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How to Get My Podcast as an Alexa Flash Brief

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In this article, I’ll tell you why you should make an Alexa flash briefing part of your podcast content strategy.

I’ll also tell you how!

Expanding Your Audience Through Amazon Alexa

The traditional way to distribute podcasts is through an RSS feed so that directories (like Apple Podcasts and Spotify) can distribute them or consumers can stream them on demand.

Your audience generally streams podcasts in one of two ways: streaming or downloading it from the RSS feed or using a player like Apple Podcasts. That route may work well at first as you promote your podcast on your website and through social media. Yet, what happens if your audience becomes stagnant or even starts decreasing in numbers? Have you really reached the saturation point?

As a podcaster, you want to reach as many people as possible, so how do you do that? The answer lies with Amazon Alexa. Using this smart technology will help expand your podcast’s reach. Let’s examine how this is possible, even without coding knowledge.

reaching new podcast listeners and customers

Reaching New Customers Through Blueprint

As you probably know, Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant technology developed by Amazon to aid customers in finding information. You can harness this technology to get your information out to more people than you thought possible.

What Amazon Alexa can do for you to get your information out goes beyond simply putting your podcast on the platform. Here is how it works.

Alexa Blueprint makes it easy for you to share your podcasts with Amazon Alexa. This technology allows users to share all types of audio/visual content on the Amazon platform, including its Echo and Dot personal assistants.

One of the most significant features of this advanced technology is that you can create a flash briefing of a podcast you have already recorded.

While you may be inclined to say, “What is the big deal?” In reality, it IS a big deal as getting your podcast on this platform can make the difference between a stagnant product and one that keeps attracting new listeners or customers.

What is a Flash Briefing?

Flash briefings are short audio bursts of newsworthy information typically less than 15 minutes long, played on a voice command device.

Amazon Blueprint allows you to repurpose your podcast into smaller audio segments that users can call up on their voice control devices.

Once you have added your flash briefing to the Alexa Skills Store, new customers will be able to call up your content in the same way as other flash briefings that are already on the platform. Alexa users customize their content according to the information that they find pertinent and valuable.

How to Expand Your Podcast Audience

You don’t need a lot of money or technical know-how to expand your audience through flash briefings. The value of creating audio content is similar to blogging for your brand, but in many ways, it is even more critical as busy people often like to listen to their information.

Flash briefings allow you to think out of the box by splitting your podcasts into smaller, more easily digestible segments (or, just making them shorter in the first place). Imagine reaching more customers through short segments of two, five or even 10 minutes. The best part of this strategy is that you don’t have to create anything new. Instead, you are repurposing the content you already have to reach more people with minimal additional effort.

Effct Can Help Get My Podcast as an Alexa Flash Brief

Effct offers an alternative way to create flash briefings for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other devices without coding requirements.

Effct does the coding work for you, allowing quicker flash briefing creation. This software will enable users to record content, schedule, and republish it on any day and time that they choose. You’ll also be able to customize your mailing list to find followers of your Alexa skill. This can help you reach your target audience more efficiently, and, ultimately, help to grow your podcast.

Tips on How to Get My Podcast as an Alexa Flash Brief

Tips for Creating Effective Flash Briefings

Simply creating podcast episodes and uploading them to your hosting platform means that you’re missing out on a much wider audience. Follow these tips to create the most effective flash briefing that will grow your brand.

1. Frequency

The more you publish, the better your chances of increasing your audience, so post as frequently as possible. Some users check daily to find new information.

2. Length

Keep it short. Although you ha the option to create more extended flash briefings, keeping it around two minutes is the optimal length for user engagement.

3. Batching

Record several episodes in one session to increase productivity, especially if you plan to publish daily.

4. Timing

Publish early in the morning so customers can listen while they go about their morning routines. The best time to publish is at 4 a.m., but using a scheduling automator is easier than getting up to post manually.

5. Searchability

Use good SEO practices. Create a short, clear name for your flash briefing that will tell users what it is, and make sure to include at last one keyword that will make your content searchable.

6. Promotion

Promote your content on social media and snd emails to your subscribers. Don’t forget about these tried-and-true methods to increase your audience. By letting people know that the content is out there, they will be more likely to search for it and tune in. Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest to post teasers and instructions on how to access your newly published skills.

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