Top 10 Comedy Podcasts

1. The Nerdist

By Chris Hardwick

Description: Chris Hardwick is a well known comedian frequently seen on TV. He has made a lot of comedy podcasts together with his friends Jo nah Ray and Matt Mira and sometimes, together with someone more famous than them. They talk almost about anything nerdy and at the same time inject humor which cracks up everyone that will listen to them.

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2. The Joe Rogan Experience

By Joe Rogan

Description: Joe Rogan has a long list of comedy podcast compilation. He’s a famous multi-talented man and not just a regular stand- up comedian but also a writer, actor, commentator, martial artist and a host. Listening to his podcast will surely catch anyone’s attention since he’s a natural born comedian which can come up with a joke out of anything ordinary.

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3. WFT with Marc Maron Podcast

By Marc Maron

Description: Stand-Up Comedian Marc Maron is the prominent host of the award winning comedy podcast called WTF. These podcasts features a lot of interview sessions with his old buddies and fellow comedians. It’s a light comedy talk wherein Marc usually asks his guests about their careers, experiences and stories in a garage setting which will totally leave you laughing out loud.

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4. Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

By Bill Burr

Description: Comedian and Podcast Host Bill Burr usually start the day ranting and rambling every Monday morning. He interviews a lot of different guests and he also talks about anything including uninteresting topics and has the ability of changing it to an interesting one. Every Monday morning, expect to hear a new hour-long rant from your one and only Bill Burr.

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5. Smodcast >> SModcast

By Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier

Description: SModcast is a popular comedy podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. The title of the podcast was derived from the first letter of the two host’s family name S and M, simply replacing the letter P of the word podcast. SModcast is an hour long podcast wherein hosts talk about current events and other topics turned into laughs.

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6. Doug Loves Movies

By Doug Benson

Description: Douglas Robert “Doug” Benson, who appeared in the 5th Season of the Last Comic Standing and the film Super High Me, is the host of Doug Loves Movies. It is a comedy podcast wherein Doug usually invites famous actors, comedians, celebrities and other guests to just sit down and talk about what he loves the most- movies plus comedy talks.

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7. Mohr

By Fake Mustache Studios

Description: Jay Mohr is an actor, radio host and a stand-up comedian. He is the owner of the network called Fake Mustache Studios wherein he often hosts his own comedy podcast, the Mohr Stories. Mohr, together with his cast of friends will surely crack you up with hilarious tales and humor filled conversations. Listening to their discussions will entertain any listener.

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8. Smodcast>>Jay & Silent Bob Get

By Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith

Description: Jay and Silent Bob are imaginary characters represented by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. They have made a film and have a long compilation of podcasts entitled Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. The comedy podcast features No Trench Coats, No Hair Extensions and Bound for the Grave slogan. This offers real entertainment that will leave you with boisterous laughter.

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9. APM:A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon

By American Public Media

Description: A Prairie Home Companion’s News from Lake Wobegon is the second part of the famous live radio variety show called A Prairie Home Companion, distributed by American Public Media. It is hosted and created by the renowned humorist, author, story teller and radio personality, named Garrison Keillor. He delivers a weekly monologue about a fictional Minnesota Town including its townsmen.

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10. SModcast >> Tell'EM Steve Dave!

By Bryan Johnson, Walter Flanagan and Brain Quinn

Description: Tell’EM Steve Dave is a weekly podcast every Friday which is hosted by Kevin Smith’s close friends and regulars. Bryan Johnson played the part of Steve- Dave. Walter Flanagan played the part of the Fanboy. Lastly, Brain Quinn as the dubious tech guy. This is truly an award winning podcast composed of spectacular casts giving you entertainment at its finest.

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