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How to Add Your Podcast to Facebook – & Why You Might Want To

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The popularity of podcasts has grown significantly in the last few years. This is why Facebook wants your show on its platform. Earlier this year, Facebook added the ability for podcasters to publish their RSS feed to their page and automatically generate new episode posts for their audience.

If you’re a podcaster with a Facebook page, you’ve probably gotten one, two, or five emails from Facebook asking you to add your show to your page. But what’s the easiest way to do that? This how-to guide will help you.

how to add your podcast to Facebook

Why Facebook?

While Facebook doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation, with 2.23 billion monthly active users it remains the largest social media platform out there. As one of the oldest modern social platforms out there, Facebook has some unique features that allow you to better connect with your fans. 

With their new podcast integration, becoming a podcaster on Facebook just became easier. Here’s why you should seriously consider adding your RSS feed to Facebook:

1. Reach a Wider Audience

Facebook boasts the largest user base of all social media apps. You’re bound to find a few new listeners there. Every podcast listening app is an opportunity to connect with prospective listeners without requiring much effort on your part. Facebook makes adding your show easy. With its large user base simply connecting your show exposes your show to at least one or two new listeners.

2. Increase Audience Engagement

Not only can you expose your show to new potential listeners, adding your podcast to Facebook can help you increase your audience engagement. Social media platforms allow podcast creators to better connect with their target audience but that tends to be independent of what you put out. But adding episodes directly to Facebook means you could interact with fans right on your podcast content.

3. Additional Revenue Opportunities

Not all podcasters set out to make money, but adding your podcast to Facebook can help provide you with an additional revenue stream. While there aren’t any direct revenue streams specific to podcasters on Facebook yet, you can utilize other money-making opportunities with your account, such as accepting donations or creating a paid group.

4. Access to New Features

It appears that Facebook is starting to see podcasts as an asset to the platform, so it’s likely that new enhanced features will start showing up. Beyond being able to access live audio rooms (hello, engagement), Facebook has invested in state-of-the-art technologies like text-to-speech and voice morphing — wouldn’t it be nice to access those features before everyone else? 

How to Add Your Podcast to Facebook

1. Set Up a Business Page

You can’t import your podcast to Facebook without a business page — your content needs somewhere to go, and your audience needs to be able to find it. 

Start by creating a page for your podcast. Make sure you add:

  • Your podcast artwork
  • The URL to your website
  • A keyword-rich description of your show
  • An eye-catching banner and profile picture

2. Add Your RSS Feed

Adding your RSS feed to your podcast page is relatively easy. Navigate to Manage Your Page > Podcasts and choose Add Podcast. Paste your podcast’s unique RSS feed (you can retrieve this from your host) and choose Add.

To confirm your ownership of the podcast, enter the code sent to the email in the podcast’s registry Add it to the Authenticate Podcast option, then Publish your show.

With your podcast added, listeners (only in the US) will be able to stream your episodes on the mobile app. They can also share short clips of your show with their audience, and comment on your episodes. Newsfeed posts for your episodes will automatically publish once you’ve set up your show on Facebook.

Uploading a New Podcast Episode

Because Facebook now has your RSS feed, you don’t have to add specific episodes. They will automatically publish to your Facebook page. But you will want to share and engage with your audience on the new episodes.

Promoting Your Podcast on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to promote your podcast if you know what you’re doing. Whether you want to use ads or organic engagement, there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. That said, there are a few things that everyone could do:

  • Comment and engage on every automated post from your RSS feed
  • Schedule content to release in between episodes
  • Post behind-the-scenes content and give fans insight into how you make the show
  • Comment on other relevant posts (or posts by other podcasters in your niche)
  • Share your episodes in relevant Facebook groups (but make sure you adhere to group rules)
  • Add other relevant content to your podcast news feed

You want to meet your audience where they are. And chances are you can find at least a few of them on Facebook.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

There are a lot of podcast listeners, and they’re an engaged group of people. A study found that podcast listeners were more likely to engage with the latest episode than TV viewers (#SorryNetflix). Facebook is a great way to help make that happen.

Adding your podcast feed to Facebook doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes, and it’s one more way people can enjoy your audio content. If you’re looking for ways to promote your show check out the Growing Your Podcast Audience course in Podcraft Academy.

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