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Our plans for The Podcast Host extend far into the future, and we're looking for partners to help us get there. Do you want to start acting as an Affiliate for the Podcast Host? Well, let me tell you a wee bit about what that means.

Why Should Podcasters Join The Podcast Host?

Our mission is all about crafting life-changing audio, and helping others to do the same. We love talking about Podcasting kit, setting up microphones, mixers and headphones. We love planning episodes and guiding people through content planning. We even like editing, which is a chore to some - crafting a great sounding episode out of dozens of takes can take hours, but it's hugely satisfying.

We mention all of the above to convince you that we're in this for far more than the money. We're in it to create a service people love to use, and don't even mind paying for. We want customers, members and fans that stick around not just for months, but for years. This is a pretty obvious statement for any coaching business, but we mean it.

Why Should You be an Affiliate for The Podcast Host?

Big Commissions Thanks to Long Term Customers

All of the above is great for our members and customers, and great for us in building relationships with them. But what about you? For you, it means that, as a podcast affiliate, conversion rates will be great, and refunds will be the rarest of the rare.

It also means that we're so confident our podcasters will stick around that we're willing to offer a big commission percentage to get them here in the first place. You can see the rates below if you want to skip to the numbers.

Join Our Exclusive Team For Long Term Profits

The key thing is that we wont be taking on just anyone as an affiliate - I'll be growing a small, dedicated team of affiliates who'll have exclusive rights to promote The Podcast Hosts' services. Since it's a small team, you wont have to worry about reaching a customer ceiling, even though we're staying small and agile as a company.

So, What's the Deal?

Here are the numbers, if you choose to apply to be a podcast affiliate with The Podcast Host.

Membership Packages - 50% of the first payment

Annual Membership - 20% of first payment

For every successful Podcast Host Academy sign-up, you receive half of the first month's fee. This means you'll get a $17.50 payment for every sign-up.

PackageCost Commission
Monthly Member$35 / month $17.50
Annual Member$350 / month $70


The great thing is, our membership is low-cost, but high benefit, so if you use those benefits to sign up just 6 people every month, then that's over $100.

Apply to be a Podcast Host Affiliate

If you want to be an affiliate click the button below, and fill in the form. I look forward to hearing from you.