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The Podcraft™ Podcast

Ten Years of Podcasting, with Andy White

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This week we have an interlude from Series 5 of Podcraft in the form of an interview with Andy White. Andy is a hugely experienced UK based Podcaster who runs The Internet Marketing Podcast, a hugely successful show on the ubiquitous subject of digital marketing.

In this episode we learn a tonne from Andy’s experience of making that show a success. He covers interview tips, the logistics of keeping a show running for such a long time and how to keep it all sustainable. We also have a brief chat about how to earn a living out of being a podcast producer. Andy’s story is fascinating, and great to her from a fellow UK podcaster who’s been around the scene for such a long time.


From idea to legendary podcast...

Plan & launch

From idea to recording


Produce & edit

Gear, software & tips



Be the best show host


Grow & monetise

Promote and earn


We’ve got every step covered.