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Organising a Podcasting Website: Should You Mix Blog & Podcast Posts?

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Another Podcasting Q&A for you today, this time prompted by a customer of The Podcast Host’s podcast production services.

We’re currently working through launch and his question revolved around how to integrate podcasting within his existing website. It’s something that comes up often as people look to bring podcasting into their wider content marketing mix. Let’s have a look at the question:

I’m wondering how should organise the podcast pages on the website. Do you propose that all show notes get posted on the blog rather than a separate podcast section of the site…? I had assumed the latter but wasn’t sure which is better?

So, first thing – this is a very common confusion, and worth tackling. The issue is the difference between a page which is a podcast episode, and a page which is a blog post.

Here’s the thing, there’s no real difference between a blog post and a podcast post. A podcast post is a page on your blog/website which is made up of show notes and an audio file, and often with an audio player which allows you to play that audio file.

A blog post is pretty much exactly the same thing, minus the audio file. This is because show notes should really function as a blog post with a bit of audio attached.

Helping People to Find Your Podcast Via Show Notes

So, show notes as a blog post. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, people who find you via the search engines, and come across your website will tend not to be podcast listeners already. They’ll find you via the text within the show notes, as indexed by Google.

Once they find you, it’s then your job to talk them into listening by outlining, in the show notes, how valuable the episode is.

Those people that go to the show notes FROM the podcast, ie. those who are already listeners, will tend to just be looking for resource links. So they don’t mind too much what’s there as long as there’s a link to everything you mentioned on the show.

Next, another reason to treat a podcast post as a full-on blog post is simple content marketing. The one disadvantage of Podcasts is that, being audio, they can’t be indexed by the search engines (yet). So, in order to help yourself be found, and to build the value of your website and brand long-term, you need to write a decent bit of text content around the episode.

This gets across the topic and makes it more likely people searching for that particular topic will end up at your podcast episode.

How You Can Split Out Your Blog and Podcast Content

It is possible to split the two post types out on your website if you’d like to make that delineation, but most of the time publishers will mix text posts and podcast posts within the main content stream. The reasoning is that it’s all content – you don’t really want to hold things back if you think they’re valuable.

A nice way to do it is to have both on your front page, on the main stream, and then to have a Podcast link at the top which shows only podcast episodes.

This is because some people might be looking for podcasts specifically, and only want to view posts with audio attached. Whereas, if people are looking for text content, your show notes should be nearly as valuable as your blog posts, certainly if the person is then directed into clicking the play button.

You could do the same with a blog link in the menu bar too, showing only text posts when someone clicks on that, but, the same thing applies; I think podcast posts should be as valuable to a reader as blog posts, and so shouldn’t be hidden away from that stream of content.

Need Help Setting Up Your Podcasting Website?

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What Our Readers Think About Organising a Podcasting Website: Should You Mix Blog & Podcast Posts?

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  1. I agree 100% with the strategy of mixing both podcast posts and text posts in the main feed while also having a ‘podcast’ link in the main navigation. However, if you’re going to mix the two, I think the podcast posts should either a.) be clearly marked as such in the post title so people know to expect something different in there or b.) look and feel like a blog post that is still valuable even if the visitor never hears the episode.

    So many times I will see episode posts that are literally JUST a player and MAYBE a few words for a bit of a description. That’s it. No notes, no lengthy summary, nothing – and it’s kind of jarring – especially if you are someone who has no clue what a podcast even is. There are still enough non-listeners to make it worth being – what we might consider – redundant by over explaining and emphasizing what it is people are seeing on your site.

    Sometimes podcasters, who likely have been listeners for a long time, forget to present themselves to people who are entirely new to the medium. I’m not suggesting that they treat their visitors as if they are stupid… just that they not assume everyone gets what’s going on.

    Pretend you’re a newbie listener and craft your site with that in mind.

    • Good points Brandi, some form of shownotes and description is always worthwhile. Even if it’s just bullet points.

  2. Hi,
    Great to have this advice from an experienced podcaster. Was just trying to decide what to do myself so will put them on the one site together.

  3. lynette D. says:

    This is PERFECT! As a newbie podcaster – but a long time standing blogger – I was wondering how to integrate the two or keep them completely separate. This information helped me tremendously. I will integrate both podcasts and blogs together (adding lengthy text description on the podcast post), AND have a podcast tab on the navigation bar for those who are strictly looking for audio. Great article Colin! I also appreciate Brandi’s comment above!

  4. Rodney says:

    I know this is late guys. But I heard Neil Patel say that Google pretty much ignores podcasts in its ranking. So podcast episodes won’t rank well no matter how extensive the show notes are. For that reason I’ve decided to set up my menu so that people can click on “Podcast” and “Blog” separately, because I intend to have pretty comprehensive article for those who still read blogs, as well as relaunch my podcast, which ran into some problems last time.

    I’ve seen it done on some websites, but now the question is… how do you set up WordPress to do this? Do you play around with tagging and categories? What’s the most efficient route?

  5. Very nice blog, read good stuff here but slightly doubtful on whether mixing podcast & blog will increase users or SERP ranking?