Chris Lewis from Dad Spotlight: Podcaster Showcase

In the Podcaster Showcase, we interview a podcaster who’s finding success with their show. We delve into how they started, how they’ve grown an audience and what they do to get a return on their efforts. The aim is to share experience and learn from anyone that’s making it work! This week, we’re talking to Chris Lewis

dad-on-spotlight-logoIn the Podcaster Showcase, we interview a podcaster who's finding success with their show. We delve into how they started, how they've grown an audience and what they do to get a return on their efforts. The aim is to share experience and learn from anyone that's making it work!

This week, we're talking to Chris Lewis from Dad Spotlight.

Tell us about your show

The Dad Spotlight podcast is a show that has been created to help you be the best dad that you can be! Each week we bring you tips, tools, brands, resources and more to help you up your fatherhood game!

Why did you decide to start the podcast?

We both are fathers and have been blogging for many years, working to share our own stories and helping dads be better dads. We came together to bring together our combined journeys and to help other dads find their own path in being amazing fathers for their own kids, as there is no bigger job that you can have than the role that you embody as a father.

What equipment do you use to record?

As microphones we both use the Audio Technica ATR 2100. This versatile microphone has allowed us to easily record on the go or wherever we are with or without a mixer. In my studio/office I do run things through a Samson Mixpad MXP124FX mixer. This mixer is very easy to use and with four channels it provides me everything that I need to balance out the recording that I am doing. Also, on the go, at times I will use a Roland R05 Studio Wave Recorder to capture my recording too. When we are interviewing guests we interview through SKYPE and use the plugin Pamela as recording software.

What does your editing process look like?

Our editing is a bit different than some as we split up tasks usually with Chris working on the blog posts and Don working on the editing of the Raw episode. Sometimes this changes based on work, family, etc. We do however work hard to support each other to try and stay true to our deadlines that we have set and the schedule we want to uphold.

What are the top 3 ways you’ve gained new audience members?

Engaging with people on social media, in groups that are affiliated with being a dad. Also, speaking at conferences about podcasting or about fatherhood as well.

How do you get a return from your show, whether monetary or otherwise?

We learn from every guest we have about what it takes to be a great dad. By guests sharing their journey, we learn and we can grown and develop as a father. Outside of this, the community we are building is great and it helps to support me personally. Monetarily, we have been able to get a few great sponsors of the show for short engagements however we are working for a more long-term strategy to be able to at least cover our monthly expenses for the show!

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What unexpected benefit have you gotten from your show?

We have been able to reach so many more people than we could with our blogs. On top of this we have had the opportunity to speak to some amazing fathers that have gone through so much but continue to do amazing things to engage with their kids. These connections allow us to grow individually and collectively.

What 1 piece of advice do you have for a new podcaster in your industry?

Your voice is important. If you have been considering starting, just do it.

You can listen to Chris Lewis and Don Jackson on the Dad Spotlight podcast at: