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5 Great Movie Podcasts You Need in Your Life

Podcasts are a great resource for movie fans. Up to the minute movie information, new releases and movie-related comedy. There's a movie podcast to fit all needs and desires – here's a few of my favourites.

These aren’t necessarily the most popular or well-known examples, but they are the ones I love the most. That's the best thing about podcasting; there's no one-size-fits-all library, you can personalise it to you. I hope you like them.

Film Junk

A weekly review show that's as much about the personal lives of the hosts as it is about the film discussion.

The Junkers tend to skim the surface of the movie and make a lot of the conversation about the experience and emotions that cinema bring. As much time is spent on how to organise your collection as what to add to it. What to eat while watching, more than what to watch.

A good starting point is any episode with the Karl Pilkington-esque friend of the show, Reed Farrington, who hates every movie equally, but struggles to articulate why this is the case.

Often two to four hours long on a weekly basis, so you get a lot of ‘bang’ for your ‘lack of bucks’.

We Hate Movies

This is one for anyone with a strong ‘so bad its good’ film nerve in them. Consistently brilliant and a surprisingly enlightening trawl through movie hell, with three undeniably hilarious hosts.

They do live comedy shows with the podcast, and a quick listen will tell you why. For me, the highlights are the impressions they do, each episode tends to veer into spot-on pastiches of one of the movie leads or even a character the hosts create for respite from discussing the film for a little while – the Nick Nolte impression as Cleeg Lars, from Attack of the Clones, is a personal highlight.

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When people ask me to recommend episodes, I usually rattle off a list of at least twenty. ‘Nuff Said.

Secret History of Hollywood

An in-depth discussion of Hollywood.  It's produced by a passionate and engaging host, who also edits to perfection, adding interesting music to break up the long running times.

Classic Hollywood is the main focus for this podcast, with topics like Universal Horror, Alfred Hitchcock, and currently Warner Brothers being wrung through the storytelling mangle. The outcome being perfect and engaging episodes every few months popping out to listening delight. Not many podcasts can engage you for 9 hours 17 mins at a time. This one does.

God Awful Movies

Yes, another bad movies podcast, but this one has a unique twist;

God Awful Movies only covers bad RELIGIOUS movies (which is most religious movies, to be honest). They cover the films in great detail which is perfect, as it means you don’t have to watch them yourself. Your only role is delighting in the non-PC humour and giggling along with the plot.

The main selling point of this podcast for me is the co-host Eli. He is beyond hilarious, every line a disgusting metaphor or a pointed lookalike. Immense re-listenability every week.

Enjoy their pain – they certainly suffer for their art and humour.

Let Off Some Steam & Don’t Jump the Shark

You cannot do a list like this without a shameless self-plug, so here we go.

When I am not listening to movie podcasts, I co-hosting on these two! Let off Some Steam has an action movie focus, whereas Don't Jump The Shark decides that moment when a movie turns bad. We are always looking for topics and guest stars so give us a holler if you want to collaborate on a radical podcast (those are still things the kids say right?)

Grant McLay is a Curriculum Manager at the charity Upward Mobility, and a co-host of 2 different podcasts in his spare time.



  1. Adam on 8th July 2016 at 12:50 am

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for mentioning ‘The Secret History Of Hollywood’. So glad you like it.

    Best wishes

    Adam (The Writer/Narrator/Producer)

  2. Mike White on 1st November 2016 at 9:57 pm

    Allow me to recommend The Projection Booth podcast —

  3. Grant McLay on 15th February 2017 at 9:21 pm

    The projection booth is another classic!

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July 4th 2016