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How to Edit & Produce a Podcast

Advice on how to edit and produce great podcast content. That means editing software and the processes/effects you want to use.


A primer on How to Edit & Produce a Podcast

Podcast Editing, the Ultimate Guide

Podcast Editing: The Ultimate Guide

Podcast editing is a huge part of the medium as a whole. For complete beginners, it can be an intimidating barrier to launching a show. Many aspiring podcasters procrastinate worrying on how they’ll actually edit their podcast episodes, prior to publishing them. But it’s actually never been easier to either edit audio yourself, or to…

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Best podcast editing software

Best Podcast Editing Software for Podcasters of All Levels

Is there a single best podcast editing software option out there? Unsurprisingly, no. But, we can tell you some of the best options FOR YOU! That’s because, although all podcasters have much in common, there’s also a lot of individual factors to think about with something like this. People come to podcasting with different backgrounds, skills,…

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The MEE Podcasting Method™: Editing & Production for Real People

I recently ran a survey with every Podcaster on my mailing list, and it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done for my business in years. The main question I asked was: “What are you struggling with in Podcasting?” Well, it turns out that there are a fair few concerns out…

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how to find podcast music

How to Find Podcast Music

There’s no rule saying that you must have music in your podcast. Plenty of good podcasts have no music at all. But, there’s no doubt that having your own theme tune adds a layer of identity and professionalism to any show. How do you go about finding music that’s suitable (and legal) for you to use? That’s…


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Audacity Podcast Production

Editing with Audacity

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about recording and editing your podcast in Audacity, from first install to advanced audio quality techniques.

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Recording on Separate Tracks | The Podcast Multitracking Guide

Recording two speakers is bread and butter for podcasters, whether it’s a show with two regular co-hosts, or an interview on Skype. Today we’re not looking at the equipment used to record these, though. Instead, we’re looking at how you make the recording. That comes down to the oft-asked question: should I record my speakers…

How to Find Podcast Sound Effects

If you’ve learned to record and edit audio specifically for the purpose of podcasting, then keeping it simple in the early days is key. Once you get more comfortable with chopping and moving around pieces of audio inside your editing software though, you might begin to get a little more adventurous. With more and more…

Audacity Vs Adobe Audition CC | Where Should I Record & Edit My Podcast?

Audacity and Adobe Audition CC are two popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) – software programs that can be used to record, edit, and mix audio. The two work on the same principles (as do all DAWs), but there are many differences between them. If you’re new to audio production, and you want to learn how…

A Beginners Guide to Audiograms: Sharing Audio Content More Easily On Social Media

As podcasters, as people working with audio content, we all have one problem in common: how to get our content shared on social media. Compared with pictures or videos, audio sharing (especially a full podcast episode) is clumsy, often nothing more than someone posting a link and saying “hey, click on this link and check…

Adding Structure, Clarity & Timing Through Music | Music In Podcasting #2

So you’ve decided that it’s appropriate to add music to your podcast, and you’ve thought about the genre you want, and the mood and tone you want to set. It’s time then to look at the specifics of how to add music to your mix, and the ways music can be used to add structure…

How to Choose & Use Music for Mood | Music In Podcasting #1

Most podcasters want to add music tracks to their show. It’s an instinctive choice – we know that music can make our voice sound richer, or more evocative, and our guests sound more authoritative. We know that the right music can do so much to help create the mood we want for our show, whether…

How Much Editing Should I Do In My Podcast?

You’ve just recorded a 40 minute conversation for your latest podcast episode. You load it into your DAW (your editing software) and stare at the lengthy waveform. What now? What should you take out? What should you leave in? There are no real rules here, but you should consider the following things before you get…

Music Copyright | Can I use a Song in my Podcast?

Otherwise known as, “what can I get away with regarding copyright?” Straight away, you have to concede that you’re on the defensive. You know deep down that the music is protected and belongs to someone else. Therefore, the answer is both unsurprising, and disappointingly short.  “Very little”, and that’s being hopeful. But let’s break it down.…

How Do We Mix Your Podcast Episodes?

Here at The Podcast Host, we offer a comprehensive podcast production service.  But what exactly is it we do?  What goes into the mix? What do we cut out and what do we add? The answers are at hand as we present a sneak peek behind the scenes: Although we tailor it to the requirements…

How Much Does Podcast Production Cost?

Having worked with a whole lot of people over the years in starting up their podcasts, I’ve been asked this question a lot: How much should I be paying for podcast production? Well, I’m going to tell you right off the bat, it depends! I hope this article gives you an idea where you fit…


Here's a tool that might help

Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Alitu is a web app that makes podcasting easy. You upload your raw audio, then Alitu polishes it up, adds your music, helps you edit and publishes the final episode.

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