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What Podcasters Can Learn From Improv Class

Presentation skills, listening, and planning are just a few of the skills you can learn.

6 of the Best Podcasting Courses on the Market

If you’re looking for good and quick results, then taking a podcasting course or two might be the answer.

Podcast Events in 2020 | A Handy Guide

There’s no shortage of podcast events in 2020. Fill up your calendar with this handy list!

Do I Need to Pay for a Podcasting Course?

How do you actually learn to do something? That’s a question with many different answers. Whether it’s performing CPR or playing the guitar, you’ll find many folks who can do both. You’ll also find many different ways in which they got there. Podcasting is no exception. Ask some prolific podcasters how they learned; you won’t…

Should I Pay For A Podcast Mentor?

There’s an old saying that smart people learn from their mistakes, whilst wise people learn from the mistakes of others. As a podcaster, you’ll never be immune to making the odd mistake. But you can drastically cut down on the number of basic, time consuming, and easily avoidable errors you make by having someone on…

PodCon 2 | Fun and Frustration Abound

Recently, podcasting has seen a rapid increase in the number and style of events, even some outside the US. This is the second year of PodCon, a two-day podcast convention founded in 2017 by Hank Green, Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Travis and Justin McElroy. Its inaugural year was met with delight, positive reviews, and…

CMALive17: A Review & the Big Takeaways

Hey, so I wanted to do a quick review of CMA Live 2017, which I’ve just come back from. Feeling exhausted from it, to be honest because there was so much learning to be done, so much, just, value got from that event. Of course, also catching up with lots of friends, making new friends.…

FanFission Launch Competition: Prizes Announced!

You might have spotted it: last week we launched a new learning and support community from The Podcast Host. It’s called FanFission. We’ve been delighted, amazed and honored by the response! The support, the feedback and the questions we’ve had are astounding. One thing’s for sure, we’re not lacking in content ideas for the next…

The Podcast Support & Learning Community for a New Age

This is something I’ve been dying to do for ages… And it’s something that fans of this site and fans of Podcraft have been crying out for for even longer! We – the entire Podcast Host team – have just released our learning & coaching community into the wild. It’s designed to help anyone craft…

New Media Europe 2016 Reactions & Roundup | #NMEU

People & Resources Mentioned: New Media Europe 2016 Dan Miller Valerie Groth Durin Gleaves Steven Picanza The Content Marketing Academy Chris Ducker The Shiny Bees Podcast Ian Anderson Gray Mark Asquith Kevin Field Janet Murray Tony Brown


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Podcast Launch Series

Launch Series: Zero to Live in Simple Steps

Our 3-part Launch series is designed to hold your hand through the entire podcast launch process, from planning your show to making it live on the web. For a step-by-step, in-detail, no-jargon guide to getting your show out into the world, start here!

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This is the podcast hosting platform we use to host the majority of our shows. Buzzsprout have a great balance between design, simplicity and features. This is our affiliate link, but we recommend Buzzsprout because we love it, and we're sure you will too!

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