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Podcast Affiliate Scheme: Partner with us on Alitu & our Academy

Our plans for both The Podcast Host and Alitu are long term, and we’re looking for partners to help us get there. Could that be you?

We offer one-off and recurring commissions, and we can help you generate a good monthly income. Let’s take a look at how!

What is the Podcast Host Academy?

Podcraft Academy is our premium content and personal coaching service. It’s a membership site and a community, at its core. It includes:

the Podcast Host Academy
  • In-depth video, text & audio courses
  • Live coaching, every single week
  • Time-saving checklists & resources
  • Free music and sound FX
  • Full launch guides & tools
  • ‘Find a Sponsor’ directory

What is Alitu?

Alitu is our Podcast Maker web app. It’s designed to make editing and production as easy as humanly possible, automating most of it and offering podcast-specific tools for the rest. Podcasters upload their raw audio, and then Alitu offers:

Alitu: the podcast maker
  • Automatic cleanup – normalisation, noise reduction
  • Adds your music, at the start and end
  • Podcast-specific editing tool, to remove mistakes
  • Add fades, transitions and teaser clips, easily
  • Create music-backed segments or theme tunes
  • Publish directly to your hosting platform

Who are They For? Our Ideal Customers

Both Alitu and the Academy are ideal for anyone who is happy to pay a reasonable monthly fee to get their show right, first time, to save time in running it, and to grow it long term.

This particularly suits anyone who plans to sell services or products to their podcasting audience, such as coaches, consultants, small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs or marketers. But, many hobbyists are happy to sign up in order to make the process easier too.

The Academy Audience

The Academy in particular is designed to shortcut the learning process, save time and stress, and get a full guide to every stage of the podcasting process.

For example, we have a full, step by step guide to designing, creating and launching your show, helping anyone to get their podcast out into the world. Then, once your show is up and running, we have guides to monetisation, to growth, to developing your presentation skills, and much more.

So, the Academy is suited to anyone who wants to launch and run a successful podcast.

The Alitu Audience

We’ve found Alitu suits two particular kinds of podcasters.

First, those who are brand new to podcasting, and don’t have any interest in the technical side of things. They just want to get their voice out into the world, and do it in the quickest, easiest way possible. Alitu is ideal for this, making sure they put out good quality and branded audio.

Second, experienced podcasters who have found their groove with their content, but want to cut the time it takes to ship their show. This group don’t edit much – they’re comfortable recording with minimal mistakes – so they just want the cleanup done automatically, branding added, to remove a few simple mistakes, and to get their show out the door.

Alitu is NOT for anyone who does a LOT of detailed editing (like removing dozens of ums and ahs) and wants full control over every detail of how their show sounds. For that, they’ll want to use a full editing package. Instead, Alitu saves you time and stress by taking control of certain aspects, and gives you simple editing tools for the big mistakes.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Colin with his recorder

Our mission is all about crafting life-changing audio, and helping others to do the same.

We love talking about Podcasting kit, setting up microphones, mixers and headphones. We love planning episodes and guiding people through content planning. We even like editing, which is a chore to some – crafting a great sounding episode out of dozens of takes can take hours, but it’s hugely satisfying.

We mention all of the above to convince you that we’re in this for far more than the money. We’re in it to create a service people love to use. Something podcasters actually like paying for, because it helps!

We want customers, members and fans that stick around not just for months, but for years. This seems pretty obvious for any coaching and software business, but we mean it.

Bigger Commissions Thanks to Long Term Customers

how to make money with a podcast

All of the above is great for our members and customers, and great for us in building relationships with them. But what about you? For you, it means that, as a podcast affiliate, conversion rates will be great, and refunds will be the rarest of the rare.

With Alitu, we know people stick around, and since you get a % of their fees, every month, this builds up to a great monthly income for you.

With the Academy, we’re so confident our podcasters will stick around that we’re willing to offer a big commission percentage to get them here in the first place. You can see the rates below if you want to skip to the numbers.

So, What’s the Deal?

Here are the numbers, if you choose to apply to be a podcast affiliate with The Podcast Host.

Podcraft Academy Commission Structure

The Academy works on a one-off fee for recruiting a new member.

  • Annual Membership – 20% of first payment

How does that translate into cash?

Cost: $350 / year
You earn: $70

The great thing is, our membership is low-cost, but high benefit, so if you use those benefits to sign up just 2 people every month, then we’ll send you well over $100.

The Alitu Commission Structure

Alitu offers an on-going recurring commission, for every member that you recruit. That means you’ll get a percentage of their membership fee, every single month, for as long as they’re a member. Here’s the current rate:

  • 20% recurring commission for 1 year

How does that translate into cash?

Monthly Member

Cost: $32 per month
You earn: $6.40 every month, as long as they’re a member, up to 1 year.

Annual Member

Cost: $320 per year
You earn: $64

So, if you can recruit just 20 members, then you’ll earn $128 every single month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Payment Schedule for Commissions?

I’ll send you commissions every month, at the end of the month. Your commissions become due 2 months after they’re earned. So, if someone signs up on the 15th of June, then your commission will be due on the 15th of August, and paid with all other due commissions at the end of August.

How do you Recommend Earning More with your Scheme?

Good question! I’ve always found that writing great content is the best way to earn a decent affiliate commission. So, review the Academy, show how it can benefit the user. Create a blog post which teaches people how to use Alitu, and what it can do to help them. Create a video that shows one particular thing you do in Alitu, every time, that makes your show great. If you can show people how the Academy or Alitu helps them, then it attracts fans to you, and it drives sales.

Can You Help Me Sell More?

Yes, happy to. We’ve got a bunch of graphics and banners you can use, for example. I can provide email copy, website copy and help with any writing you need to do. We could run a joint training, if you have a big audience to deliver it to.

Can you Offer Discount Codes to Give to my Audience?

We don’t do a lot of discounting on either, to be honest. I think they’re already at a really good rate. But… we can do  limited time deals, sometimes, such as half off your 1st month, or similar. So, if you can think of a good promotion to run, and it would benefit from a discount, get in touch.

Can I Use PPC to Attract Customers?

No, I’m afraid not. Pay per click advertising of any sort is prohibited on both of our affiliate schemes, as it is on nearly any affiliate programme. You may not bid on our brand direct, or direct to your affiliate link from any other kind of paid advert. Affiliates who violate this rule will be banned immediately.