Mac/PC – Both
  • Cost – unlimited $20/mo or $200/yr
  • Files – WAV & MP3
  • Guest Requirements – Google Chrome & headphones
  • Video – Yes with realtime presence including city, time, network speed, & battery life
  • Independent channels? Yes with 1 Host & up to 3 Guests

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Zencastr allows you to record two or more people from inside your browser on independent channels without even needing to download or install anything. They also offer a post-production feature for your recordings.

  • Mac/PC – Both
  • Cost – Tiered monthly payment with free option
    • Hobbyist – Free
    • Professional – $20 per month
    • Network $250 per month
  • Files – MP3 (Hobbyist) and WAV (Professional & Network)
  • Guest Requirements – Using Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • Video – No
  • Independent channels? Yes – each participant is recorded independently. You can have up to 2 with the Hobbyist account, but as many as you like with the Pro or Network packages.

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Use coupon code THEPODCASTHOST for 20% off the first three months of a monthly Pro subscription with Zencastr.  If used for a yearly subscription, it will be 20% off for the entire year!


Zoom is a conference call app capable of hosting unlimited participants for unlimited durations. One of the big pluses of Zoom is its simplicity and reliability.

  • Mac/PC – Both
  • Cost – Tiered monthly payment
    • Basic – Free
    • Pro – $14.99 per month
    • Business – $19.99 per month
  • Files – M4A (video or audio)
  • Guest Requirements – They just need to click a link and download the Zoom Launch application.
  • Video – Yes
  • Independent channels? Yes

Get Zoom


Here’s how to record your podcast without the need to download or install anything outwith your own browser. It also doubles up as a media host service, so you can upload and publish your podcast with Cast too.

  • Mac/PC – Both
  • Cost – Tiered monthly payment
    • Hobby – $10 per month
    • Pro – $30 per month
  • Files – MP3
  • Guest Requirements – Using Chrome browser
  • Video – No
  • Independent channels? Yes. Up to 4 participants can be recorded independently.

Get Cast

An Alternative Option

Participants Record Their Own Audio

If you’d like to know how to record a podcast without extra software, then let’s have a look at the ‘double-ender’.

In this method, each guest or co-host takes responsibility for recording his or her own audio at the source.

That might be opening up their recording/editing software, and running that to record their voice as they talk to their fellow participants.

Or it might be using a completely separate mic and digital recorder, to eliminate the risk of loss of audio due to computer issues.

In any case, with all being well, the producer will have quality recordings of each participant on independent tracks to work with in post-production.

If you’re doing this, just remember to run a back up recording on something like Skype. That way, if someone forgets to hit record, all isn’t lost!

Alitu: The Podcast MakerWhat About Editing?

Of course, once you’ve recorded a call, you still need to edit and publish it.

And for that, you might want to check out our “podcast making” tool Alitu, which practically builds your episode for you.

Alitu is really simple to use, and will take care of the processing, editing, and publishing of your podcast, without the need for any actual editing software. You can even record the solo parts of your episode in there too!

So whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced podcaster looking to drastically cut down on your production time, why not let Alitu do the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time on the content and promotion?

Need More Help With Your Podcast?

Having somewhere to record your podcast online is great. But it’s still just one piece in a very large jigsaw.

There’s other considerations too, like how do I actually conduct a good interview? Or how do I hone my skills as a host or presenter?

Then there’s stuff like equipment and editing. And once your podcast is sounding good you’ll want to think about promotion, audience growth, and maybe even eventually, monetisation.

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