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new Media Europe 2015 Review

New Media Europe 2015 Review: Community, Authenticity & Growth

I seem to start a lot of post-event articles with “So, I’m on the train and…” Well, there’s no change today – I am indeed – and, just as usual, I’m fizzing with ideas! New Media Europe closed out last night and the buzz around the event is crazy. The official Facebook group is filled

FanFission Podcast community

The Podcast Support & Learning Community for a New Age

This is something I’ve been dying to do for ages… And it’s something that fans of this site and fans of Podcraft have been crying out for for even longer! We – the entire Podcast Host team – have just released our learning & coaching community into the wild. It’s designed to help anyone craft

FanFission competition

FanFission Launch Competition: Prizes Announced!

You might have spotted it: last week we launched a new learning and support community from The Podcast Host. It’s called FanFission. We’ve been delighted, amazed and honored by the response! The support, the feedback and the questions we’ve had are astounding. One thing’s for sure, we’re not lacking in content ideas for the next

New Media Europe 2016 Roundup

New Media Europe 2016 Reactions & Roundup | #NMEU

People & Resources Mentioned: New Media Europe 2016 Dan Miller Valerie Groth Durin Gleaves Steven Picanza The Content Marketing Academy Chris Ducker The Shiny Bees Podcast Ian Anderson Gray Mark Asquith Kevin Field Janet Murray Tony Brown

A UKPOD14 Feelgood Factor & the Power of Networks

Not a bad day, today, all told. I’m on the train, sipping on 1st class tea and enjoying an extra comfy seat. I’m not sure if it really is that luxurious, but the upgrade is providing all sorts of placebo effects that are making up for a slight fog of morning-after-ness… The reason for this