This is part of the Peerless Podcasting Websites Course, helping you to create a great home for your podcast on the web. Read on below or jump to the index.

What’s Involved in Part 1 of this Course?

This first part is all about setting up your website. It applies to a website for any purpose, not just for podcasting. So if you’re looking to set up a blog, then this works for you too. A Podcasting website isn’t limited just to podcasting, after all. It can host your blog articles, your sales pages and anything else you’d include on your main website.

If your main aim is a site for Podcasting, then work through this part to get the basic site set up. Then move on to Part 2 to look into the podcasting-specific elements of the website.

If you need a general website for blogging or advertising, then this Part 1 is all you need. Although, of course, I’ll try to talk you into starting a podcast along the way!

Whichever you are, I hope this course helps you get set up, whether it’s your first venture into owning your site, or whether it’s one of many.