What’s This Podcast all About?

Podcraft How to Podcast

PodCraft is a Podcast about the Art of Podcasting. Every episode I talk about how to develop your podcast and hone your craft, including everything from equipment, to promotion, to episode planning.

PodCraft is recorded in seasons, each series concentrating on ONE topic, and offering the in-depth guide. Have a look below for a guide to the season's so far.

Series 5: Making Money with Your Podcast

Season 5 examined all of the different ways to earn some money through your podcast. Whether it's just to cover your costs, or to earn a living, there should be a method for you.

Have a look here for the episodes: PodCraft Series 5 – Making Money with your Podcast.

Podcasting MixerSeries 2 – The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting Equipment

I follow a series format, covering a different topic each series. Series 2 is currently being broadcast, all about the subject of Podcasting Equipment. Each episode covers a different part of your Podcasting setup, from Microphone to Editor and everything inbetween. Here's what's come so far:

Series 1 – Start Your Podcasting Journey

The first series of PodCraft formed a 10-day course designed to take you from complete novice to published podcaster. The aim is to listen to 1 episode a day, follow the tasks and launch your podcast over a fortnight.

If you have any beginners podcasting questions it would be great to hear them. I'd love to create an episode to tag on the end of series 1 including all of the commonly asked beginner podcasting questions. An audio FAQ if you will! If you have anything you'd like to ask, please email via the contact page, drop a comment on the show notes of any episode, or tweet me at @thepodcasthost.

What's Next

Coming up on future series will include such things as:

  • Podcasting Efficiency Hacks – How to make it sustainable
  • Podcast promotion – how to grow your audience

I'd love to hear your ideas though – if you have any suggestions, please do get in touch through the contact page, on the comments for any episode or via Twitter at @thePodcastHost. I look forward to hearing from you.