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How to Use Your Podchaser Audio Resume to Find Clients, Guests, & Jobs

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You’ve worked hard on your podcast and want to transfer those skills into something more than downloads. Maybe you want editing or consulting clients. Perhaps you want to find a job in the podcast industry. Or maybe you hope to attract advertisers, sponsors or high profile guests? Would you believe me if I told you that there are two Podchaser pages that can help you build a gorgeous audio resume?

Welcome to Podchaser

Podchaser is commonly referred to as the IMDB of Podcasting. “At our heart, what we are is a podcast database” explained Head of Product & Marketing at Podchaser, Dave Keine during the “Optimizing for Discovery Strategies” webinar in December 2020. And this is what Podchaser first gained popularity as – a website where you could read, write and share podcast reviews. But it has grown into a tool that can help Podcasters build the community they need to take their podcasting to the next level.

Popularity & Accessibility of Podchaser

There are many places that listeners can consume a podcast. This can be a blessing and a curse. For example, if a Podcaster encourages their listeners to “go rate and review us on Apple Podcasts” they’re excluding about half of their audience: the Android users. Luckily, Podchaser is platform agnostic. This means that it can be used on any mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc. This is why using Podchaser as your audio resume is really clever. 

But how? Let’s have a look at the most powerful ways to use Podchaser as your audio resume.

Podchaser Creator Profile: Podchaser as an audio resume

1 – Your Creator Profile

Podchaser supports 2 types of profiles: a user profile and a creator profile. This can be confusing at first. It’s best to think of it as zooming in and out of your podcast life. The user profile is the overview of everything you do in and with podcasting but your creator profile is a magnified view of what you create in podworld. Right now, we’ll focus on your creator profile because this is your audio resume.  

Show Off Your Guest Appearances

Your guest appearance page is where clients, employers, guests, collaborators, etc can fully explore all you’ve audio done. They can get a big picture view of your work on the About page or dive into the Appearances page. Let’s spend some time here on the Appearances page. 

Potential clients, guests, employers, etc can learn a lot about you here.

For example, they can see how many different projects you’ve worked on, what credits you have (Host, Editor, Composer, etc), your total airtime, and more. What makes this a necessary part of your audio resume is that someone thinking about hiring you for a Host or Editing position would be able to see and hear many snippets of your work on this one page.

Clients, employers, guests, and collaborators may find your creator profile from a hyperlink in your resume, LinkedIn or other social media profile page. That is, after you strategically put it there. You can also add your creator profile link to any other online space your podcast self exists. Get creative and use this powerful link far and wide. It’s so powerful that a growing number of podcast Hosts, Editors, Voice Actors, etc are already using a hyperlink of their Podchaser creator profile as their audio resume.

Once someone has your creator profile link they can use the ‘follow’ feature in Podchaser. By doing this they can get notifications every time you add podcast credits to your Podchaser profile.

Add Credit Updates To Your Podcast Workflow

You do need to make sure to update your Podchaser credits often in order to get the most out of this feature. So make sure to add this step to your podcast workflow.

Record> Edit> Publish> Add Credit(s) to Podchaser Creator Profile

Keeping your credits up to date on Podchaser makes it easier for people to follow you. Every time they get notified of your new projects, you are in their thoughts. These Podchaser credit notifications are much more likely to get attention from potential clients, employers, etc than a post in the crowded, fast-paced world of social media.     

Take Advantage Of Integration Partnerships

You’ll be happy to know that while you’re keeping your credits up to date, Podchaser is working hard behind the scenes. One way they’re doing this is with integration partnerships. Cole Raven, Co-Founder of Podchaser, shared how their work with podcast app companies like Player FM, Castbox, Himalaya, etc benefits you, the creator. These integrations exist to “enhance search algorithms in their apps and add those creator profile credits directly to their podcast and episode pages” (Podcast Me Anything podcast). 

So while you’re hyperlinking creator profile, Podchaser is working hard to make sure that it’s seen in as many places as possible. This doubles your exposure with no extra effort. And don’t forget, all Podchaser pages are webpages, which means that are built to be Google searchable.  


  1. Add your creator page to your resume, social media profiles, etc
  2. Add updating your Podchaser credits to your podcast workflow
Podcast Junkies podcast page on Podchaser

2 – Your Podcast Page

What if you’re working on your podcast media kit in hopes of attracting advertisers, sponsors or high profile guests? In this case, the podcast page is what you’d share with them.  

Summarize Your Podcast Information

Your podcast page has all of the advantages for your podcast that your creator profile has for you. That’s not completely true, it has more! Instead of the 2 pages in your creator profile, the podcast page has 5:

  • About
  • Episodes
  • Reviews
  • Creators
  • Lists

These make it easier for advertisers, sponsors or high profile guests to dive deeper into the podcast and find what they need. The About page is a useful overview of the 4 other pages, so let’s focus our time there.  

The main section on the About page includes your podcast elevator pitch, Creators & Guests, Recent Episodes, Best Episodes, Podcast Reviews, Mentioned In These Lists, and Similar Podcasts. The right sidebar also includes follow and rate options, an episode alert option and what looks like every bit of information that can possibly exist about a podcast. 

Similar to your creator profile, you’ll want to add this podcast page link everywhere your podcast is online. Don’t spam but gracefully add it where people can see it. Start with adding it to your podcast Facebook group page, your episodes webpages and at the top of your online media kit. You can even add it to your merchandise website. In short, you want this link to be visible anywhere advertisers, sponsors or high profile guests might discover your work. Make it easy for them to find out more information AND hear your podcast all in one place: your podcast page on Podchaser. 


Add your podcast page to your:

  1. podcast social media accounts
  2. online media kit
  3. podcast episode website
  4. merchandise  

This tale of two Podchaser pages is just the beginning of how you can use Podchaser to attract clients, guests and employers.

Other powerful features of Podchaser include the curated episode/podcast lists, bookmarks, badges and custom tags. But do start with your creator profile and podcast page. Make sure that they include everything that will represent you and your audio resume to its fullest.

Combining your wonderful podcast information to Podchaser’s Google searchable, user-friendly platform is the best way to start building your audio resume. 

Next Steps

If you love the sound of this platform, check out our Podcraft episode with founder Colin Raven – Leveraging Podchaser to Build Your Network, and Grow Your Podcast.

And if you’d like more of our own help and guidance towards launching or growing your show, take a look at Podcraft Academy. In there, we combine extensive courses, templates, checklists, and downloadable resources with weekly live Q&A sessions. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything ‘how to podcast’.

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