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How Podcasters Are Using Audiograms to Share, Market, & Grow


Audiograms. You may have heard of them, but, did you know just how effective they can be as social media assets? 

On average, audiograms outperform traditional posts as they exemplify established best practices. For example, on Twitter/X, audiograms typically perform 8x better than non-audiogram tweets. On Facebook, podcasters report seeing +70% higher engagement than non-audiogram posts. 

Audiograms are versatile assets you can upload to almost any digital platform. In this post, I’ll show you how podcasters everywhere are using audiograms to market and promote their podcasts with Headliner.

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By Elissa Craig of Headliner

Elissa is a proud graduate of Morehead State University and Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management. Currently, Elissa is the Head of Marketing over at Headliner. She is passionate about helping podcasts of all shapes, sizes, and genres grow their audience without adding more to their plates. In her free time, Elissa loves exploring her new home in Nashville, cuddling her mini pony, and cheering on local sports teams! 

See Jurassic Right

Are you a Jurassic Park fan? Then, See Jurassic Right might be the perfect podcast for you! 

See Jurassic Right is a podcast all about Jurassic Park and you. Host Steven Ray Morris shares various stories, insights, and perspectives about anything and everything that makes Jurassic Park a cult classic. 

How See Jurassic Right Uses Audiograms

Steven uses audiograms to market his podcast on social media. He is very active on X (Twitter), which is one of his primary platforms for engagement and promotion. 

He creates clips to share teasers, new episode releases, or resurface older, relevant content with his audience. See Jurassic Right regularly has featured guests, too. Host Steven always tags guest appearances in the comments/captions. This not only boosts engagement but also helps See Jurassic Right reach a wider audience.  

To make audiograms, Steven uses Headliner and creates Manual Audiograms. The design features the podcast’s cover art and simple waveform. 

Audiogram in Action

See Jurassic Right has a solid social media presence. Its audiograms regularly receive thousands of views on X and reach ears around the world. Below is an example of the podcast’s latest audiogram

See Jurrasic Right: Audiogram created on Headliner

What can podcasters learn from See Jurassic Right? 

See Jurassic Right is a great example of how audiograms create easy, engaging assets for social media. Since X allows for multiple content forms, Steven has a diverse mix of assets – audiograms are just one of many things the account does well! 

Steven also reposts audiograms on other accounts. Repurposing audiograms not only broadens that particular audiogram’s reach but also increases the return on time spent! 

By reposting his audiograms, Steven creates multiple touchpoints for audience engagement without creating more work. 


You don’t attract what you want…you attract who you are! 

Join 2x Amazon International Best Selling Author, TV Producer/Host, Transformational Coach, and Management Consultant, Chantée Christian as she delves into the complexities of humanity. Each episode of My Best SHIFT contains powerful information that will shift your mindset, provide enlightening insight, be uncomfortable at times, and encourage you to step into inspired action! 

How My Best SHIFT Uses Audiograms

Chantée typically creates custom audiograms using a premade template in Headliner. She updates the episode per episode to include a picture of featured guests as well as text highlighting the podcast, episode name, host, and guest. 

I spoke with Chantée regarding her specific process for creating clips. Chantée often uploads a blend of Manual and Automatic Audograms created by Headliner’s AI. Chantée likes to go through and manually pull clips, but, if she’s tight on time, leaves it up to Headliner’s AI to select clips for her! 

Audiogram in Action

Host Chantée creates Instagram Reels using audiograms. Reels are short videos found on Instagram and Facebook. 

Below is a screenshot of one of Chantée’s audiograms that received over 24.9k views


What can podcasters learn from My Best Shift?

Chantée is a BUSY gal! Not only does she have a podcast, but she also runs a small business, is a best-selling author, and is in the middle of promoting her latest book

Chantée shows podcasters everywhere that creating a strong, effective social media presence is feasible for even the busiest of podcasters. Even if you only have a few minutes to dedicate to marketing your podcast per week, audiograms are a simple, quick tool every podcaster can use to help market their podcast. 

Cinema Recall

Are you a cinephile? Love talking about movies? Well, do I have the show for you? 

Cinema Recall is a podcast for movie lovers that enjoys everything from the multiplex to the arthouse.

How Cinema Recall Uses Audiograms

Cinema Recall leverages an omnichannel marketing approach. Cinema Recall’s Editor, Writer, and Host, Jason, creates audiograms using Headliner to promote almost every episode! Jason uploads audiograms to Facebook, X (Twitter), Threads, and YouTube. 

Like Chantée, Jason utilizes a mix of Manual and Automatic Audiograms in his marketing mix. Audiograms are usually styled using a pre-made template in Headliner that pulls in text overlays and episode art using metadata found in the podcast’s RSS feed. 

Aside from social media posts, Cinema Recall also has an ongoing automation set up for YouTube. Using Headliner’s Automatic Audigorams, Jason can automatically get every podcast episode on YouTube in an optimized, stylized way. 

Jason reports spending 5-10 minutes finding and editing clips for short-form content made using Manual Audiograms. 

Audiograms in Action 

Below are several different examples of audiograms Jason uses to help market and promote Cinema Recall. Cinema Recall promotes the podcast primarily using Twitter and YouTube

Cinema Recall's audiograms

What can podcasters learn from Cinema Recall? 

Cinema Recall uses audiograms to create multiple touch points with their audience while boosting discoverability. 

“According to IG, we reached 1,266 accounts not currently following us, and many of those are due to the Reels we made using Headliner.  I also use it (Headliner) to post full episodes on YouTube, and sometimes we get more plays on that platform than our usual podcasting ones.”

Jason Hemming, AKA The Vern (Editor, Writer, Host) of Cinema Recall Podcast 

On YouTube, Cinema Recall regularly reaches 4x more accounts, with some Automatic Audiograms receiving thousands of views! Audiograms are consistently Cinema Recall’s strongest performing assets, ranking as their top five most viewed content in the past 28 days, according to YouTube Studio. 

Cinema Recall shows just how powerful audiograms can be in creating a solid digital presence. Jason proves audiograms are effective promotional assets for current listeners and powerful tools that leverage video content’s ability to help reach new ears across the web. 

Using Audiograms to Grow Your Podcast 

To sum up, audiograms are powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tools. They are effective assets that support podcast growth while also fostering audience engagement. They’re also a brilliant way to put your podcast on YouTube without actually recording any video.

See Jurassic Right, My Best SHIFT, and Cinema Recall are all wonderful examples of podcasters who use audiograms to help market and grow their podcasts. They collectively demonstrate how audiograms are powerful assets regardless of content type, bandwidth, and resources. Even the busiest of podcasters can use audiograms! 

To learn more about audiograms, and, to start making your own, head on over to headliner.app

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