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Podcast Equipment: Choosing & Setup

Equipment doesn't make the podcast, but it's definitely fun to play with! We're gear geeks, just like you, and here you'll find all our reviews, roundups & setup guides. Looking for the best podcast equipment? This is the place!

podcast equipment guide

Podcast Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting Gear

Struggling to find all of the equipment you need to create a podcast? Find everything here, from mics to mixers.

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Best Podcast Microphones

The Best Podcast Microphones on the Market

Entry Level High Quality Pro Level Dynamic Vs Condensor How to Choose What’s the best podcast microphone right now? It’s always a hotly debated topic in our world. Every podcaster has their own personal favourite, and there’s a lot of debate of what level of quality you actually need to run a decent Podcast. Lots…

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The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market

The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market

A digital podcast recorder is essential for flexibility and quality in podcasting. This guide details digital recorders for any budget.

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The Best Podcast Mixers

The Best Podcast Mixers: Pros, Cons & the Ones to Buy

Do you NEED a podcast mixer? Nope! Do you WANT a podcast mixer? Almost certainly, yes! Find out the best, right here.


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podcast equipment

Choosing & Using Podcast Gear

The Podcast Host Academy has a series of courses which take you through the full range of podcasting equipment, from simple to Pro, so you can get top quality audio, every time!

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Best Headphones for Listening to Audio Drama Podcasts

Most audio drama podcasters will express sincere gratitude when they find out you’ve been listening to their show. Then they’ll sometimes wince a little when they find out how you’ve been listening to it. Low-budget, low-quality earbuds are a common way of consuming any type of audio from your smartphone or device. This makes sense because…

Finding The Best Audio Cables: The (Not So…) Fascinating Truth

Prev Next April 18th 2017 Accessories, Podcast Equipment 1 Comment Cables! They plug your stuff together. What’s more to know? Right? As unsexy and unfulfilling as cables are, they are probably the most common piece of equipment type in your studio. There are all kind of different cables. You’ve got power cables, mic cables, speaker…

A USB Mixer for Podcasting | The Samson MXP124FX

2019 Update – It looks like this model is currently unavailable, so we’d recommend checking out the Yamaha MG10 if you’re in the market for a mixer. Or, if you’re keen to work with a USB device, see what you think of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  The Samson MXP124FX (Or UK Link) is a USB…

Recording Podcast Interviews with a Smartphone: Rode SC6 & Smartlav+

Here’s how you can expedite your podcast interviews with your smartphone, the Rode SC6, and SmartLav+, without compromising quality.

Turn Your Favourite Headphones Into a Quality Headset Mic | The Antlion ModMic 5

Headset microphones are popular and useful devices. Like any other piece of audio equipment, the quality varies depending on how much you’re willing to pay. The most common complaints about headset mics are to do with sound quality and comfort. Again, this will depend on the make and model you’re using. But it may have been…

Samson Meteorite USB Microphone | A Podcasting Review

The Samson Meteorite could be described as the little brother to the Samson Meteor. These two USB mics have a lot in common. With their retro chrome grille appearance, they are pretty unique – neither would look out of place in the Fallout video game universe. So, what’s the difference between the Meteor and the…

Recording Two Mics Independently With One 3.5mm Plug | HosaTech YMM-261 Stereo Splitter

Recording two mics independently requires a splitter, and a few tweaks. Here are our recommendations for different recording devices.

Giant Squid Podcasting Omni Stereo Microphone: A Lavalier Solution for Interviews & Co-Hosts

Update – May 2018: We’ve had reports that deliveries of these mics are taking 3 weeks or more, and that Giant Squid can be a little slow in communicating. If you’re urgently looking for a lavalier mic, there are some other options in our Best Lavalier Mics Roundup! Giant Squid’s Podcasting Omni Stereo Microphone is…

The Best Standing Desks: Staying Healthy While Creating Content

I’ve always had a bit of trouble with my neck and back. It’s not exactly a puzzler why: I’ve sat in front of a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day throughout my working life. I don’t like to think, too, how many hours were spent hunched over Civ 2 or Red Alert as…

Audio Drama Equipment: What Kit do I Need to Make a Fiction Podcast?

We recently covered the ins and outs of how to record an audio drama. But what equipment do you actually need to do this? Just like any other podcast equipment question, that depends on what you’re looking to achieve, your budget, and your level of experience. I’ve broken up this roundup post into four parts:…


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