Triton Fethead with Dynamic Mic

Triton FetHead: a Podcasting Review

This is a guest review by Dan Redler, looking at the ever-popular Trion Fethead pre-amp. My office-studio may be one of the worst recording rooms on the planet. The space is comfortable and airy and an acoustical nightmare. Lots of reverb and room noise. I’ve tried several microphones including the popular Blue Yeti. But even the

AKG C1000S Microphone a Podcasting Review

AKG C1000S Microphone: a Podcasting Review

AKG describes the C1000S as “The Swiss Army Knife of Microphones”. It’s certainly a popular mic among musicians for  recording both vocals and instruments, either in the studio or live. But is there a place for the AKG C1000S in podcasting? At the price of around $150/£100 brand it falls right between the “budget” category