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Best Podcast Courses for All Schedules

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Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Or maybe you’ve published a couple of episodes and feel overwhelmed by the high learning curve. Either way, you’re probably looking for a podcasting course to help. Excellent. Get ready for a fresh batch of some of the best podcasting courses available in 2022 for any schedule.

Where Can You Find Podcasting Courses?

You can find podcasting courses nearly anywhere and everywhere, on and offline. They can be found on

  • larger platforms like Skillshare and Udemy
  • your podcast host’s resource areas (Buzzsprout, Captivate, etc.)
  • Universities (even Harvard has a podcasting course!)
  • podcast service providers (like podcast editors, consultants, etc.)

We’ve written about other popular top-notch podcasting courses in the past and wanted to include some newer courses for you in this post. We’ll focus primarily on how-to-podcast online courses. However, there will be some niche best podcasting courses for advanced courses at the end as well. Funny thing is that the term “courses” has a flexible meaning in 2022. It now includes much more than a traditional listen, take notes, etc. model. This is to your advantage for sure!

What Can You Learn in a Podcasting Course?

I want to answer that question with “yes,” because you can learn every part of the podcasting cycle (recordeditpublishpromote) in a general or in-depth way. We’re giving you a sampler plate of the best podcasting courses that range from general to specific to ensure you get what you need. Lastly, the courses below range in price from free to investment size. Okay, let’s get started.

7 Weeks to a Smart and Sexy Podcast With Pod Sound School

Price: $187 in 3 instalments OR $527

If you’re looking for help with all aspects of launching your podcast but especially know that you’ll need help with the audio quality and promotion aspects, then this may be a great course for you. Veronica (marketing) and Studio Steve (audio) combine their professional prowess in this packed podcasting course. You can spend seven weeks going through the program or at a slower pace if needed. The weekly live help sessions are recorded and available anytime to include everyone. You should attend them live, when possible, to get the most out of it by asking your specific questions. The course covers everything from gear set up, your online presence, and finishing touches.

Sign up for Podcasting Smart’s one-hour masterclass to learn more.

2 Minute Classes Available on the Pocket-Sized Podcasting Podcast From Alitu

Price: FREE

If you don’t want a full course, but you do want some form of scaffolding to help you with your podcast, then Pocket-Sized Podcasting With Alitu may suit your needs. All of the episodes are under 2 minutes in length and answer the most common questions about creating a podcast like:

  • What gear do I need to start a podcast?
  • Can I use any music in my podcast?
  • How do I find listeners?

Although the episodes are short, they are structured to build off each other, just like a podcasting course. This means that you’ll be learning the basics first and then moving on to the more advanced topics in order. To get the most out of this podcasting course/podcast, you’ll need to listen to the micro-episodes and then work on that aspect of your podcast. And don’t forget, when you have a question about your homework, you can pop into our PodCraft community to get some help from our lively and experienced podcasting community.

Subscribe to Pocket-Sized Podcasting on your listening app of choice.

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4 Hour Masterclass With Vic Of MIC Media

Price: £74.99 – £94.99 (approximately $91 – $115)

Perhaps you’re someone who wants all the information you need at once and then likes to work through it at your own pace. If that’s the case, then this How To Start A Podcast Mastermind might be a good fit for you. You might know Vic Elizabeth Turnbull of MIC Media from the MIC’s Podcast Club events that she and Charles Commins host monthly. It’s a lovely podcasting community with in-person and online events. She’s a recognised podcast industry expert and a judge for the British Podcast Awards, The International Women’s Podcast Awards, and the Manchester Publicity Association (MPA) Awards.

This 4-hour masterclass is being held on October 6, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm London time, which translates to a 5 am start time in New York and an 8 pm start time in Sydney.

According to the mastermind website, the event includes:

  • 4-hour live masterclass with Vic
  • small group guaranteed, so you can ask your questions and receive tailored feedback
  • post-masterclass MIC Podcasting Pack that includes podcast planning templates, podcasting cheatsheet (includes tech & software suggestions), masterclass presentation slides
  • post-masterclass 20mins expert follow-up with Vic – get feedback on your podcast ideas, audio, etc. (optional & scheduled 1-2 months after the masterclass)

Get your ticket for the 4-Hour Masterclass.

Monthly or Yearly Guidance With Podcraft Academy

Price: $45 a month OR $350 a year

If you’re leaning towards a deeper dive with personalized attention and a strong community element with the option for year-long pricing, Podcraft Academy may be the best fit for you. The Academy covers everything; “Launch at Last, Conquer the Tech, Grow your Audience, Earn from Your Show, Get Personal Help.”

In the Academy, there are multiple practical courses, checklists that will save you heaps of time, free music and SFX, a large ebook library, and live coaching and support. In short, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Academy, it probably doesn’t exist yet. This podcasting course might seem like an overwhelming amount of information and resources, but that’s what the checklists, live sessions, and community elements are there for. This is probably why the yearly price is so popular, it gives podcasters time to sink their teeth into all the ways they can create and grow their podcast.

Join Podcraft Academy

Advanced Podcasting Course Options

The above courses are focused on launch, but you might be further along than that already. With that in mind, here’s a quick list of specific podcast courses for the post-launch stage.

Labs Weekender

Price: $799

Labs Weekender by Laura Joyce Davis and Nate Davis of Shelter in Place is “the first online narrative podcasting course from an award-winning podcast and intensive program.” It promises to teach you the creative and vocational skills for compelling audio storytelling.

Podcast Marketing Academy

Price: $1,000 (Self Paced) or $1,500 (6-Week Live Cohort + Self-Paced)

If you’ve been producing your show for over a year and are looking to get serious about the growth and marketing side of things, Podcast Marketing Academy is one of the most comprehensive options available. Created by Jeremy Enns writer of the Scrappy Podcasting Newsletter and founder and lead strategist of podcast consultancy Counterweight Creative, this program is truly comprehensive and will walk you through building a robust & effective podcast marketing strategy from the ground up. 

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Level Up With Courses To Keep Making Great Podcast Content

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re looking for a podcast course to help you organize, strategize and promote your podcast. Cost, time commitment, and community may be strong factors for you in making this decision. We hope that this information has made the decision a wee bit easier so that you can get on with the fun part, making the best content that you can in your podcast.

From idea to legendary podcast...

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