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Improving your podcast listener experience

5 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Listener’s Experience

When podcasters think about ways to get more listeners, their mind usually jumps to things like marketing and advertising. Podcasters might be willing to spend great deals of money to get better numbers for their podcast when really, what’s most helpful is free things you can do to improve your listener’s experience. It’s not that

Troubleshooting audio issues

Stop! What’s That Sound: Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Sound recording is a garbage in, garbage out process. That is, the sound quality of your final product can only be as good as the quality of the sound recordings that go into the project from the start. Too often, the words “get it in post” are uttered for things that can’t be fixed in

Producing an Audio Drama Podcast

How Do You Edit and Produce an Audio Drama Podcast?

Audio Drama can be one of the most complex types of podcast to create. From planning to publishing, the entire process dwarfs that of a conversational podcast. For this reason, serialised Audio Dramas are a lot less sustainable than other types of podcast. Few (if any) Audio Dramas run on an ongoing weekly episode schedule.