7 of the Best Podcasting Courses on the Market

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If you're looking for good and quick results, then taking a podcasting course or two might be the answer.

The most common method of learning to podcast is the “self-taught” approach. Here, you learn by doing, through a process of trial and error.

Fortunately, there’s a tonne of free resources out there that can help you start and run your own podcast. But, if you’re coming in as an absolute beginner, that can be slightly overwhelming. Where do you start? And how do you know which advice is good, or credible?

This approach is a huge investment of time. Whilst that suits some people, there’s another group of absolute beginners who’d rather invest financially to help them learn the ropes. There’s no right or wrong way here; it all comes down to individual circumstances.

If you feel you’re in the latter camp and would prefer to invest money, as opposed to time, then taking a podcasting course or two might be the answer.

So, how do you find the right podcasting course for you? That’s where our Best Podcasting Courses Guide comes in.

They’re all created and maintained by some of the most experienced and credible professionals in the medium. There’s something here for everyone, dealing with all aspects of podcasting, and with varying length and price ranges.

Let’s take a look through them…

pocket-sized podcasting

Pocket-Sized Podcasting – Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Price: Free

How apt would it be to deliver a podcasting course in podcast form? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Pocket-Sized Podcasting.

There are no shortage of podcasts about podcasting out there. But the unique angle of Pocket-Sized Podcasting is that it’s published in course form. Episodes are released in a linear manner, so you can start at the very start and it’ll take you through absolutely everything you need to know to launch and grow your own podcast.

The episodes are also only 1-2mins in length, with new ones released Monday to Friday. This means you can focus on one single tip, technique, or tactic each day, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed with the details. On top of that, the fact that it’s a podcast means you can learn away from your computer, too!

Subscribe to Pocket-Sized Podcasting on your listening app of choice.

podcast engineering school

Podcast Engineering School – Chris Curran

Price: $2675

This course is certainly aimed at the premium end of the price range, and at people that really want to get into the detail of audio editing and production. So, it’s fair to say the Podcast Engineering School won’t be for everyone. You don’t need to become an audio engineer to podcast. In fact, the majority of podcasters use a single USB mic to record their show, and get on just fine.

However, this course is targeted mainly at those who want to start their own podcast production business. It takes you from the fundamentals of audio theory, to setting up a studio, and getting the absolute best results out of any audio equipment.

Chris Curran, a vastly experienced audio specialist with an impressive list of credits, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to learning the ins and outs of podcast engineering, mastering digital audio, and planning your business.

Pat Flynn Podcasting

Power-Up Podcasting – Pat Flynn

Price: $799

The Power-Up Podcasting course is an offering from the master of passive income, Pat Flynn, and is on the other end of the scale from Chris Curran, above. Power up Podcasting will give you all you need to get launched, and dispenses with a lot of the extra detail, such as more advanced audio production, or the later growth and monetisation. This is a launch course, first and foremost, helping you get your show out there in a great way.

Pat’s been running his hugely successful show, Smart Passive Income, since 2010. He ties this in with his Q&A-style show, Ask Pat. The latter was, until very recently, a daily show. The former is one of the top business podcasts in the world. So, Pat definitely knows his stuff.

If you’re looking to launch a show as part of your business, then Power-Up Podcasting is a podcast course definitely worth checking out.

Matthew and Colin - The Podcast Host Academy

The Podcast Host Academy: From Launch to Monetisation

Price: $350 / year

We, of course, have our own set of courses, which cover the full range of podcasting skills, from launch, to growth, to monetisation. Our Academy is one set price for everything, for the year ($350), and includes live coaching sessions, every week, so you can get all your questions answered.

Colin started teaching Podcasting back in 2008 at University level. He’s started and run dozens of shows since then. I (Matthew) have won a few awards for my drama and non-fiction podcasting over the years too, so I hope that shows we have a decent idea of how to go about this whole podcasting thing.

Our Podcast Host Academy offers coaching and support every week in our live Q&A sessions, as well as a big range of courses on every aspect of podcasting. From launching and growing, (everything you need to get your show out there successfully), to a fully featured Audacity editing course. There’s a guide on ‘how to earn from your show‘, as well as our ever-popular ‘30 days of audience growth‘ course, and much more!

seo for podcastersSEO for Podcasters – Daniel J Lewis

Price: $199

It’s a noisy world out there. As competition increases and intensifies, it’s getting harder to be found by people searching for your particular topic.

There are many ways you can set up your podcast to be found by your target audience though, and that’s the core of the SEO for Podcasters course by Daniel J. Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast. Daniel is one of the top authorities in the medium today. He’s put out a plethora of great free ‘how to’ content over the years.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a wealth of actionable information in this course. This includes setting up your WordPress website for the best SEO performance, analysing and understanding your traffic data, and optimising your show to be discovered in places like Apple Podcasts and Google.

Just to let you know, too, we cover a lot of SEO visibility content within our ‘30 Days of Audience Growth‘ course within the Podcast Host Academy. So, if you want to get started in SEO for podcasters, that’s another option for you.

school of podcastingPlanning Your Podcast – Dave Jackson

Price: $499 per year

Dave Jackson is the man behind the 700+ episode School of Podcasting podcast – a stalwart in the ‘podcasts about podcasting’ world.

Dave’s Planning Your Podcast course ($99) is all about getting off on the right foot. Many new podcasters mistakenly enter podcasting thinking about what mic or mixer they should buy. However, there are a lot of important things you need to nail down, before worrying about buying equipment.

You can access this course, and others, by joining the School of Podcasting membership site, too. A monthly membership costs $49, whilst an annual membership costs $499.  This works out to two months free.

mike russell mrcProfessional Audio Production – Mike Russell

Price: $695 – $1,050

If you’ve searched for any kind of info or tutorial on Adobe Audition then the chances are you’d have found Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative before. Mike is an audio branding expert, and the guru for helping you create professional sounding audio.

Mike has put together a number of brilliant courses aimed at helping people get the very best sound and production values for their content. These include a Podcast Production Course ($695) and a comprehensive Professional Audio Production Course ($1,050).  He also offers a few shorter courses absolutely free.

Choosing the Best Podcasting Courses for You

Naturally, any podcasting course you decide to invest in will depend on exactly what you’re looking to learn and achieve, as well as your time and budget constraints.

If you’re in the market for a podcasting course, then hopefully there’s at least one that catches your eye on this list.

And as I’ve mentioned already, one of the options is our very own Podcast Host Academy where you’ll find all of our courses, resources, templates, and weekly live Q&A sessions. We’d love to work with you there!