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Rode Rodecaster Pro Review | The All-In-One Podcasting Device

The is a pretty unique piece of audio gear, because it’s designed entirely with podcasting in mind. That’s exciting for the medium as a whole, because it shows that podcasting is a market worth investing in. It’s also exciting because Rode will already do very well in the musician and voice over worlds. They won’t…

Zoom H6 Review: The Ultimate Podcasting Recorder?

Zoom are the masters of the digital recorder, and the is currently their marquee model. We’ve been using the H4 and H5 recorders for a few years here at The Podcast Host, and both are superb bits of kit. But we treated ourselves to an early Christmas present in the shape of the H6, and…

The Sony ICD-PX470 Digital Recorder | A Podcasting Review

There’s a plethora of entry-level digital recorders on the market nowadays. And whilst I usually find myself recommending the Zoom H1 or the Tascam DR-05 to beginners, I’m always open to trying out new models. Granted, the probably isn’t designed to compete with the H1 or the DR-05, but it is made by Sony, who…

The Olympus WS-853 | An Entry-Level Recorder for Podcasting

The fits into the low-cost/budget digital recorder category. At the time of writing you can pick one up brand new on Amazon for $70 or Amazon UK for £57. This makes it slightly cheaper than the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-05. But can it compete with these recorders in other ways? Let’s find out. Who…

Tascam DR-05 Review | A Digital Recorder for Podcasting

There are a lot of quality digital recorders on the market nowadays. The  is certainly one of them, but is there anything in particular that makes it stand out against the rest? Let’s take a look and find out. Who Would Use The Tascam DR-05? You could refer to the DR-05 as an “entry level”…

Zoom H2n Review: Handy Recorder for Podcasters

This is an equipment review (and a podcasting origin story!) by Ian Robertson from Chromaticism. If you want to review your own equipment on the site, hit the contact us link above. A year past August I started a music review blog called ‘chromaticism’. The thing seemed to grow legs of its own, and a…

Zoom H1 Review: The Extra-Mobile Digital Recorder

Zoom’s is the smallest (and cheapest – $100/£80) in the well respected Zoom recorder family. Whilst Zoom has beefed up their newer models over the recent years with many more features, this comes at a cost – their size. But, the H1 literally fits in your pocket. It’s no bigger than many modern smartphones, in fact.…

Zoom H5 vs Zoom H6 as a Podcast Digital Recorder: Which to Choose?

This is part 2 in the series – One | Two | Three | Four | Five As mentioned in the introduction to this series, we’re looking to cover the gold standard kit for recording face to face audio. This may be in co-hosting a podcast, or it may be in recording interviews. Whatever your context,…

Digital Recorder vs Computer Recording: Ideal Podcasting Setups

Today we have a question from a reader about how to go about recording their Podcast – this is mostly about the eventual recording device rather than the components closer to you as the presenter, and delves in to the PC vs digital recorder debate. Have a look below to hear my thoughts on the…


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