Podcast Production Services

By One of the UK's Top Podcast Consultancy & Production Companies

We'll help design your show, sort the tech & support recording, then edit & produce the result. Work with us to get your message out!


So many forget this, & that means planning for failure. We’ll help design for success.


We help with equipment, recording & take care of editing & production of your series.


Whether it’s exposure, fans, authority or money, we’ll help your podcast make a profit.


We’re always happy to talk about podcasting projects, from launching a new show to producing an entire series.


From planning and strategy to promotion and monetisation, build your own podcast coaching programme based on your own unique needs and struggles

Podcast production is one of the foundations of our business, here at The Podcast Host. We did this work for many years – and we know it inside out.

These days though, we don't tend to work on production projects ourselves. We've decided to focus all of our time and attention on creating great content for podcasters, running our ‘Podcast Maker' app Alitu, and helping our clients to launch succesful shows inside The Podcast Host Academy.

So we can teach you how to edit your own show, OR, we have a tool that'll practically do it for you. But if you're still looking to work with a dedicated podcast producer via ourselves, then that's totally possible, too!

We've partnered with a few top class production services who'll tailor packages to your unique wants and needs. If you're interested in finding out more, get in touch with us. Tell us a wee bit more about what it is you're after, and we'll hook you up with the service we think will be best suited to you.

Our production partners will be delighted to have a chat with you, draw you up a quote, and if you're interested, you can get the ball rolling 🙂

What About Podcast Coaching?

There's no better way to get help with your content, than through one-on-one podcast coaching.

At The Podcast Host, you can work directly with us in many different ways, depending on your own unique needs and ambitions.


The Podcast Host were a tremendous help when helping us create our podcast. From the concept, naming it, through to hosting options, different strategies to launch it and how to grow it. Their knowledge and ideas were invaluable at the start of the process (as someone who knew NOTHING about podcasts they educated me very quickly!). Thank You!

Laura Evans
NLP Talks

I worked with The Podcast Host in the framework of their launch programme. And, after two weeks I had the first 5-star rating on iTunes. With their support, I could avoid beginners’ mistakes that would have cost me time and credibility. Instead, they provided me targeted advice in all fields: How to position myself, find a name and design for the show, script the teaser and intro so that the audience will listen. And, of course they guided me through the confusion regarding tools, gear and editing skills. First impressions make a difference and The Podcast Host made sure that I landed the best possible first impression with my podcast.

Dr. Myriam Hadness
Workshops Work

When we set out to produce the Living Well with MS podcast, we were fuelled by passion but recognized a big gap in knowledge. We needed to learn about how to make a podcast come together. I’m a huge fan of podcasts personally, but I had no clue how to create one from scratch. Turning to The Podcast Host was the best decision we could have made. They guided us through the process methodically, and step by step our vision for the podcast became a reality. The fact that we are still working with The Podcast Host on the production front is a testament to the big part they played – and continue to play – in making this vital effort to inform the MS community about positive lifestyle changes a big success!

Alex Twersky
Overcoming MS


We’re always happy to talk about podcasting projects, from launching a new show to producing an entire series.


From planning and strategy to software and equipment, our launch service will have you up and running in just 4 weeks!