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The Podcraft™ Podcast

Podcasting Law: Stay Legal & Protect Your Brand | Podcraft 814

Some of the biggest questions we get here at The Podcast Host are surrounding the legalities of podcasting and creating content. We’ve been trying to trace down a podcasting expert who specialises in this sort of stuff, and that’s who we’ll be interviewing on this week’s episode of Podcraft – the show about everything podcasting…

Why You Don’t Need 20 Episodes to Launch a Podcast | Podcraft 813

Something that we’ve been hearing quite a lot recently is people thinking they need to have a load of recorded podcasts before they launch. We disagree. You don’t need 20 episodes (or even 10…or 5) episodes recorded before you launch your show. We’ll be explaining this, and more, in detail on this episode of Podcraft…

Introducing the Hostile Worlds Podcast

Here at The Podcast Host we’ve been hard at work recently, creating a new highly-produced podcast. It’s called Hostile Worlds, an it’s an audio drama/space documentary hybrid. If that’s right up your street, or if you just want a taster of how something like that might sound, then here’s a little teaser for you… Join…

Live Shows: How to Broadcast Your Podcast | Podcraft 812

Ever thought about broadcasting your podcast live but also keeping it as a podcast as well? Well you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing on this week’s episode of Podcraft. This is the podcast about everything podcasting, from launch to monetization and everything in between. We’d also like to thank Podbean for…

How to Find a Fault in your Podcast Setup or Equipment | Podcraft 811

It’s episode 11 of season 8, and we’re looking at those most annoying of creatures – faults in our setup! It happens, every now and again: you make a recording and there’s some kind of buzz or whine in the background. Or, perhaps there’s no sound at all – it’s just not recording. How do…

When & How to Change Your Podcast Name or Branding | Podcraft 810

This week, I’m (Colin) doing solo show answering a question that came up in The Podcast Host Academy community forum. One of our members is finding his original podcast brand and concept a little limiting. It’s a common thing – we start out in quite a niche subject, and end up wanting to branch out…

Recording Multiple Microphones Without a Mixer | Podcraft 809

If you have on-location guests or co-hosts your audio quality will benefit greatly from using multiple mics. But can you use multiple mics without a mixer? And if so, how? Links Mentioned: Asio4All Focusrite – Scarlett Interface The Podcast Host Academy The Podcast Host – Equipment The Podcast Host – Recording with multiple USB mics…

Uploading a Podcast to YouTube | Podcraft 808

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, so it certainly won’t do your podcast any harm to have some presence there. So can you upload your podcast episodes to Youtube, and if so, how? Links Mentioned: Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Audition Adobe Premier Pro Audacity Libsyn Soundcloud The Podcast Host –…

How to Get Booked as a Guest on an Interview Podcast | Podcraft 807

Would you like to get yourself out there by being interviewed on other podcasts? If so, how do you go about it? That’s what we were asked about on this episode of Podcraft – the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to monetization and everything between. Links Mentioned: Audio Drama Production Podcast Calendly PodcastGuests.Com Schedule Once…

Finding your Voice & Honesty in Content, with Doug Kessler | Podcraft S8E06

Hello and welcome to another episode of Podcraft! This is the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to interview skills and everything in between. We’re taking another break from listener questions this week. This time, to have a chat with Doug Kessler, the Creative Director at Velocity Partners. Doug chats about his role at the B2B…


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