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Outsourcing podcast production

Outsourcing Podcast Production: Low Budget V Premium Services

Whether you’ve been podcasting for years, or have yet to release your first episode, there’s a good chance you’ve considered outsourcing as an option when it comes to managing your production schedule. We’ve worked with dozens of companies in producing their shows over the years, and there’s a wide range of reasons cited for taking on

Producing an Audio Drama Podcast

How Do You Edit and Produce an Audio Drama Podcast?

Audio Drama can be one of the most complex types of podcast to create. From planning to publishing, the entire process dwarfs that of a conversational podcast. For this reason, serialised Audio Dramas are a lot less sustainable than other types of podcast. Few (if any) Audio Dramas run on an ongoing weekly episode schedule.

How to Choose & Use Music for Mood | Music In Podcasting #1

Most podcasters want to add music tracks to their show. It’s an instinctive choice – we know that music can make our voice sound richer, or more evocative, and our guests sound more authoritative. We know that the right music can do so much to help create the mood we want for our show, whether