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How to Edit & Produce a Podcast

Advice on how to edit and produce great podcast content. That means editing software and the processes/effects you want to use.


A primer on How to Edit & Produce a Podcast

Podcast Editing, the Ultimate Guide

Podcast Editing: The Ultimate Guide

From learning to use dedicated software, to automating production with an app – here are various ways you can handle your editing!

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Best podcast editing software

Best Podcast Editing Software for Podcasters of All Levels

There’s no single best podcast editing software option out there, because everyone’s different. In this post, find an option that suits you!

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The MEE Podcasting Method™: Editing & Production for Real People

I recently ran a survey with every Podcaster on my mailing list, and it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done for my business in years. The main question I asked was: “What are you struggling with in Podcasting?” Well, it turns out that there are a fair few concerns out…

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how to find podcast music

How to Find the Best Podcast Music for your Show

Find what podcast music you’re allowed to use, and where to find the best tracks, both free and paid.


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Audacity Podcast Production

Editing with Audacity

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about recording and editing your podcast in Audacity, from first install to advanced audio quality techniques.

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Reaper Review: A Collaborative Option for Recording & Editing Podcasts

Reaper is one of the many options available to you for recording and editing your podcast. But is it the right one?

Music Copyright | Can I use a Song in my Podcast?

Music copyright is a thorny subject. Can you use a song that’s been copyrighted in your podcast?

Podcast Editing: The Ultimate Guide

From learning to use dedicated software, to automating production with an app – here are various ways you can handle your editing!

Audacity Noise Reduction: How to Remove Background Noise

Let’s look at Audacity noise reduction, which is just one feature of this free, feature packed tool for podcasters.

Adobe Audition Review (Plus My Favourite Audition Tools for Podcasting)

Adobe Audition is a first class option for recording and editing your podcast. Here are some great features to try out.

EditPoint Review – Take a Walk & Produce Your Podcast on the Go

You want to work on your podcast, but your dog wants to go for a walk. With EditPoint, you can do both!

Destructive Vs Non-Destructive Audio Editing for Podcast Production

What do these two (serious sounding) terms mean? And how do they apply to your own podcast?

The Audacity Compressor: Fix Your Podcast & Audio Volume Issues

The Audacity compressor can level out your audio & help to fix many volume issues. Find out how it works, right here.

How to Find Podcast Sound Effects

Why might you use sound effects in your episodes? Where do you get them? Here’s our guide to finding podcast sound effects.

Podcast Production Plugins: 4 Ways to Take Your Audio to the Next Level | Tools of the Trade

A good microphone and a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) will get you a long way in the production of your podcast.  When it comes time for post-production, however, depending on your DAW, more tools may be needed in order to achieve the professional-quality sound that give your words and ideas polish and clarity. For most,…


Here's a tool that might help:

Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Alitu is a web app that makes podcasting easy. You upload your raw audio, then Alitu polishes it up, adds your music, helps you edit and publishes the final episode.

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