Gifts for Podcasters! Perfect Presents for Your Podcasting Pals

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Our guide to Gifts for Podcasters can help you figure out not just what gear to buy, but how to offer real sustainable support.

The best gift you can ever give anyone is to build up their interests. Also socks, but one could argue that socks help you do the things you need and want to do, too. Do you know someone who can't stop talking about their podcast, or constantly seems to have their head stuck in their editing software? Need to get them a gift? Good. In that case, our guide to Gifts for Podcasters is right up your alley.

Gear Gifts for Podcasters

If a podcaster you love has asked you for a particular piece of kit, then of course, by all means, get it for them as a gift. But, if you think, “well, they're a podcaster, they must need a microphone, headphones, or something similar,” then I'm here to warn you that careful consideration is your friend.

Ask them about where and how they make their podcast. Do they work at home, at a desktop computer? Do they use a device to record out in the field? Have they interviewed people at a distance? This helps you narrow down the wide selection of gear.

We have a great article about the best podcast microphones for all budgets. Different podcasters have different needs, though. Someone who wants to record on the go might want lavalier mics, or to record with their smartphone. A digital recorder always provides flexibility, and some are more convenient than a tv remote control. Headphones are always a plus, and never go out of style.

The important thing is, ask your podcasters how they work on their show, and listen for what they might need.

Specific Gifts for Podcasters

Okay, so I'll cut to the chase. If you truly want to impress your favorite podcaster with a great gift, try one of these. By the way, some of the links in these articles are affiliate links. If you purchase an item through any of these links, we earn a small commission, at no additional cost to yourself. I'm adding these in here because I believe they're genuinely useful, and not because I want to throw hints to my family. I'd never do such a thing. Really.

I'd be remiss in my duties as a podcaster and as a human being if I didn't tell you about Podcast Growth: How To Grow Your Podcast Audience. It's a fun book, with specific, realistic strategies to help a podcaster you love (or yourself) nurture the audience they already have, while building a bigger one. We drew on over a decade of practical experience to write this book, and now, everything we learned the hard way is on one convenient package.

The Rode Lavalier Go mic provides flexibility, plus it's durable and reliable, with a price point well under $100. Some podcasters use more than one lavalier mic at a time if they have guests, so you can't go wrong with this gift.

You could really impress with the Rode Wireless Go mic. This is an excellent choice for people who need to interview guests in the field while taking social distancing precautions. Honestly, I want to knit wind socks for these with little eyeballs on them.

Click, Talk, Done! Super Simple Podcast Recording & Editing

Alitu records calls, solo segments, cleans up your audio, adds music & transitions, helps you edit & publishes right to your host.

Try out Alitu 👉

The Zoom H5 and ZoomH6 are ubiquitous among podcasters. They're useful, durable, and have a reasonable price point. Either of these digital recorders would be a generous gift. However, Zoom has also just released the much-anticipated PodTrak P4 which is specifically designed for podcasters. Not only is the P4 cheaper than the other two – it's likely more useful to anyone running a podcast, too.

The gift that Colin describes as “quite simply, magic” are the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones. In his Best Headphones for Podcast & Audiobook Listening roundup, he says these can “turn a noisy, chaotic stressful experience into something quiet, peaceful, and tranquil.” What more does anyone want?

Intangible Tools

Most podcasters start out with free software, such as Audacity, to produce their podcast. When they need it, they upgrade to a software with more flexibility. Our Guide to Podcast Editing Software has options for every budget and skill set. Your favorite podcaster can make it sound like their show takes place anywhere from here to Saturn.

If you want to make life truly easy for any podcaster, have a look at a subscription to Alitu. This web-based tool cleans up audio files, adds music, and publishes your podcast for you. Whether you want to give a gift to a podcaster who is just starting out, or has been recording for years, Alitu can relieve a lot of the heavy lifting.

Another gift of stress relief is to pay for a month or more of their podcast's media hosting. This is a necessary item for every podcaster. A media hosting service is where the sound files live. The cost can be as little as ten or fifteen dollars a month. This depends on the size of the podcaster's files, and what benefits the media hosting company offers. Our guide to podcast hosting services can show you a little bit more about what different companies offer, and how much it costs. If you're looking for a gift for someone who needs help getting their podcast published, helping them with media hosting is very generous.

Still another gift is to help them promote their podcast. Buying ad space on Overcast promotes their work to people who are serious about podcast listening. Giving your podcaster the gift of more listeners won't be forgotten.

podcaster has a new idea

The Gift of Knowledge

We all know that knowledge is power. The more a podcaster knows about how to make their podcast, the more unique and interesting their content can be. Giving the gift of a podcasting course provides expertise and confidence.

The Podcast Host Academy provides courses, downloadable resources, and weekly live coaching sessions to become well-rounded in all aspects of podcasting. Not only is the Academy a good way to get started, it can help experienced podcasters improve their skills.

The Academy isn't the only podcast education platform on the market though. Our guide to 6 of The Best Podcasting Courses On The Market can help you choose what kind of course would be a good fit. Whether your podcaster is interested in audio engineering and sound design, or passive income generation, you can help them learn how to make a better podcast. Headphones might wear out, eventually, but knowledge lasts forever.

Books about podcasting are a good way to inspire your favorite podcaster, and let them get their eyes away from screens for a few minutes. Our very own book Podcast Growth: How to Grow Your Podcast Audience does exactly what it says on the tin (cover!). It'll help your podcasting pals to build dedicated and enthusiastic followings around their content.

Again, if you know someone who wants to make a podcast, and you want to support them with a gift, the best thing you can do is to ask them about their work, and listen. Find out why it's important to them, what they enjoy about it, and what they have trouble with. The best gift for podcasters is whatever makes it easier for them to get their voice out into the world.

We want people to be able to share their ideas in audio form, but we don't disappear once the podcast is launched. For example, our 30 Days of Growth course can help a podcast engage with its audience, generate positive word of mouth, and get new ideas to make more podcast episodes. Podcasting is a long game, and we're here to help.

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