9 Ways to Cut the Time it Takes to Ship Your Show

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Working in Seasons

Read about how to plan a season, along with every benefit you'll get.

Sailing Solo

Read about the solo format, and it's pros and cons.

Then, find out how to create a great monologue.

Smart Repurposing

Your first step here is to try recording a blog post in audio form. Give it a go!

Then, find out how to script & present content for smart repurposing in future.

Read how to create a blog post that's easy to repurpose smartly.

Going Live the Right Way

Try recording a live session with the following structure: 1. Welcomes and content sourcing, 2. Solid content, directed by audience feed in section 1, 3. Q&A and Goodbyes.

During sections 1 and 3, you run audience interaction, and during section 2, you just deliver content, no interaction. Then, repurpose section 2 alone for a great audience directed, smartly repurposed podcast episode!

Interview Booking Systems

See how I run my interview booking routine.

I use Book like a Boss for all my booking.

Planning in Notion

Use Notion.us, like me, to create well structured content series plans, and to organise all the material around it, from interviewee research to sponsor deals.

Interview Prep

Read Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel for great advice on how to get great stories from people.

Plus, read the following article:
How to prepare for a great interview

Live Recording

Download the Spreaker app on your laptop or mobile, and then start recording live, or as-if-you-were-live! Either way, you can bring in your music, FX and clips automatically, and commit to NO editing.

Or, record right into the Alitu Podcast Maker app, and have it do the cleanup and add your music, automatically.

Click Editing

Watch how to do ‘Click editing' here, and cut hours off your editing every month.

Minimum Effective Editing

Find out what the minimum effective editing process is, to save time and still produce good quality audio. This is helped by making sure you've set up a great recording environment.

Or, use Alitu: The Podcast Maker to automate all of the levelling and cleanup.

Show Templates & Chains

Set up a template in Audacity

Using Chains in Audacity for audio cleanup and processing

Set up a template in Audition and use track effects for cleanup.

What Next? In the Meantime….

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